Karena Ng Enjoys Raymond Lam’s Hong Kong Coliseum Concert

Raymond Lam (林峯) opened his “A Time 4 You” concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum on Saturday, January 26. Raymond made his appearance while suspended three stories high on wires. Whipping off his dark shades, Raymond revealed his newly dyed blonde hair, while dancing to two fast dance tracks before belting out his trademark love ballads to cheers of the packed crowd.

Karena Ng Makes High Profile Appearance

The first of the three-session concert featured Taiwan’s Lollipop F as the guest performers, but it was Raymond’s rumored girlfriend, Karena Ng (吳千語), who sent the media abuzz over her presence. Karena took temporary leave from her mainland China filming obligations to attend the concert.

Tabloids reported that Raymond originally intended to sneak Karena into the Coliseum unnoticed by situating her in the economy section with the $280 HKD seats. However,  she apparently wished to showcase her relationship status in a high-profile manner by sitting several rows away from the stage instead.

Since collaborating on Love is…Pyjamas <男人如衣服> in April 2012 and being caught sharing meals and karaoke together, Raymond and Karena’s romantic rumors have been nonstop. Raymond was speculated to even be living together with Karena, rumors which Raymond vehemently denied and urged the media to stop damaging newcomer Karena’s reputation. Karena allegedly wished to visit Raymond backstage, but she was barred access since TVB wished their romance to remain under wraps.

Aside from Karena, TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲), and Mag Lam (林欣彤) also attended the concert to show their support. Ms. Lok wore a jacket from Raymond’s new L.F. “Choksta” collection. Raymond was also spotted wearing a “Choksta” cap at the blessing ceremony prior to the concert.

Concert Highlights

[vsw id=”2rxqaFwbcbY” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. “since TVB wished their romance to remain under wraps”

    Fantastic job well done…

      1. tvb must be protecting their chok king raymond in case karena is just using him for publicity.

    1. Jack,
      I subconsciously think of Karena Lam each time I write about Karena Ng, since Karena Lam is the Karena I am more familiar with.

      1. LOL! I actually read as Karena Lam too and was aghast because my next article as Karena Lam in it and I wondered if I had typed the name wrongly! Karena Ng definitely can’t be as pregnant as Karena Lam!

  2. well wonder how long this will last.

    Poor Mavis Pan in comparison, Karena seems to enjoy a high profile gf status sitting front row in one of his concerts whereas as soon as Mavis was discovered, he cold heartedly severed all contact and rebuffed her in the media. And they think women are cruel? Raymond defended Karena rather than himself whereas didnt seem like he cared too much for Mavis own rep. How does he not know Karena is equally using him to boost up her own publicity? Which she has been enjoying since their rumors.

    1. He has never said a bad words about PSS. And how many time I have to say her name isnt Mavis anymore? If you wanna protect her, at least you should know something basic about her.

      1. people are more familiar with the name of Mavis instead of shuang shuang. dont need to get upset over it. and you dont have to know a particular person to stand up for his/her. what @ehh said is true to some extent. he did severe all contact and rebuffed her in the media. you dont have to SAY something directly to hurt someone.

      2. @Fox –

        Men don’t have to say any bad words to hurt a girl.

        Also, not everyone will read your post on whether her name is Mavis or not, no matter how many times you write it.

      3. Her name is Pan Shuang Shuang and now she changed her English name, hence Mavis Pan dun exist anymore.

        He actually said good words about her and dun bash her. Wat he said was only they broke up and he dun contact with her after she gave the pix to Next (claimed by Next itself). It doesn’t mean he rebuffed her in the media. Would you mind to point your opinion clearer, like wat he rebuffed her? What do you want from him? To call her and tell her wat in sensitive time like this? And at the same time, she also dun call him.

        I said this because ehh’s avatar is the same to someone that said the same thing before and I quoted, then s/he replied, mean s/he knew Mavis isn’t PSS’s name anymore. That’s all.

      4. And if you ever read my posts, I protected PSS even more than ehh who simply wanna bash him instead of protecting her.

    2. Mavis deserved the brutal treatment. Like the commentorr below, she definitely broke the code of trust somewhere. Besides, how can one feel sorry for a chick who looked so insecure about her own relationship and in retaliation decides to piss off the guy by letting the world know? That dont sound scary to anyone?

      1. don’t judge people by their looks. Even a person who acts bad outside but it just a way to make themselves looked strong in public.

      2. I didnt comment anything about her looks. I said by posting those photos, she showed that she was insecure about the relationship.

    3. Although Ray never defended Mavis he never spoke ill of her either. Karena and Ray are both singles it’s not a sin for them even if the rumour is true.

  3. I don’t think you can make a comparison. If I remembered correctly, Mavis thought it was okay to take pictures of her sleeping boyfriend and let the whole wide world know. While many are going to bring up the argument, “well if they’re together, why not?” Yet, people forget the simple little things about a relationship. If LF kept it a secret he most likely told Mavis to shut her trap too and one has at least agree for a tiny bit she agreed to do the same for a while, no? Then she broke the code of trust. And lets say if she did agree, what did she do in the end? “Hello everyone, look at me and my boyfriend… isn’t he adorable…while I’m cheesing for the camera…please give me all the attention I am dating LF after all.” I am no where even close to being a LF fan, not a hater either, but all his so called “scandals” are ridiculous. It’s blown out of proportions to the point where haters and fans alike are making the most absurd judgments/speculations of all time. But I guess that’s the price you pay for being such an icon, right?

    1. Total agree! An icon still has a PRIVATE life. The press needs to be respectful and stop making up crazy headlinescand stories to sell their rags!!!

  4. God I hate blonde hair on him. He just look a hot mess.

    I think its easier to claim Karena since she has this image of being sweet and innocent where as Mavis Pan has a questionable past and a love of showing off her body. Honestly, Mavis was nothing but a good lay.

    1. i wouldn’t say she is exactly innocent and swt despite the image her company wants to sell, not innocent if she dumped her ex for bigger fish – chok king.

    2. Mavis looked indecent on the outside but her interviews show she is actually pure in heart, like a girl too much in love with Raymond. sad but true Mavis was probably just a good ole quick time to uncle Ray.

      1. Agree with u on this.
        Most of us have strong outlook but a fragile heart.
        I too love to dress sexy outfit. But that doesn’t means that I m an easy person.
        When most of u thinking that Karena is using Raymond, I’m thinking the opposite!! Hahas!

      2. yeah, i agree with yen, she’s innocent where else he is not

  5. Nice muscles, but agree don’t like the hair. I love Lollipop F as the guest!! LF x 2 amaze.

  6. I’m afraid this type of concert is definitely not my cup of tea and I’m in no position to comment on it. However, like some of you I just don’t like him blond as it makes him look weird, or is it quite normal for pop singers like him? It’s interesting that Raymond, Kevin, Myolie and Linda have been invited to go to Korea for some event and Kevin has said that he would just be singing something and would not be dancing at all. I wonder what the rest will be presenting.

  7. Congrats to LF for a great show! Awesome dancing and some good and not so good costumes. Do not like his hair colors either but I guess the stylist wants a flamboyant look!
    Loved LF singing an entire song in English, the little princess singing solo and then our prince LF joining her! A very sweet moment! LLpopF wad cool when taking LF for a spin!!!
    A+ for staging
    A+ for LF singing and dancing!
    B for costumes and hair style!
    Countdown four hours to the second show! Let’s continue to get crazy! Niiceeee!

    1. thanks for some detail…so someone who do not have a chance to go still got to know some detail…enjoy the rest of the show!!!

      1. You are most welcome! Still too excited to sleep! Lollipop F delayed their flight and joined LF on stage again. Mag Lam sang a duet with LF, then a solo of her own song. LF was terrific again on this second night. He is so at ease on stage and confident. He jokes with us at times, but always gets into each song whether it is fast for slow. 
        The song ‘Drenched’ sung in English was powerful and romantic! My heart was just melting! The little princess was as cute as last night, waving more to the crowd. 
        LF had touching words for his family and fans, thanking them for their unwavering support. He was clearly emotional when he sang 同林, the theme song from his mini movie. 
        At last when we all sang 幼稚完, the theme from Highs and Lows, LF pounded his chest many times! He also blew many, many kisses and said ‘love you’, ‘love you all’ several times!
        Can’t believe tomorrow is the last concert for awhile. It will be so emotional. I know we will all cry, but wish him well. We hope he gets some well deserved rest, and return to sing for us when he is good and ready! All the Best, LF! LF Love FUNG!
        (FYI ~ LF corroborated on three of the new songs on the latest CD, AND he is listed in the song credits! What a talent!)

      2. Thanks for all the concert details ALovesFung. Wish I could have been there in person.

      3. again…thanks for all the detail….so happy to know that his fans enjoy it soooooo much…i will definite buy the concert DVD when it is out…my least thing can do to support Raymond…he said he just wait year to two…learn some new music and new songs…so he can impress his fans again…I love how he is…so professional…always improve and want the best for his audience…LOVE Fung

      4. Don’t forget to watch his latest movie ‘Saving General Yang’ 忠烈楊家將, which will be out on April 4 in Hong Kong with a world wide release around the same time. There is a movie trailer in English on You Tube. LF is 楊五郎, the fifth of seven brothers in this epic movie. LF Love FUNG!

      5. I love all your details ALovesFung! I wish I could be there.

    2. My friend went to the concert! She’s still in HK but she said a few words: Splendid! Hot! Awesome! I’m full of envy!

  8. when is he ever going to change the fifo dido hairstyle? doesn’t suit him at all.. bad stylist

  9. He said that because his FC color is yellow, he chooses this color to suit them.

    The concert is a blast. He can dance and sing at the same time when his voice is still nice. How many new singers can do it in HK now?

    1. haha.total epic. not even a single singer below age 40. Eason also can step aside. haha. Watching LF concert we have eyes’ enjoyment not just ear. hehe.

      1. Lol. This is how I see it.

        Raymond dancing – 6 on scale of 10.
        Raymond singing – 6 on scale of 10.

        Eason dancing – 3 on scale of 10
        Eason singing – 9 on scale of 10

        Hmm .. why is Eason stepping aside again?

      2. u epic fail. Look at the whole package and thats why LF more successful and richer and largest fan base than eason.

        LF can dance, can sing, can act, handsome, lovely

        Eason can only sing..omg!!!!

      3. Eason has a slight advantage over LF in singing…but the man cant hold a stage to save his life. Jenny Tseng said it, he sounds exactly like his recording on stage. LF can still improve on singing but in terms of holding his ground on stage, hes def better than eason.

      4. I heard both sang live and LF is the one who has more emotions in singing while Eason has better singing technique and more experience.

        However, I dun recall that Eason dance much. I’m saying of dancing and singing at the same time. I went to several concerts and normally when the singers dance, they dun sing or they let the dancers dance to stand and sing. But this time LF’s voice improved so much, he still can dance and sing with clear voice.

      5. it’s a preference thing.

        Eason does not need to step aside because there are people out there who goes to concerts to listen to good live music and not care for the artist to dance around so s/he can hide the fact that singing alone, the tickets won’t sell. If you want Eason to step aside, please formally include Jacky Cheung, William So, Hacken Lee and several others as well.

      6. Sorry but eason really does need to step aside compared to the singers you just listed.

      7. I have never been a fan of Eason as he comes across as being arrogant to me. Just my opinion of him.

      8. @Troll –

        Eason will step aside for my list of artist, not for someone like Raymond Lam though. Each has their market, no reason to diss Eason Chan when he’s got the singing and entertainment value in his performances.

        And arrogance does not make him a bad singer, just make him a bad artist and a bad person to idolize.

      9. I did not diss eason. I said he does have a slight advantage over raymond in singing due to his better vocal ability and experiences. However, as a singer it isnt just all about the voice. As a singer in this day and time, one must have at least a decent voice and be able to hold his stage. As good as eason’s voice is he cannot hold is stage where as LF can. I never dissed eason…

      10. @Troll

        my apologies – the comment was lumped together, the dissing came from the poster Raymond requesting Eason to step aside.

        disagreement that Eason needs to step aside for someone like raymond lam.

      11. Pandamao, have you ever gone to any HK concert? If you have, you will see the fact that there wont be a concert with slow songs only. Some dance and fast tempo must be added. Vice versa, there must be slow songs to balance the dance. For example, Show Luo mostly famous for dancing but he still added a lot of slow songs in. Hence the ppl that want dance or singing alone cant fill the whole HKC. Even mini concert need some fast songs.

        I blv Eason dun step aside for the names you mentioned as well.

      12. @Fox –

        I have seen plenty of concerts in Hong Kong. A lot of the artist I enjoy have a slow vibe feel.

        Example of artist’s concerts i enjoyed:
        – jacky cheung – world tour concert (minimal dancing and when he does – it’s boring)
        – eason chan’s – forgot the concert name. he had the dancers dance while he was singing and he did some talking that was rather funny
        – misia back in the days, 2005. she was beyond awesome but she’s not hk.

        i enjoy artist behind a piano and just doing what they are good at. i don’t need the dancing …

        and i truly hope there are more “me” in this world b/c i really enjoy concerts that are simple w/o all that crazy erotic dancing.

        speaking of – i did not enjoy eason and denise doing that erotic dancing for wyman wong either.

      13. @pandamao: Count me in for also enjoying “concerts that are simple w/o all that crazy erotic dancing”.

      14. Count me in, too, as I don’t think a good singer needs to be a good dancer as well. Only singers who cannot sing well need to have all the crazy erotic dancing.

        Good singers, like Frances Yip, Teresa Carpio, Alan Tam, Jacky Cheung, etc. don’t do much dancing in their concerts.

      15. haha. loser minded . There is only loser or winner. poorer or richer. Alan tam is from 80s you comparing 30years++ back.haha
        Even jacky cheung, eason chan at their peak, their popularity is not any nearer of LF nw. LOL
        Haters butthurting like what eason chan was doing all the while.hehehe

      16. I dont see the point of bashing LF or keep making comparisons to legends. Theyre legends for a reason..minus Eason. But as of now the HK music scene has no one that is even comparable to the past. LF is an entertainer, thats how I see him. He is well rounded in all categories. Give the guy a break. His popularity isnt going to decrease anytime soon and when he figures out which field he will stick with instead of his juggling right now…he will improve and he will only improve.

      17. @despicable –

        i don’t recall any bashing of LF but more o LF fan (specifically Raymond) bashing Eason. I have no problem with youngsters enjoying a good show with dancing and singing but I have a huge problem with someone calling out other artist with true singing talents as someone that has no market value and should step aside.

        Thanks to all those who <3 artist that can sing but can't dance!!!!

        @Raymond, real mature comments. *rolls eyes*

      18. Perhaps not direct bashing as in “he can’t sing to save his life” but indirectly saying he isn’t as good can be taken as “bashing” perhaps not on a grand scale but nonetheless bashing..however there are some truths to what you say, but the problem is singing/acting became subjective long ago thanks to social media. Everyone is boggling all their opinions together that no one really knows what good acting and good singing is unless you’re a professional yourself. And yes the fans are quite defensive, well thats why they’re fans. Annoying at times, but they live up to their title as fans. I’m going to say this again, the HK music industry is evolving, not just HK… every where else as well.. people in general are more pro-entertainer vs pro-singer. But I’m going to give it to you, Eason does have a slighter advantage in singing over Raymond …but does Eason have flaws? Plenty. The first one he needs to fix is get on the damn stage and sing with his heart. Raymond may not have the vocal fundamentals but with a bit of voice training, take singing 101 classes and yes he can fix his range and his off notes…that is something you can fix and you gradually improve as a singer. See Eason gained all that from being in the industry for so long, but why is it till this day he can’t hold his own stage? Why is it every time he is on that stage with the damn microphone he sounds exactly like the carbon copy of his recording at the studio? Why did Jenny Tsang say the same thing about him? In my opinion, you can have a gifted voice/talent, but if you can’t carry out a song correctly with that talent coupled with emotions… you’re only half a**.. Damn talking about all this… I really do miss the 80s and up to the early 90s. But all in all, I don’t blame some people for telling Eason to step aside…as for their reasonings…well I’ll save that for another day.

      19. I typed a long answer and found out it is no where to be seen, haizz.

        Pandamao, its too biased to say only youngster like dancing. Show Luo concert is the best example. A mid-age woman came to all the show with him in all countries. She is from England, a handicap lady but still goes everywhere, enjoy and cheer. Show specially thanked her in concert. Hence there are ppl who love to see dancing in their mid-age time.

        Or LF himself, he has kids to be fans (6-7 years old), a lot of male fans as well as tons of 25-45 years old ladies, plus a large amount of 60-90 years old ppl. But ppl still think he only has teenagers as fans? I met few families where all are fans. A 19 HK girl come with mama and she said that her mama is even crazier about him than herself.

        I sqy that to tell you that fans are from all ages, no limitation. Same to concert. Its up to the strength of the singers to have dance more or to have slow songs more. However, less or more, they still have to add the fast tempo and the slow songs in one pop concert in order to satisfy the fans. Fans can enjoy each part, up to their own.

        I will take you an example: I cant stand Show Luo when he sings slow songs but excited when he dances and says something on stage. But let Janice Vidal dance and I feel =.=.

        Hence it isnt a matter that you like wat as it isnt the topic in here. You feel insulted when raymond said Eason has to step aside, then why cant raymond feel insulted when you said something about LF? Its a fair game, isnt it? S/He (raymond) thinks Eason will step aside and its like you think LF sings worse than Eason. A matter of opinion.

        My original point isnt about who like slow song more or who like dancing songs more. I want to say about the breath – a part of singing technique. Most young singers now cant hold the breath when dancing so they dun sing when they dance or let the dancers dance and sing only. But LF can sing and dance at the same time, means his breath and vocal are strong and its rare among young singers now.

      20. @Fox –

        what was it that i said was bashing LF? Let me know so I can be more careful with my word choices.

      21. @ignorant panda

        why should not i comparing wit eason because this dude like to critize people like last time saying”you think leo ku is better than me”? And i am pretty sure whenever LF receiving award, in his damn mind as u will curse,wtf sing until like that can get best male singer?. haha butthurt? I think there is no point arguing with you as in ur damn mind only has “can sing better is enough”. haha. Now is not 80’s or 90’s anymore. You expect those kids below 20 go for the concert to enjoy eason’s concert? cant even dance, yeung sui: i doubt those below 20 will even have the tendency to grab his hands like how those LF’s honey furiously did.

      22. I dont say you bash anyone, pandamao. I said raymond can feel insulted with your words like you might feel insulted with her/his words.

  10. hmmmmmm….don’t like any of his songs. and definitely don’t like Karena Lam. Too young for him. A man with a girl.

    1. She’s like what? 19/20? Girls of this age are officially adult. Never too young.

  11. SY u don;t how to listen to nice music all of his song i have and it is very nice and karena is suited with him some old man like 70+ 80+ marry 20+ girl so why can’t?

    1. Jason just my personal opinion. No reason why can’t. And I do find old grandpa and young woman pairing disgusting. I feel that the woman is being taken advantage.

      And whether I know to listen to Lam Fung songs or not, is my personal choice. So don’t said I don’t know when you don’t know me at all. Was just expressing my own views and I didnt ask you to support it. Cheers

  12. seriously, what is with that gold hair? i think he is trying to sell himself as cool and hip in order to market his clothing line.

    1. His fans color is yellow, he said tat’s why he dyed the hair to suit the fans. Just for 3 days. He will be back to black hair fastly, sad that.

      1. sure la. crazy mer with that hair style and color going everywhere. Like dragon ball. haha

      2. This yellow /blond colour are in trends around europe. Aaron kwok and edmond leung previous concerts also have the same yellow dyed hair. Looks quite fancy and exotic in concert show but not in ordinary life

  13. The bondle/gold hair doesn’t suit Raymond. I think Raymond sings pretty well but his dance is okay….not special/good.

  14. Thoroughly enjoyed both nights. Lollipop F, Mag Lam and the little princess were great. The song ‘Drenched’ sung in English was powerful and romantic! My heart was just melting! 
    Countdown to the last party… It will be so emotional! LF deserves and needs his rest. His Honeys will count the days until his next concert. 
    Don’t forget to watch his latest movie ‘Saving General Yang’ 忠烈楊家將, which will be out on April 4 in Hong Kong with a world wide release. There is an English movie trailer on You Tube. LF is 楊五郎, the fifth of seven brothers in this epic movie. LF Love FUNG!  

  15. so in 忠烈楊家將 LF is the main character or not, did he die? and ALOVESFUNG u also forget he also has a movie also with karena
    and i am looking forward to that.

  16. yea.,…support 忠烈楊家將 …but i will have to wait for the DVD come out…

  17. the part of 熱能放送 simply splendid and awesome. hehehe…

      1. Coincidentally, lately Linda is also dubbed KayanBB by fans.

      2. But she is the ex-(rumoured) gf, haha, no reporter care her now. Like PSS last time, she went to C2M concert but at this moment, they dun know her so they dun noe where she sat or focus on her, but now with Karena, they make it like a big deal. Funny that my friend sat rite after Karena and she complained that he dun went to her side to sing much like reporters said. He came to Red and Green corner more (she sat in Yellow corner)

    1. What’s wrong if they’re together? It’s not like Karena is someone’s wife or Ray is someone’s husband.

  18. as long as Raymond is happy…as his fans..I am happy if he goes with Karena..I think most of the fans just love Fung and want to protect Fung…don’t know him to get hurt like last time (that woman just use him)…also..I think Karena is too young..just 19…I want Raymond to got marry and have kid (within 5 year…maybe)…so…will a 19 years old girl willing to settle down for family?! guess not…but anyway…as long as Fung happy…we are support him…after all…i think they are just friend…

  19. I blv such a concert shd b wild n entertaining rite! Good job Ray!

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