“When Heaven Burns” Wins Big at 2012 Ultimate Song Chart Awards

Hong Kong started 2013 with a bang in the music industry. The 2012 Ultimate Song Chart Awards was held in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center in Wan Chai on the evening of January 1, 2013.

A total of 34 awards were presented last night. The winners were determined by the number of votes accumulated through polls hosted by My903.com and Hong Kong Toolbar.

Although it was Eason Chan (陳奕迅) who took home the most trophies, the biggest winners of the night were Bowie Lam (林保怡), Moses Chan (陳豪), and Kenny Wong (黃德斌), who took home that night’s biggest award, the My Favorite Song Award, for their song “Youthful Ignorance” <年少無知>, the ending theme of When Heaven Burns <天與地>.

“Youthful Ignorance” was written and produced by Paul Wong (黃貫中), with the lyrics helmed by Riley (林若寧). Although the single received lackluster promotion by TVB, the song became a viral hit, peaking at number 2 on the Metro Radio Pop Chart and number 3 on the RTHK Pop Chart. Paul Wong’s own cover of the song also peaked at number 2 on the Metro Radio Pop Chart.

“Youthful Ignorance” also won the WeChat Chit Chat Most Popular Song award, an award based on mobile popularity.

The critically acclaimed When Heaven Burns aired at the end of 2011 on TVB Jade. Although the drama suffered low ratings throughout its broadcast life, the drama gained a large online following. When Heaven Burns won Best Drama at the 45th TVB Anniversary Awards, at the Next Magazine Awards, and at the StarHub TVB Awards.

Check out the rest of the Ultimate Song Chart winners below:

My Favorite Song Award:
“Youthful Ignorance” by Bowie Lam, Moses Chan, Kenny Wong

My Favorite Male Singer:
Eason Chan for …3mm

My Favorite Female Singer:
Miriam Yeung for Firebird

My Favorite Group:
C Allstar for To Begin from the End

Top Male Singers:
Gold – Eason Chan for …3mm
Silver – Khalil Fong for Back to Wonderland
Bronze – Endy Chow for Live a Life

Top Female Singers:
Gold – Joey Yung for Moment
Silver – Fiona Sit for Filicious
Bronze – Kary Ng for My January

Top Groups:
Gold – RubberBand for Easy
Silver – Mr. for Misterdays
Bronze – FAMA for Double Happiness

The Best Song Award:
“Heavy Taste” <重口味> by Eason Chan

Top Ten Professional Recommendations:
2nd place – “Sleeping Volcano” <睡火山> by Andy Hui
3rd place – “Leave Blank” <留白> by Ivana Wong
4th place – “Yesterday” <昨天> by Mr.
5th place – “Yellow Fever” by Dear Jane
6th place – “Rotten Lovers” <爛命鴛鴦> by Wilfred Lau
7th place – “Love You” <愛你> by Kimberley
8th place – “A Thousand Paper Cranes” <千紙鶴> by Khalil Fong
9th place – “Can No Longer Love” <戀無可戀> by Leo Ku
10th place – “Friends On Top of the Hill” <山頂嘅朋友> by Grasshopper and Softhard

The Best Album Award:
Easy by RubberBand

Best New Female Singers:
Gold – Kimberley
Silver – Wendy Zheng
Bronze – Sita

Best New Male Singers:
Gold – Adason Lo
Silver – Jay Fung
Bronze – Alex Lam

Best New Groups:
Gold – Robynn & Kendy
Silver – Yellow
Bronze – Super Girls

WeChat Chit Chat Most Popular Song Award:
“Youthful Ignorance” by Bowie Lam, Moses Chan, Kenny Wong

Bowie Lam, Moses Chan, and Kenny Wong Perform “Youthful Ignorance”

[vsw id=”eg5NY7WMK1o” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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      1. This is Commercial Radio’s award ceremony. They have their own set of rules and standards to determine who gets the awards. But don’t worry, LF’s song(s) will be top 10 in TVB’s JSG Awards, no doubt. He will be a big winner there.

  1. lol,great when bowie said they are just only actors.. nice song.

    1. Yea, I am proud of them since they are not really singers yet managed to win an award for the favorite song award…

      1. A song touches people and becomes a favourite for many reasons. Maybe they are not the best singers, but this song of theirs reaches people’s heart with its meaning. Many people can relate to what this song is about.

      2. This is Most Favourite Song, not Most Favourite Singer. I agree with Eunice. The song’s lyrics resonate with listener’s heart and the theme of WHB.

  2. so nice to see bowie again! loved this song, glad they won an award for it!

  3. The song is popular because the melody is simple yet nice. Most importantly, the lyrics are meaningful, especially in this era. The lyrics touches people’s heart, and many can relate to it. It’s the perfect theme song for When Heaven Burns, and probably for people of this era too.

  4. When Heaven Burns really set a new record for beeing winning Best Series TVB and now Best Song… All 3 of them can sing indeed.. I think Bowie was once a singer before venture into acting

    1. Commercial Radio’s awards system is that the top 10 songs award are given out to those that get played on their radio station for the most number of times throughout the year. Which songs get played depends on popularity, but also largely on their DJs’ choice. Therefore, they call it “Top Ten Professional Recommendations”. The Best Song is the one that got played for the most times in 2012, which is Eason’s song.

      Favourite Song is awarded based on voting from audience. You can treat it like a “most popular” or “most liked” song award. Hope this help 🙂

  5. Where is Paul Wong, the composer? Is 903 shutting him from taking his own award?

    1. Maybe he just didn’t attend the show? The award will be given to him regardless. Just like Leo Ku who didn’t attend, his award would be passed on to him later on. So no worries 😉

      1. I just kinda wish he can at least get the moment of victory onstage for creating a great song that win despite not promoted by 903.

    2. Yea, I agree…it would have been great to see Paul get the recognition as well, since he is definitely one of the reasons why the song was such a hit. But instead, he was busy being treated like crap by Zhejiang Television with that whole New Year’s Eve Gala fiasco! Argh….

      In any case, congrats to everyone who was involved with the song (lyricist, composer, producer, singers, etc.) – definitely very deserving of the award!

  6. Too bad the award was not shown on TVB in Australia… I’ve only heard out of the 10 ten coz it was the theme song in the drama. I hope to hear the other songs on TVB music award soon… or maybe google the song…

  7. It’s a nice song that managed to snag the tong song award from all those singers. Awesome!

    So how does Joey, Fiona, Kary, Miriam grab the female singer awards but none of them have a song award? Chik Chak system is weird.

  8. It is a really good song with meaningful lyrics..something that is rare in HK POP these days. It’s funny to see the 3 of them so uncomfortable standing on the stage accepting a song award.

    BTW, what the hell is Sammy the host wearing?

  9. I enjoyed d song but not WHB n congrats to d composer Paul Wong as well!

    1. Rsy,
      My first guess would be Burberry, since they are known for such trench coat designs. You can check Burberry’s website for very similarly styled items.

  10. winner of best new male singer gold is adason lo, not sheldon. different person completely. 😉

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