Leehom Wang and Wife Bake Desserts Together

Leehom Wang (王力宏) and his wife Lee Jinglei (李靚蕾) had remained low profile ever since announcing their marriage over the Thanksgiving holidays, but on January 26, Leehom and Jinglei debuted their first public appearance together in Taiwan at a DIY bakery shop, attracting numerous media representatives around the country.

Earlier, a bakery which Leehom had collaborated with did not ask the couple for permission before using their photos for promotional purposes. Angered, Leehom immediately canceled his 270 orders of wedding pastries. In order to quell further misunderstandings from spreading, Leehom decided to bring Jinglei to meet with the press at a DIY bakery shop. The couple made numerous wedding pastries themselves, expressing that they plan to hand them out to close friends.

The affectionate couple fed each other and Leehom also hugged Jinglei several times, kissing her on the cheek. As it was her first time officially meting the press, Jinglei appeared extremely nervous. After introducing herself, she quickly hid behind Leehom and asked, “What should I say?” Leehom immediately reminded her that she should say some New Year greetings. Jinglei also thanked the fans for supporting Leehom through the years.

When asked to name the qualities she liked the most about Leehom, Jinglei cutely said, “There are just too many!” Hearing Jinglei’s cute voice, Leehom expressed, “I don’t think she’s trying to be cute. It gives me a sweet feeling.”

Leehom and Jinglei currently have no plans to hold a wedding banquet in Taiwan. Leehom explained, “We have celebratory banquets for my concerts every week. They feel exactly like wedding banquets. Staying together every day is already enough.”

The couple revealed that they are living permanently in Taiwan. In February, they will bring their families for a trip to Africa.

Sources: On.cc; CNA.com 

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. lucky couples indeed…both so full of loving and romantics… happy if they have baby too

  2. Baby? Lee hom only likes men! Maybe artificial insemination is possible. Good luck to the suddenly couple

  3. Omg. Really? I always thought he’s gay until….. The sudden marriage..

  4. Everybody likes Sammi and Andy Hui, agreed? Ever hear of their PDAs?
    I am very suspicious because if she is Japanese, then this is like Alec Baldwin, Daniel Craig and Sean Penn hate-dating Daughters of the Axis.

    And maybe James Spader too – I’m not sure about that one but I can’t imagine any husband being glad to make a movie with his future wife in the way he did.

  5. I don’t actually know who Lee Hom is but that video makes me supersuspicious. He looks like someone who would be married to someone who is Jeng Hay and she didn’t look like that in the video especially her eye makeup and I think that if he married her sincerely, then he would bring out her inner Jing Hay and that is not seen in this video. And if that’s his wife, he wouldn’t be grabbing her for the cameras and SHE would not be letting him grab her for the cameras.

    TOTALLY suspicious.

    1. have we ever seen Ma Ying Jeou’s son in law grabbing his wife like this?

  6. nice fairy tale story for this couple…leehom reminded me of ricky martin lol…

  7. Cleo, I don’t seem to understand what you’re referring to half of the time. Can this relationship be that complicated?

    Jing Lei’s voice is quite the contrast to her face, reminds me of Butterfly, the host with Show. A lot of Taiwanese girls love that cutesy voice.

    Lee Hom looks happy and Jing Lei literally worships him. Hahah. That’s good for him.

    1. It’s not like I want to believe it – she could just be pretending to be Japanese. Shinzo Abe could be a double agent playing Japan right into Allied hands. Who knows?

    2. Is her voice high pitched? People do not always sound like how they look.

  8. after keeping a more or less a low profile …. is it just me or:
    is the married Lee Hom trying too hard these days to do all the cliche lovey-dovey couple moments ala some TV drama/advertisement? just to highlight that Hullo he has a WIFE and we’re very romantically in love, esctatic happy?

    Like many of their pictures, this also just comes across as posed, like filming some ad/TV drama.

    Couple cookies now?

    1. Maybe he wants to show those many people that think he is gay that he isn’t?

      1. Why? Leslie and Chun bok Keung never made a show of being straight and what about that high voiced taiwanese older guy Jeff Chang who has been big in China for a long time – I don’t know if he is gay or just a hakka box face wearing makeup but he SEEMS like he could be gay.

      2. Each person is different so it does not justify much to compare.

  9. After keeping such a low profile, and keeping her under wraps anonymous, it just seems way out of character for this overkill and overdose of saccharine.

    And high profile appearances to make sure people see and hear of this new marriage, and post-marriage activities.

    Ironically, it also leads to thoughts that this might be indeed a smoke-screen distraction. Which is why he’s trying so hard … too hard!

    Which normally newly-wed couple like their post-marriage life so in public view? (ok maybe Moses and Aimee but those two have been like that even BEFORE marriage).

    1. I know what you mean and some couples can be a bit annoying in that aspect. They were trying everything to be low profile before exposure,but after exposure, it becomes overkill. What is the deal with that? It just does not make sense.

  10. @Cleo. I too cannot make sense of a lot of what you are saying most of the time. However, you are right about one thing. Jeff Chang is indeed gay.

    1. “@Cleo. I too cannot make sense of a lot of what you are saying most of the time.”

      I thought I was the only one.

      1. I also thought that I was the only that cannot comprehend Cleo’s messages.

      2. Heheh me too. Cleo’s just rambling without making any sense, like someone else I know.

    2. sorry – let me give this one last shot at being comprehensible

      Lee Hom is a boy next door, proper well nurtered Overseas Big Brother type, correct? less of a seducer than that Taiwanese mtv veejay who was the soldier at the end of Jiang Wen’s Devils at the Doorstep, He never comes off as predatory and comes off as modern confucian son and young man, correct?

      Does it make any sense that he has his new wife not only on blast in a way sure to aggravate his rabid fans, that she looks less clean cut when that would be the first thing that a new husband in charge cut from his Chinese cloth would advise her to look more respectable

      and the FACT that he knew her for so long and she dated at least one other and he kept her at a platonic distance until there was photographic evidence of her relationship with others before putting a ring on it?

      think about how Chinese alpha males behave – this is all dissonant and suspicious which means she is probably not pretending to be part Japanese but is in fact part Japanese and he hate dates her as an act of war – especially given the fact that he made Lust Caution.

      1. http://www.yalelawjournal.org/images/pdfs/1153.pdf

        think about how Chinese feel when Japanese operatives create hybrids and raise them within Chinese society mixing with innocent children

        Lee Hom has known this person since his youth, correct?

        I read that Japanese yakuza married and had children with local females in the Philippines to entrench in the targeted territory.

      2. my cousin is married to a Japanese whose brother is married to a Korean and their children are babysat half and half by the different sets of grandparents as if building a superior hybrid with authentic specific language proficiency and culture and an inroad of the cats growing up amongs the pigeons and the pigeons having to call them family

        I just think it is a weird coincidence.

  11. @Nomad
    I agree that the way Lee Hom is pushing his wife and their marriage to the public, especially after keeping her underground for so long is suspicious.

    The photos of them seem forced, staged and come across as very awkward. There seem to be no chemistry, no genuine affection, and the photos are very sterile.

    In 2011, a certain very, very, delicate, tender effeminate singer/songwriter announced that he got married. The media did not even bat an eyelash at the news. It was not even printed in the entertainment mags or the normal newspapers. It was not even printed online. It was only mentioned when he launched the release of his new album, and the press was there. They did not repeat it. The news did not faze 90% of Taiwan or Asia, because they know what they know. Heck, no one has met his ‘wife’. Not his people, his handlers, agents, personal assistant, his record label, not even his brother or sister, and there is no record that this man is married.

    I guess that Lee Hom learned a valuable lesson from him and produced a wife. Smart thing on Lee Hom’s part.

  12. Hey Junior, good to see you can acknowledge your mother. Yes you and the rest of us IFOR family are backward eh? I do emphasize on the backward. Glad you know me.

  13. What if this is two-way consumer fraud – where she has considered Lee Hom a financial catch but it is not love because they never got together earlier and she was with other dude but since Lee Hom is willing, why not be Yoko Ono to his John Lennon and inherit his millions someday?

    BUT what if he is also committing consumer fraud and isn’t as John Loves Yoko as he appears?

    Who is in the worse position?

  14. dear lord i tried really hard but i dont get what the heck Cleo is trying to say.

    but this sudden show after hiding her for so many years is really suspect.

    i reckon the gay rumors affected him big time therefore this OTT display if affection.
    wang lee hom seems like the type who will keep his partner low profile.

  15. Hi, I don’t want to spam. But does anyone know where can I find Leehom Wang concert schedule in the US?

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