May Chan Doesn’t Mind Being a 40-Year-Old Virgin

Above: May Chan plays a food-loving bachelorette in “Bounty Lady”.

“If I continue to eat more, no one can help me and I won’t be able to find a man to love me!” wailed May Chan’s (陳嘉佳) character in TVB comedy, Bounty Lady <My盛Lady>. May’s line may have been uttered from the heart, as the 240-pound actress admitted that she has been overweight all her life, robbing her of having a boyfriend. At 28-years old, May is still a virgin. Because of her traditional views on keeping her chastity until marriage, she does not mind the possibility of being a  40-year-old virgin.

Amidst a culture obsessed with being thin, Hong Kong actresses are pressed to maintain their figures, often sacrificing meals and suffering eating disorders to fit into mini-dresses. Although May does not fit the typical image of slender local celebrities, she has become popular after her bubbly performance in Inbound Troubles<老表,你好嘢!>, which aired in January this year.

Food is May’s passion and she has been overeating since she was a little girl. May’s parents realized the problem and interfered at one point, but they could not bear to restrict May from her indulgences. May got used to eating many meals each day, often in super-size portions. “The fat I have now is from years and years of accumulation. I used to gain ten pounds every year,” May admitted in an earlier interview.

In February, May had vowed to lose 80 pounds in 2 pounds by exercising and dieting. May engaged in a short period of rigorous 3-hour exercise routines, but gave up soon after. But May apparently abandoned the plan and is more focused on sensible eating habits these days, lowering her intake of greasy and high-calorie foods. She said, “I don’t like to exercise; now I pay attention to the ingredients more.”

Growing up, May felt conscious about her obesity and felt that boys looked the other way. She admitted that she has never had a boyfriend and does not know what dating is like. Perhaps seeing marriage as remote and wanting to indulge for a few more years, May said that she wants to get married at 40 years old.

When prompted about what type of men she sexually fantasizes about, May said, “I really like traditional and ethical values. I’ve combined attributes of my boyfriend, sex partner, and husband into the same person. So I have to get married first before having sex. I will abide by my chastity until I’m 40 years old; I will not lose it until after marriage!”

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  1. Oh god… Really? You want to broadcast to the world you’re still a virgin??!! This is so… I don’t even have a word to describe it. Maybe it’s just me but I always assume the subject of virginity and sexual fantasies to be private issues!!!

    1. Welcome to the world of HK entertainment media where everything and anything goes with nothing being too taboo. Probing about someone’s virginity or asking some middle-aged menopausal woman about when she plan on having kids are all part of the course. LOL!

  2. Woman like to keep their virginity. Man want to lose their virginity ASAP. Hahaha May should be happy about it.

  3. Sorry, but saying “I don’t like to exercise” is a poor excuse. She needs to get a proper trainer and find physical activities that she enjoys doing. She was too ambitious to begin with. At 240 pounds, I assume she’s led a pretty sedentary life. 3 hours of rigorous exercise is too much for someone who has done zero exercise. How about 30 minutes of speed walking everyday to begin with, and then slowly extending the time and increasing the speed. Or cycling. Or toning exercises using weights. Paying attention to ingredients is not enough. She also has to think about portions, calories (good calories are still calories), carbs (like rice), how her body reacts to different kinds of foods, the kinds of eater she is (I think she’s an emotional eater and food provides comfort). Basically, she needs help if she seriously wants to lose weight and live more healthily.

    1. Agree with you. But it’s not only fat people there are skinny people out there that hate excercising. Everyone is different so i think shes taking baby steps in losing weight. Watching out for ingridients is the first step. She might try to cut out portions later. Everyone is different.Just cuz shes like 250 lbs doesnt mean she automatically gets slammed for needing help from others.

    2. What I meant was, if she’s serious about losing weight, she needs assistance. At the very least, she needs someone to help her get into a routine of some sort, to help her take notice of what she’s doing right or wrong (exercise-wise), to help her figure out what kinds of exercise work best for her. It’s not about how much she weighs, but rather about whether she needs assistance, and in her case she does, because if she had been able to help herself, then she would not be in her situation now.

      1. I totally agree with you Mt. Getting a personal trainer, gym buddy and food buddy will help. I personally found it tough to exercise and eat well. I hate exercising. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no where near May’s weight, so I can’t say I totally know what she’s going through. But I recently tried to be healthy. The first visit to the gym 2 months ago I nearly passed out after 5 minutes on the cross trainer and could not walk straight after my first pilates class. Most of the moves in the pilates class I couldn’t do. But with the encouragement of a gym buddy, I go to the pilates class plus two 30 mins cardio session (bike and cross trainer) on a weekly basis now. I’m also planning to get a personal trainer for 1 hour per week session (after Christmas of course). It is possible to overcome the pain and fear of exercising, but she must start taking baby steps and then slowly increase the intensity as Mx said.

      2. I personally like to exercise but never come around to it and do get a bit lazy. But once I start, I do not want to stop. It is just hard for me to start. However, if I were overweight, I would definately exercise. It is not healthy nor good to be overweight. I care about my appearance but health is important as well.

    3. Anyone who has gotten that big isn’t fat simply because she likes to eat and is too lazy to exercise. There is probably some underlying psychological reason she is eating that much in excess. Hope she figures that out, then she can start to focus on how to have a balance in eating and working out. Excess of anything is bad… including exercise!

  4. i don’t get it…i see overweight people date other people too…maybe she’s just too damn picky….if she loses some weight…i’m sure she’ll have ton of bf.

    1. Uh, how many asian men do you see date overweight women? Unless they are white, there’s no way any asian man is going to be with an overweight asian girl. It’s a fact in North America and face it, it’s especially the case in asia.

      1. Ummm…I know a lady who was 200+ pounds and married a guy who’s half her size. I was also overweight when I met my husband and I would consider my husband decent looking, and by overweight I meant I was close to the 200 mark.

      2. It really depends because I have seen some really obese women marry decent looking guys who are thin. My sister in law was a bit overweight when my brother met her and my brother is decent looking. It just depends on your luck and all…

  5. Another publicity stunt? What’s so special about May Chan? Anyone can be obese!!!

  6. I’m pretty sure if she loose the weight she will get a BF n get married before she’s 40…

  7. If she was in the US she will get a BF whether or not she’s fat i mean look at her she looks adorable ^^

  8. Being obese didn’t prevent the late Lydia “fei-fei” Shum from marrying (and divorcing) a skinny guy like
    Cheng Siu-chau.

    1. who used her as a stepping stone in his career and then had affair and left her heart in tatters but with a daughter she loved. Maybe May should heed the advice of Kwong Nam in the series itself. I thought what he said about “loving yourself first before others can love you” is pretty positive message.

      1. It’s going to be hard for her to love herself, especially in HK where any females who are not stick thin are regularly put down.

      2. In Asia it is even harder since I once had a friend who was no where near overweight but when she went to Asia, she was considered “fat”. I guess the standards in Asia are different than in the US.

  9. This article reminded me of the Korean movie “200 Pounds Beauty” – really enjoyed that film.

  10. no one is perfect…at least May strength is in her natural comedic value in her…just like sandra ng not beautiful but has comedic value

  11. Dear All

    Hope this message get to May Chan and to those here that are interested in good health.

    PROSTRATION a form of exercise which is done at ease and really work at losing weigh, healing and nice complexion.

    Nothing to lose, All to gain.
    I am not selling anything here. It is FOC

  12. I support you May! It’s not easy holding on to true moral values in this morally corrupted society.

  13. there are lots of way to lose weight: exercise, dance, liposuction, eat healthy, and etc… it doesn’t always need to be exercise. If she doesn’t like to exercise, think about her health. You could get a stroke or some kind of disease, it’s bad for you.

    Think about your future, you don’t need to be celebrity looking, but be happy with your body and stay healthy.

  14. I used to hate exercising. Hate it so much! But I found a way to accept the challenge and adjust to liking it by running with my fav music (sometimes I felt like I’m on top of the world, the music was so good)…weight lefting with my bff and take yoga and pilate classes; my fav classes). It’s fun actually mentally satisfying knowing I took care of myself. After a few months I am tone…it was the best feeling ever! Everybody should experience that kind of joy. Slowly I move on to three to four days a week two hrs a day of working out then swim if is summer…and two hrs is not even enough but it totally could be done. You just have to get pass the blue stage which is the first three weeks…being sore hungry and tired. Gotta force yourself a lot! After all that hard work you’ll naturally wanted to avoid junk food and indulge it once in a while. as a reward. Fruits and veggies became your friend suddenly. Over weight people always have excuses I knew a few who are the most lazy people I knew and lots of excuses. I dislike that kind of energy so usually I stay away. Good luck to her! She def’ have a long journey if she is serious about losing those unwanted fat.

  15. Sadly people are shallow and I used to have a friend who was a really nice guy, so he was not short of friends. However, due to being overweight, no one was ever interested in him romantically. That is sad but is reality.

    1. You really think that? Somehow I doubt it.
      She is cute and fat, not ugly and fat. So what if she’s unhealthy? Why does she have to answer to anyone? Until she has kids, she’s responsible for no one but herself.

  16. I gain 10 lbs every year too. If I didn’t try to lose weight every year, I too will accumulate weight and become just like her. I would do that throughout my High School years, until I stopped in college. I packed on 30 pounds. Now I’m still trying, but it’s hard to get to my weight like I was in high school.

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