255 Chinese Artists Support China in Diaoyu Islands Dispute

As the tensions intensify between China and Japan’s dispute over the Diaoyu Islands, many Chinese artists have expressed their support for China.

Earlier, Li Bingbing (李冰冰) refused to attend the premier of Resident Evil: Retribution in Tokyo, citing her stance over the disputed islands in the East China Sea. Simon Yam (任達華) also indicated that he would not act in any Japanese films and will boycott Japanese products until the dispute is resolved. After a backlash for filming Japanese movie 1905, Tony Leung (梁朝伟) will also put filming on hold indefinitely.

Yesterday, China Radio and Television Association (CRTA) released a public statement to support China in the territorial disputes. CRTA Chairman, Tang Guoqiang (唐國強) led 255 artists including Li Bingbing, Faye Wong (王菲), William Feng (馮紹峰), Jay Chou (周杰倫), Chow Yun Fat (周潤發), Raymond Lam (林峰) and Donnie Yen (甄子丹) to pledge their support for the Chinese government  in the sovereignty claims of the Diaoyu Islands.

An Excerpt of the CRTA Statement

The Japanese government announced the purchase of the Diaoyu Islands without considering China’s strong objections and negotiating further with China. Japan’s insistence to nationalize the Diaoyu Islands is a serious violation of territory sovereignty, a breach of international conventions and a provocation towards China. This will damage the Sino-Japanese ties and affect the world peace development. In response to this, China Radio and Television Association’s members expressed strong indignation and severe reprimand.

The Diaoyu Islands belong to the Chinese territory since the ancient times. The Chinese made early discovery on the islands; named them and used them. Therefore, China has irrefutable history and legal basis. The Japanese government is out to destroy our thoughts, alienate away from the facts, purchasing and nationalize the Diaoyu Islands at the expense of damaging Sino-Japanese ties. The unilateral action is illegal and invalid and will not shake China’s divine sovereignty over Diaoyu Islands.

List of Chinese artists

The 255 CRTA members who issued the public statement include a mixture of artists from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan in the film, television and singing industry. Some of the list of artists is as follows:

Chinese Artists: Li Bingbing, Faye Wong, William Feng, Fang Bingbing (范冰冰), Hu Jun(胡軍), Gao Yuanyuan (高圓圓), Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明), Li Chen (李晨), Ma Su(馬蘇)

Hong Kong Artists: Louis Koo (古天樂), Ray Lui (呂良偉), Shawn Yue (余文樂), Coco Lee (李玟), Chow Yun fat, Raymond Lam(林峰), Gallen Lo (羅嘉良), Ekin Cheng(鄭伊健), Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), Eric Tsang(曾志偉), Donnie Yen

Taiwanese Artists: Jay Chou, Ken Chu (朱孝天), Alec Su (蘇有朋), Emil Chau(周華健), Vic Chou(周渝民), Chiling Lin(林志玲)

Source: Sina.com

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  1. Celebs who have substantial stake in the Japanese market is conspicuously absent from this list, like a certain Mr. J Chan or Mr J. Yan.

      1. Should ask where is superstar “Andy Lau” with his recent movie on japanese.

    1. No sight of these superstars.
      Andy Lau, Simon Yam, Jackie Chan, Jerry Yan etc

    2. You guys talk like every major star should be there. Maybe some ppl don’t want to get embroiled or they have no opinion on the issue.

  2. To China, any island in the sea near them belongs to them? It’s ridiculous through. They must forget that they are trying to steal the islands of Vietnam.

      1. China has the conflicts relating to islands with not only Japan. In the recent years, they also have the conflicts with Vietnam for the same problem: ownership of islands.

        Japan only has the conflicts with Diaoyu island.

      2. China always has islands dispute with other countries. Funn, remember how China also has dispute with our country over an island which location wise is near to our country?

      3. It is not the number of islands but who has legitimate rights. Let them show the records if they have it which dates back to many many years.

        Is rights by location or by what happened many years ago? same argument with Taiwan as well.

      4. Sovereignty changes from time to time. Need to go back how many years?

      5. Depends on who can show documentary proof to the earliest of time. Unless over time they forgotten and that island established own autonomy. Look at Taiwan and the messy so called sovereignity.

        It has happened before. It isn’t always about location.

      6. Japan doesn’t only have island disputes relating Diaoyu. They also have island dispute in regards to Dokdo with the Koreans.

      7. They don’t argue Dokko Island is Korean’s or theirs:P. The matter of Dokko Island isn’t the ownership but the shadow of the war. China continuously claims several islands in Asian seas are theirs even with the proofs of the ownership of these islands.

      8. @Fox

        I’ve read and watched enough news about the conflicts between Japan and South Korea. At present, both countries are laying claims to Dokdo island. Japan has suggested in the past to settle the claim issue was to go to international court, but S.Korea refused with good reasons. Anyways, I don’t want to get into too much details.

      9. China just wanna claim more lands so they could expand their power. hidden meaning~~

    1. Actually Diaoyu is closest to Taiwan, but since China always regarded Taiwan as theirs, so…

      1. It was the US who gave (returned)the islands to Japan because it had wanted to avoid having to choose between Beijing and Taipei.

        But Li Bing Bing had no problems with coming to Hollywood. “Hyprocricy abounds”

      2. Doesn’t a matter to China. The islands China is conflicting with Vietnam is way nearer Vietnam and Philippines than China but they still claim these islands are their. Taiwan dun have the independence but Vietnam and Philippines have.

      3. @ Terminator

        Li Bing Bing is just protecting her rice bowl in China. See how the China public act regarding the Diaoyu islands despite. Can’t have the large mainland market boycotting her.

  3. 255 artists need to worry about their careers and stay out of politics.

    1. Canon is Japanese and already closed 3 out of 4 factories in China Funn.

      Panasonic also closed factories and thousands of Japanese stores went holiday for a few days. Hundreds of Japanese cars have been turned over and smashed although owner is China citizen. Quite scary.

      1. My point exactly!!

        But Simon Yam is not one of the 255.. so never mind!

      2. His wife still spokesperson for SKII? LOL

        Read that Japan bought 3 of the islands from a private owner? Complicated matter and especially when US is to limit China’s power by using Japan.

      3. @Funn but there’s this: “Simon Yam (任達華) also indicated that he would not act in any Japanese films and WILL BOYCOTT JAPANESE PRODUCTS until the dispute is resolved.”

        This means he’s no longer Canon spokesperson?

      1. Skii is owned by maxfactor that is owned by p&g – an American company.

    2. They need to stop driving Honda, Acura, Isuzu, Kawasaki, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Infiniti, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Lexus, Scion, Yamaha; cars, motorbikes, trucks, etc…

      1. guess that they’ll change to S.Korean products. then when they have conflict with Korea, they’ll change back to Japanese ones.

      2. Did the China photographers throw away their Canon, Nikon, Sony cameras?

      3. I heard my friend said owners of Japanese cars in China now cover their cars’ logo and also have stickers or something saying ‘the car might be japanese but the heart is with China’.

  4. I’m actually feel a bit tensed reading this article because the tone is totally different from more neutral toned ‘international’ articles I’ve read from the web LOL

  5. What are the Taiwan celebs thinking in supporting this?

    Don’t they know they are a bit safer with Japan claiming these islands than China? If these islands were returned to China who in turns were to establish military bases on them, Taipei would be doomed.

    1. How is it safer with Japan claiming the islands? When Japan claims it, it’s certain Taiwan can never get it back? Taiwan is not on the Chinese side. Taiwan is claiming the island as theirs. Their politicians and citizens said, “Diaoyu island belongs to Taiwan!”

      1. If China claims it, you think they will in turns give it to Taiwan as bonus for good behavior?

        Also, Japan wouldn’t use the islands for military purposes, China would. Plain and simple. And if you think the show of missile force across the strait last year was freigtening, wait until they use the island for practice, a stone away from Taipei.

      2. I was answering your first question: ”
        Why are the Taiwan celebs thinking in supporting this?” They’re not. Those Taiwanese celebs are simply denouncing Japan for its attempt to nationalize the island, and are telling them that the island is Taiwan’s, not Japan and not mainland China.

      3. Uhm, not sure if you know, after ww2, Japan can’t really build an army, some sort of contract with the US to prevent what happen in ww2. Because of this, Japan possibly the least harmful country in term of war activity lol. The only reason why china can’t just go and launch a war attack on Japan is because the other part of the contract is that the US will protect Japan against any war attack. So Japan will be the best choice for Taipei

      4. Taiwan actually is the most convenient to do something about this. If China were to attack Japan, we’re not even sure if US will even come in. They’re too far and they’ve caused enough troubles in other places already, do they want to really waste more of our taxes to do these things that are meaningless to Americans? Especially since election is coming up soon the wrong move can hurt them big times. As for Japan, this island is important to them because they’re losing to the Koreans on the other island, if they lose this island too this prime minister will not be very well respected. If Taiwan were to attack and claim the island US will likely not come in. Have they done anything between Korea and Japan’s dispute? They need to maintain favorable terms with Taiwan since it’s so close to China, so they won’t meddle between Taiwan and Japan. If Taiwan attacks Japan, China will likely assist them. I’m more interested to know what will US do, they’re so loud in Asia, but if war does errupt between Asian countries and US don’t do anything, will Asian countries listen to them in the future?

      5. Taiwan, China, Japan won’t attack each other for no good cause. This wrangling over the islands have been like forever. It will go on forever more, but missiles at one another? I doubt it.

      6. You don’t have to worry about America. They last thing we want is another war in S.E. Asia. If you boys fight, you’re on your own.

    2. It’s more safe to return the island to Japan? Only China would build military bases?? Oh man.. then the Nanjing massacre never happened.

      1. Japan has channeled all its energy into producing vulgar entertainment and amazing technology. From a Taiwanese perspective, it would be better for Japan to own the islands. But, let’s be honest – Beijing could torpedo Taipei at will, islands or no islands.

    3. didn’t America say that during 2.war in Europe too. But at the end it didn’t end up like that 😛

  6. So… I read up that China and Taiwan only started to reclaim sovereignty over the Islands when it was discovered that a large oil reserve lies near it.

    Pfft…. politicians.

      1. Hehe… 😛

        Ain’t politics amazing? Especially their use of words and ways to gain the support of their people whom so blindly follow.

      2. Sometimes it’s the majority effect. Can’t go against the majority if you want a peaceful life.

      3. I’ll just do nothing at all;

        Do no part, take no part and live a peaceful life.

        But I live in Australia where different opinions are invited so in Australia’s case I can;

        Take part and still live a peaceful life.

        I should really appreciate the blissful Country I was born into. That’s it! I shall do a good deed tomorrow! 😀

  7. i totally reject this sort collective hyterical plunder,i have never seen demonstrations in china of this big and the police do nothing. if it is a demonstration against the government i think all the people would be arrested,remember 1989 tiannamen.

    1. The funniest thing about the mob mentality that has struck china is that these people are pulling CHINESE citizens out of Japanese made cars and then destroying the cars. The only people they are impacting are the Chinese!


      1. ROFL. Ditto TVBFanatic. That made me sick too because they’re hurting the Chinese citizens themselves. Many of the sushi shops and restaurant they smashed are owned by Chinese citizens. LOL

      2. And the workers of the closed Japanese factories are most Chinese. I wonder if they get their salary this month.

      3. Put the islands aside, I’m mostly disappointed at how the “extreme” demonstrators resort to violence and blindly vandalize their own country and terrorize their own people. Most of the employees, car owners, and small sushi restaurant owners are Chinese. However I believe this is not just fueled by the island issue alone, but more of a long term grudge towards the Japanese since the WW2.

  8. Think about this, who has more leverage in the dispute? The Chinese with the largest (or 2nd largest) population on the planet or the Japanese? Which population commands greater market share?

    1. However, if anything were to happen, in terms of economics and finance, China is more exposed to danger than Japan due to its extensive international market shares and values. Whilst Japan source of finance is mostly internal, it is less likely to be exposed to danger.

      In this case, China has to be extra careful whilst Japan has nothing to worry about at all.

      1. Not really. Japan depends heavily on export and domestic consumption pales in comparison to international consumption. Ever heard of Japan’s lost decade?

      2. I think its safe to say, the global economy will be more affected than both China and Japan. Poor us, being dragged into this mess.

      3. Tvb viewer, the world may indeed suffer economically due to this conflict. I just don’t think China in particular has more to lose than Japan.

      4. I think you guys have misinterpreted my statement.

        The danger I’m talking about is the effect the two Country has on the world economy.

        If either of the two Country’s finance were to be effected, then China’s effect on the world is more severe than Japan’s.

  9. This is why I’ve always been of the belief that entertainment and politics should stay separate! These types of political matters are usually really complicated and it’s hard to say for sure who is right or wrong — so the best thing to do is to remain neutral and stay away from supporting either side (that’s what I would do if I were in those artists’ shoes….).

    In any case — this whole protest thing has gotten way out of hand….it’s sad that China’s citizens are so hell-bent on destroying their own country, even resorting to hurting and killing their own citizens just to prove a point. That’s just plain stupid and pathetic! There were also protests in HK as well as here in the U.S. over the matter, but all of those were done very civilly and peacefully — for the protests to escalate to the massive violent scale that it did in China obviously says something about the ‘culture’ over there (and lends credence to the theory that there might be a ‘greater power’ supporting all the stuff going on…)

    1. Can’t stay separate. Artists still need to eat, so politic can affect them. Bowl of rice is the most important.

      Talk is always easy. Staying neutral can’t work all the time. It’s pretty naive to think that an artist can go against the request of the competent ppl.

      1. True, it’s very difficult to stay neutral, but some artists manage to do it, so it’s not impossible. Of course, every artist’s situation is different and it’s expected that in most cases, they’re helpless to do anything about it — given the nature of the entertainment industry, of course the ‘neutral stance’ thing is only wishful thinking on my part…. not blaming them at all for taking a stance, but just expressing my thoughts on the issue.

  10. This japanese is too much the island is so far away from them and they claimed it belongs to them, it even nearer to taiwan & philippines but after all US is going to decide which country to take he…he…?

    1. Lolz, then why US can claim the ownership on Hawaii? Near or far isn’t a matter to the ownership.

      US might have the right to decide because they are 3rd neutral country. If it’s a conflict between US and China for example, Japan might be the one who decide. Depends.

      1. Well, U.S. isn’t exactly ‘neutral party’ because our government did sign that security treaty thing with Japan….but on the other side of the coin, U.S. trade relations with China also need to be taken into consideration….so it’s hard to say what direction this issue would go in if U.S. were to get involved….

      2. Nope, the matter will be similar to the one of South and North Korean with China, US, Russia and Japan involve in as third party.

        The strong countries will play the role of neutral third party in solving the conflicts between 2 countries in particular cases. The convention, treaty, etc. dun take a place because all of these countries have relationships like this. US will have their hand in the case for sure. EU and Russia might involve, too because they are in the Security Board.

    2. Japanese said: Japanese people have took control of this island since 1890++!

      Chinese said: Before that the islands are China’s! Way back to the ancient times!

  11. Correct me if I am wrong that these islands are also “claimed” by the Republic of Korean as well. Please do not get the US involved in these territorial matters, they will just muddle it up some more. Too bad the United Nations Council is too weak to solve anything…

    1. @aptos: Hahaha….so true! Our government can’t even resolve our territory’s issues properly without screwing something up, so of course they are going to just mess things up even more if they were to get involved in this particular dispute.

      The U.S. probably won’t take action right now cuz, well, our government is trying to clean up that stupid film fiasco thing at the moment (plus preparing for elections)….but you can bet that after the dust settles a little, they will likely try to meddle….after all, when there is lucrative “oil” involved, there’s no chance in hell that they won’t try to get a piece of it.

      1. @kidd: it’s an anti-islam film. search “the innocent of muslims”

      2. It is a very badly made short film which pokes fun on Islam. The acting is bad, the graphics is bad, the actors said they were duped into acting, the lines are bad, some are dubbed over and it the worst propoganda film ever made and it isn’t even funny. Some people if want to stir something at least do it properly. A poor excuse and worse is people die over this piece of rubbish. Both sides are to be blamed. One oversensitive, the other just too free to do anything else of some meaning.

        Kidd it is in Youtube under the title the innocence of islam but I think probably removed by now

    2. The island that the Koreans are claiming is the Dokdo island. Two separate islands.


  13. These artists will sway where the wind blows. all of them are hypocrites. they probably have no idea where these islands are – who ‘s staying there or how big they are,

    1. Yep.

      They have no principles.

      Making a statement do not meant anything.

      Many of them have Japanese product endorsement like Lin Chiling, Andy Lay, Simon Yam. If they are sincere why not drop them and do not work with the Japs.

      Money and Fame is their dual GOD.

    1. Agreed. As entertainers, they should stay away from politics. I’m sure some of them have had Japanese fans who have been supporting their careers (I.e. Faye). It’s best to stay neutral.

      1. Ahhh Faye Wong.

        I really do hope she doesn’t take any part in this. I still remember her singing ‘Eyes on Me’ for the Japanese game Final Fantasy VIII.

        Blissful memories.

      2. Actually, that brings back another memory. Didn’t she wear a dress with a Japanese flag design that sparked controversy amongst the Chinese?
        Having said that, I think its safe that Faye will not take any part in this at all. Hopefully.

      3. @TVB viewer

        Faye Wong has already voiced her opinion that Diaoyu island is China’s. Well, she didn’t say it like that, but it’s something along that line. It was Vicki who wore the Japanese imperial flag and got feces thrown at her.

      4. @ TVB viewer

        ” Didn’t she wear a dress with a Japanese flag design that sparked controversy amongst the Chinese?”

        That’s Vicki Zhao.

      5. Thank you, but I’ve been told that by, well the third person now.

  14. What is this? Patriotism or plain idiocy?

    The sad thing is most people don’t want to be drawn into any kind of violence or conflict; all they want is a complete family, food, shelter and stability. But then there are a select few who have to step in and drag everyone down with them – what are they thinking, destroying people’s cars and livelihoods?! Your own people, China!

    Anyway, just because they’re celebrities doesn’t mean they can’t hold on opinion. Who knows, some of them may be very well-versed in politics. But I’d hazard a guess that a lot of them – like many citizens – think they’re simply being patriotic and showing signs of solidarity, when in actual fact they’re not even that well educated on the matter.

    1. they’re public figures, their voices can influence public opinion, more or less. U can have ur own opinion but u have to be careful when u voice it. if not, why people critize them when they say something stupid?

  15. lol, showbiz is after all still showbiz, and artist is still artist no more or less. that why people should think hard and deep before consider any of them as idol.
    but ROFL w/ the mainland chinese, they steal islands and many other things from other countries before and still now and now they act like japan is walking over them lol.
    as for the american government, gosh please away from this dispute, america is such a big mess right now plus isn’t america still owed china a huge debt?

    1. Throughout history, territories are always being occupied and reoccupied. It’s not going to go away.

    2. “they steal islands and many other things from other countries before”

      Didn’t the Japanese have the same nasty habit not too long ago? I’m not saying that China is blameless in the matter or even that the claim to Diaoyu is valid but it’s not wise to automatically assume that China is being the bully here. I have to wonder why most members in this forum are so anti-mainland… is it ideology, custom, or both?

      1. the Japanese had the same nasty habit doesn’t mean the Chinese don’t.
        It’s politic and may i say they share the same nature?
        But unfortunately, that japanese habit seems to be in the story of history but the chinese one is happening in this present time.
        And seeing their behavior in the sovereignty conflicts with other neighborhood countries, hard to have a favorable view on China.

      2. Disputing the ownership of a few islands is hardly equivalent to the crimes against humanity that the Japanese committed during the Second World War. Both sides are playing the nasty game of international relations but, as is so often the case, only China gets blamed. Do you have the same harsh words for the South Koreans who are disputing the ownership of Dokdo? I’ll hazard a guess and say no.

      3. @Lee: well, i didn’t feel like writing too much since it’s limit here lol plus i’m not good w/ words anyway…but i agree w/ what u said about Japanese being nasty. bottom line is any country who’s in power would go down to the bully “road”.
        but as for why many members in this forum has the anti-mainland “attitude”, it a long story and if u don’t know i guess u haven’t pay that much attention to chinese politic recently, or u did but you were ok w/ the way chinese government treated other countries….i guess most people here admire the chinese culture and all but maybe people do have problems w/ the china government and their policy.

      4. @kk, I can understand why members from southeast Asia and Taiwan have problems with the Communist regime as a matter of principle but it seems a bit misguided to hold up the Diaoyu dispute as an example of China’s imperial ambitions – China’s claim, even if it proves ultimately unsuccessful, is at least worth pondering.

      5. @ TVBfanatic,

        How eloquent. I don’t support the occupation of Tibet, so I guess we have something in common.

      6. @lee: the prob here lay in the policy of the goverment, not the regime, if i can precise. The history between my country and China teaches me that no matter which regime, the way they deal with the sovereignty conflict stays the same. but whatever, i think i go too far here.
        Back to the topic, u have very good reason that we may hold some prejudices against China. So allow me to say my opinion. as far as i do some researchs, this case unfortunately seems to be an example of China’s ambitions on the East China Sea. But of course, i’m not an expert. Just my thought.

      7. @ Rua Your opinion as stated in this thread sounds reasonable. China is definitely looking to expand its sphere of influence into the East China Sea but the Diaoyu issue is a little bit different than, for example, the indefensible claim on Scarborough Shoal. Frankly, I think Japan is more to blame for escalating tensions by nationalizing the islands during such a sensitive time.

  16. Hmmm….this ‘statement’ thing sounds suspicious now because some of the artists named are speaking out (either directly or indirectly through their managers) saying that they either 1) are not part of this particular association or 2) they have no clue that the association would issue such a statement and use their names in it…of course, some artists could be trying to dis-associate themselves from the issue, but it could also be that the association is trying to ‘use’ certain artists’ fame and popularity to support their own cause. Either way, there’s definitely more to this situation than meets the eye…

    1. i agree with u. I doubt if these artists really have a full view on this conflict.

    2. No one solicited their opinion. These ‘artists’ are just trying to save their own hides in the mainland market.

      1. It really depends on what market. From what I know, Japan’s music industry is still larger than China’s. Also, the fact that Japan actually has a consistent and nationally-recognized music chart like the Oricon gives the Japanese music industry a stabler structure.

      2. @ Addy, Japan may have the bigger music industry (for now, I can see that changing soon) but think of the Chinese diaspora as well spread across southeast Asia. The sheer number of Chinese speakers across the world will always make the mainland market an attractive one.

    3. Short of all of them standing on stage, they can denied making such support later.

      These celebrities are fair-weather people, a DOG is still man’s most loyal and honest friend.

      1. Check this out http://www.jaynestars.com/news/li-bingbings-resident-evil-retribution-shelved-in-china-due-to-anti-japanese-sentiment/

        Although the CRTA had included her name in the statement, Li Bingbing claimed that she was not aware of its contents.

        Although Jay Chou (周杰倫), Faye Wong (王菲), and Shawn Yue (余文樂) were claimed by the CRTA to be association members, the managers of the respective artists denied this. The artists did now know that their names would be published in the CRTA’s statement.

        Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) indicated that she was unaware of the contents of the CRTA statement.

  17. somehow funny but not surprising.

    the artists are public figures, their opinions may have more or less influence.

    And after all, they’re chinese. what else can they say? have to think of the rice bowl.

  18. Wasn’t Korea and Japan fighting over some island too? n it is now China Vs Japan on another island.

      1. “Invasion” or “attempted invasion”? They’re shoving artists over there every second, even ones who aren’t well-established in Korea yet. Hallyu seems a bit exaggerated these days and I’m not really liking their aggressive approach.

      2. More like a hit and run. Agencies can make more money from the small segment of the Japanese population that actually likes Korean stuff than they can from the entire Korean population.

      3. I’ve also heard of some Kpop groups that are specifically trained and manufactured to debut for Japan market.

      4. isn’t Japan and Korea fighting over the islet of Dokdo escalates? I think that’s what they are fighting over.

    1. Dokdo. I remember a the Korean actress, Kim Tae Hee, sending out flyers to support Dokdo. Then when she started acting in a j-drama and promoting over there, the citizens were flaming her for having anti-Japanese sentiments.

  19. dont fall for this crap. japan is actually controlled by the US, japan has to report everything to them, they are just stirring the pot between the asian countries by telling Japan to purchase it from them and let the “divide and conquer” strategy take over. why do asians trust whites so much? they were the ones that exploited every country on this planet for their own gains and causing many unncessary war on our lands.

  20. Celebrities have a right to voice their opinions. Doesn’t matter if it’s political or not. That said, this protest is pointless. A bunch of celebrities won’t affect anything. China should either put up or shut up. Organizing Chinese celebrities won’t do anything.

  21. Any sort fo violents should not be tolerated regardless of what the issue is. All the rioting and damaging of properties in China that has links to Japan is meaningless. Only show the world what Chinese people are like when they don’t get their ways. They are only damaging their own people’s business. Look at all the factory stopping production lines. Who’s going to suffer? The factory workers with no work and no pay!

    Sit down and talk about it and negotiate a settlement. Don’t just take take take.

    Celebrities should be apolitical and not add fuel to fire and take sides.

    Just becoz an island appears in an old map doesn’t mean anything. Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus travelled the global. does that mean they can claim ownership of everything they recorded?

    1. The factory and business closing will hurt both China and Japan. On Japan side, this will create a tension between them and their #1 trade partner China, while on China side, the many and many loss employments will add up to the existing economy and social affairs in China.

      Asian economy might be hurt too when the two economy giants are having crisis. In the end a lot of people around the world area affected.

      1. they are both stupid, being Asian, they could just negotiate and split the island but instead they listen to other big wigs and agitate each other. we are not each other’s enemies.in fact we are the only ones that could relate to each other, the US doesnt care about Japan. They made them pay a 2 billion bill for hosting the US troops, Japan is just the US’s cash cow apparently and they tell them to do whatever they want. The purchasing and nationalizing of the island i speculate has political push from the US. Didn’t you guys hear from Obama’s speech that they are shifting frm the middle east to target asian countries in the next decade. Asian countries should stand up and say NO and not nod to everything the US wants. Japan needs political autonomy and get rid of the US military bases, US is like a hawk watching over every move like some paranoid big brother.

  22. Apparently according to historical Chinese records the Diau Yu islands belonged to China. However, after the first Sino-Japanese War, the Japanese annexed the islands and now China wants them back. Who has the right?

    I support the notion that entertainers should stay clear away from politics, especially the HK ones.

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