329 TVB Artists Gather for 45th Anniversary Promotion

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On July 17th, 329 TVB artists gathered together to film a 2013 calendar photoshoot and promotional trailers for the television station’s 45th anniversary. TVB high executives including major stakeholder Charles Chan (陳國強) and Deputy Chairman Norman Leung (梁乃鵬), also attended the photo shoot.

Myolie Wu Secures Position as #1 Sister

The standing position of TVB artists has always indicated their status within the company. Standing near the center of the first row, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) has successfully secured her position as TVB’s #1 sister. Regarding her position, Myolie laughed and said, “At least I get to join the party!” She added, “I’m very happy today! I get paid to do this. Unity is strength! I like it when the company organizes such grand gatherings.”

Myolie also clarified that Carol Cheng and Liza Wang are the company’s real #1 sisters.

Selena Li Rises to the Top

Standing in the first row between Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) and Raymond Wong (黃浩然), Selena Li’s (李詩韻) status in the company is noticeably more prominent than before. Regarding her rising status, Selena happily said, “I’m so happy I get to stand in the front row!” When asked if Selena wants to win an award this year, she said, “I’ve been nominated for many years. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to win an award this year.”

Jason Chan and Rebecca Zhu Advance

Jason Chan (陳智燊) joined TVB in 2006, and was cast into his first major role in 2011’s Be Home for Dinner <誰家灶頭無煙火>. He is currently starring opposite Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) in the upcoming TVB drama Blissful Ferris Wheel <幸福摩天輪>. Standing next to Kate Tsui (徐子珊), this year is Jason Chan’s first year in the front row.

Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) successfully joined the show business after being crowned Miss Hong Kong 2011. Her first acting effort was in the 2011 crime drama film Turning Point 2 <Laughing Gor之潛罪犯>, portraying Francis Ng’s (吳鎮宇) girlfriend.

Rebecca soon replaced Fala Chen’s (陳法拉) role in the upcoming TVB grand production, Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles <名媛望族>, and is currently signed on for a major appearance in Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲宵2>. For this year’s anniversary celebration, Rebecca stands next to Ben Wong (黃智賢 ) in the second row. Rebecca is followed by Christine Kuo (苟芸慧), Edwin Siu (蕭正楠), Elena Kong (江美儀), Shirley Yeung (楊思琦), Patrick Tang (鄧健泓), and Kaki Leung(梁嘉琪).

Joey Meng and Alice Chan Join the Company

Currently filming for TVB’s comedy Cousin, You are Good <老表,你好嘢> with Roger Kwok (郭晉安) and Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍), former ATV actress Joey Meng (萬綺雯) announced earlier that she plans to film another 30-episode grand production for TVB. She is currently standing in the second row, after Pierre Ngo (敖嘉年), Nancy Wu (胡定欣), Mandy Wong (黃智雯), Lai Lok Yi (黎諾懿), and Natalie Tong (唐詩詠). Standing after Joey are Sire Ma (馬賽) and Kitty Yuen (阮小儀).

Unlike her ATV friends, Elena Kong (江美儀) and Joey Meng, who are standing in the second row, Alice Chan (陳煒) is currently standing in the third row, next to Eddie Kwan (關禮傑). When asked if she felt neglected by TVB, Alice said, “Nope! I have a lot of jobs!”

Joey admitted that she had met TVB’s boss Charles Chan, but she never requested to be put in the second row. She responded, “That’s not my style!” Asked if her goal is to stand in the first row, Joey immediately said, “I never thought that far! I’m realistic!”

TVB Lacks Starpower?

In the last few years, many TVB stars left Hong Kong to target the mainland Chinese market, resulting in TVB finding ways to scrounge for new faces. Many of TVB’s previous “second-line” artists, such as Ruco Chan, Selena Li, Jason Chan, and King Kong, have now advanced to the first row.

Sandy Yu’s (余詠珊) favorites, such as Kaki Leung and Priscilla Wong (黃翠如), have also received special attention. Kaki stands in the second row, while Priscilla, the lead actress in TVB’s upcoming drama, Heart Road GPS <心路GPS>, is standing in the center of the fifth row.

Detailed Standing Positions

As with previous years, Liza Wang (汪明荃), Carol Cheng (鄭裕玲), Eric Tsang (曾志偉), and Nat Chan (陳百祥) are secured in the center of the first row. Eric Tsang is followed by Moses Chan (陳豪), Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), Raymond Lam (林峯), Fala Chen (陳法拉), Michael Tse (謝天華), Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣),Ron Ng (吳卓羲), Kate Tsui (徐子珊), and Jason Chan (陳智燊).

On the left of Nat Chan, are Roger Kwok (郭晉安), Wayne Lai (黎耀祥), Nancy Sit (薛家燕), Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Susanna Kwan (關菊英), Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), Selena Li (李詩韻), Raymond Wong (黃浩然), Aimee Chan(陳茵媺), Alfred Hui (許廷鏗), and King Kong (金剛).

Wu Fung (胡楓) stands in the center of the second row, sandwiched between Kristal Tin (田蕊妮),Sammy Leung (森美), Amigo Choi (崔建邦), and Ben Wong (黃智賢) from the left and Louis Yuen(阮兆祥), Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍), Johnson Lee (李思捷), and Evergreen Mak (麥長青) from the right.

Source: ihktv.com

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329 TVB Artists Gather for 45th Anniversary Promotion

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  • 6 comments to 329 TVB Artists Gather for 45th Anniversary Promotion

    1. hihi says:

      Myolie is now the new big sister. Good. Way to go.

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    2. sandcherry says:

      Neither Tavia Yeung nor Myolie Wu is my favourite actress. Their acting is not good enough to be my favourite actress. Sheren Tang is my favourite actress with her excellent acting.

      I look forward to watching “War & Beauty 2” as there will be Sheren Tang, Ada Choi and Moses Chan. All these 3 artistes are very good in acting. I just hope that the storyline will be good with grand palace-setting scenes and costumes.

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      • sandcherry replied:

        Moreover, I don’t care who is the # 1 sister in TVB as neither Myolie Wu nor Tavia Yeung can be a good mentor. Their acting skills are not great, how can they teach young artistes. They may be able to share their long-time service with TVB and the “so-called” experience in acting many dramas series, but not good acting experience. Sheren Tang, Louise Lee, Michelle Yim and Ada Choi can be mentors, but not Myolie Wu or Tavia Yeung.

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    3. HeTieShou says:

      I have not seen such a big group photo of the TVB artiss for a long long time. It is great to see it again but sadly, many have left the last time I saw the photo from the other past anniversary shows… I guess times have changed and nothing can ever remain the same as the same people cannot always be together…

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    4. Fox says:

      @ HTS, since it comes to page 2, it’s hard to follow so I reply you here :D.

      Michelle and Myolie wasn’t as close as Michelle + Rain, LF (best friends to her – she still put a pic of Eternal Happiness when LF piggybacked her at home). TY and Ron were in her list of friend. I don’t rmb I’ve seen Myolie. However now only 2 are kept. It’s sad that she was kind of ignored by some Txb artists, even some worked with her before. But recently, she has a pretty successful career without Txb.

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      • Fox replied:

        @ swtlav3ndar: Thank you. I wonder it’s really that hard to understand what I’ve said about the conflicts. I even wrote that I don’t have plan to convince them to blv but only wanna state the fact?

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