Michael Wong’s New Album, “Crazy Memories”

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If this is your first time listening to Michael Wong (光良), you will feel a surge of familiarity. If you have always been a fan, you will feel that he has never left your side. Known for his comforting ballads and touching lyrics, Michael Wong’s music never fails in providing the listener with warmth, affection, and love.

The Malaysian singer-songwriter’s nostalgic new album, Crazy Memories <回憶裡的瘋狂>, consists of ten ballad tracks with lyrics that all gear towards a similar theme: memories. There are memories of sadness, memories of happiness, and even memories of surreal confusion. Through this album, Michael hopes that our memories – whether painful, tragic, or crazy – should not be forgotten, but instead should be seen in a new light. It was these memories that made us who we are today. “Let us grasp the present and create more crazy memories of the future!” is the motto of the album.

Promotions for the album began last year, when Michael released his album’s first plug, “Our Story” <我們的故事> in November 2012. In early June 2013, Michael released the music video for his second plug, “A Letter to Myself” <給自己>. A week later, the music video for the title track of the album, “Crazy Memories” was finally dropped on YouTube.

“Crazy Memories” is composed by Michael himself, with lyrics helmed by Huang Ting. The music video stars Taiwanese actress Tammy Chen (陳怡蓉) as a young pair of friends who reflect on past memories together. Michael and Tammy filmed the entire music video under 18 hours. Tammy praised Michael’s acting, “I’ve only heard him sing in the past. I never thought his acting would be so natural too! Maybe with time he’ll get the film king award!”

Tammy could not contain her excitement when Michael asked her to star in his music video. “Many of the actresses [Michael] has worked with in the past, such as Gwei Lun Mei (桂綸鎂), Angelica Lee (李心潔), and Rene Liu (劉若英) have all been nominated for Best Actress awards. Hopefully I can have that luck too!”

Crazy Memories, produced by XY Music, was released on July 8, 2013.


01 回憶裡的瘋狂 Crazy Memories
02 給自己 A Letter to Myself
03 你飛 Let You Fly
04 戀愛 This is Love
05 幸福來了 Happiness is Around
06 給力 Give You Strength
07 年輪 Growth Rings
08 擁有 To Hold
09 愛無所不在 Love is All Around
10 我們的故事 Our Story

“Crazy Memories” MV


“Happiness is Around” – Audio Only


“Our Story” MV

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  1. Siying says:

    Such an amazing voice.

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    • HeTieShou replied:

      Yea, he has a unique and amazing voice! I did not know that there are so many talented Malaysian singers and songwriters. My other favorite Malaysian singer is Fish Leong.

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  2. HeTieShou says:

    Glad to see that he worked with Tammy in the MV. What a sweet video!!

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  3. calv babe says:

    He is so babyface cute though is sing lam… he has brought malaysia some glory through his singing prowess n popularity

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    • HeTieShou replied:

      Yes, it is great that he bought Malaysia a lot of glory with his talents and hard work.

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  4. lemongrass says:

    Like his duet with other female singers which never failed to impress listeners. Always a hit song. Hopefully there will be new duet songs in the future.

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