Show Luo to Treat Family and Friends to Vacation in the Maldives

Show Luo (羅志祥) plans to celebrate his ranking as the second highest-paid Taiwanese celebrity of 2012 with a vacation to the Maldives.

The singer-actor has recently completed his sold-out Over the Limit World Live Tour earlier this month. Show is currently second on the list of highest-paid celebrities in Taiwan, earning over 623.1 million TWD in 2012. To repay his gratitude for his family, friends, and coworkers who have supported him last year, Show decided to treat his mother, the employees of his management company Universes Entertainment, and his best friends the Party Boys, to a trip to the Maldives after Lunar New Year. With a total of 35 people, the entire trip will reportedly cost about 6.3 million TWD, which will all be paid from Show’s pocket.

Show has a habit of treating his coworkers to vacations in the past years. Two years ago, Show treated his coworkers to a vacation getaway in Hawaii.

Taiwan’s highest-paying artist, Jolin Tsai (蔡依林), plans to fork out at least 1 million TWD of red packets to give her family, friends, and colleagues for the Lunar New Year. A-mei (張惠妹) and Elva Hsiao (蕭亞軒),  who have established businesses outside of their singing careers, will also be treating their colleagues to big feasts to commemorate the new year together.

Source: Apple Daily

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  1. Stupid little incestous prick.

    had enough of him.

      1. it’s just a peck on a cheek people! It’s not like they’re having sex ….

    1. What is wrong with kissing your mom? I used to kiss my dad too. It is just him showing his love for his mom which is a good thing. It is better than to be distant from your mom/parents who are 2 of the most important people in your life.

    2. what is wrong with showing affection to your mum. He always declares his love to his mum in front of the press, influencing his fans to love their family. if it isn’t a good characteristic i dont know what is

      1. I wonder what about his dad?? I feel it is sad that mom always gets all the credit while dad is often left out…

      2. Oh really?? Thanks for the info! I did not know his mom is a single mom. No wonder he loves her even more than ever. It is really hard to be a single parent.

      3. I did not know that his dad passed away already. I think I remember reading once about how he said he was fat in school I think and did not have any friends. He seemed to only have his parents… If he lost his dad, no wonder he now treasures his mom more than ever because he only has 1 parent left.

        Thanks for the info and when did that happen??

      4. well that explains why he loves his mum so much. to cherish her the best he could before she passed on. that’s a characteristic that very few people have.

    3. If you’ve had enough of him, why on earth would you click on this article when it clearly states his name in the title and then waste your time writing rude comments?

  2. I have no clue who he is. I have never heard of him before until after reading it on JayneStars. But regardless, could you guys at least pick a decent pic of him instead of choosing a pic that flames the oil of his incestuous rumors? Whether or not it’s true, it’s disgusting, and so is he. Never heard of his music, never will.

    1. No offence but if you havent heard of him before why would you know he has a incestious rumours… why are you prejudice about him if you havent even heard of him before

      1. Well said hazel! I am shocked how anyone can judge him so harshly if they don’t even know him.

    2. I am shocked that you all do not know him, but then again if you do not follow Taiwanese e news then you may not know him. He is really popular and famous in Asia. However, if you focus on HK celebs only then you may not know him.

    3. Definition for incest -Incest is sexual intercourse between family members and close relatives.
      Therefore, not Show. He treasures his mum and if kissing her is how he shows his love, we should all respect that.

  3. What so incentious of him kissing his own mother? Or is that not mother?
    Im confuse why is so many people hating him? He is such an awesome guy

    1. exactly just because he cares and respects his mother doesn’t mean you should hate on him

  4. I LIKE SHOW!!
    He is not the only one that kisses their mothers, many other people do and it is only a way to show their love.
    BTW, his music is very good. If you haven’t heard it before, gice it a try.
    I know that he can’t be loved by everyone, but don’t hate people just because you can.

  5. Is good that he loves and respects his mum. But I really do not know why he has to kiss on the lips. Especially since he is a grown man, and his mother a widower (or divorcee).

    1. People see what they chose to see. It was an innocent act of affection but made to be a disgusting act. The problem is with us, not him or his mom.

      1. well said, Funn.
        Some of you here have gotta open up ur minds a little. it’s sick that such a beautiful thing that Show was doing could be turned into such nasty rumours of incest.

      2. unfortunately, he is a celebrity and he will be judged by all and sundry. anyway, if his fans love him even more for it, more power to him!

      3. He is a celebrity and his conduct will be judged but this is one case where to call an innocent act incestous is malicious.

  6. please people he is giving his MOM a kiss on the cheek. whats wrong with it? the peeps who think he is weird.

  7. @sophia: People are not talking about the picture above or the chaste peck on the cheek or peck on the lips, but their intense lips locking as shown in the links below.

    Btw, I don’t believe the ugly incestuous rumor but I do think their public kissing is overboard and very inappropriate.

    In this blown up can see tongue.

    baidu post# 6 link:

    1. Jayne: Did my above comment (still awaiting moderation)fail to get thru or was it overlooked?

      1. Clamine,
        I just approved your comment regarding Show and his mom. Sometimes our moderation software automatically places comments with links in pending status.

  8. Well, this article is about how generous Show is to his family & friends. Too bad that’s overshadowed by haters who keep bringing up the fact about him kissing his mum 🙁

  9. “In a country where job listings routinely include height requirements and ask for photos, it’s no surprise that there is widespread belief that better looks will help a woman get ahead.

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