Twins: “We Never Thought About Breaking Up”

Famous Cantopop duo Twins talked about their close relationship in a radio interview recently, and admitted that they have never thought about breaking up.

Twins, which consist of 34-year-old Gillian Chung (鍾欣潼) and 32-year-old Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍), debuted on May 18, 2000 under EEG. They released their first EP, self-titled Twins, in August 2001, and sales went platinum on the first week of release. For seven years, the duo remained to be one of Greater China’s best-selling and most popular music acts. However, their career reached a halt in 2008, when Gillian had to suspend all her activities due to her involvement in a sex photo scandal.

Two years later, the two girls reunited for their tenth anniversary concert in Macau and released their tenth anniversary album, 3650, the following year. In 2012, they released their eleventh full-length Cantonese studio album 2 Be Free.

Currently working on their new studio album and celebrating their 15th debut anniversary, Twins opened up about the trials and tribulations that they have faced in the last 15 years. Although the duo are as close as real sisters, Gillian did reveal that they once fell into a cold war, but in order to protect the group, they had to hold in their anger.

“Twins never thought about breaking up,” said Charlene. “I even tried consulting our fortune in Buddhist temples, and they all said Gillian and I are fated to be together.”

As both have experienced failed relationships, Gillian and Charlene both agreed that it is much easier to have sisters than it is to have boyfriends—it is easier to talk about everything to sisters and best friends, while it is much harder to do the same thing with a boyfriend.

Gillian also shared that when Charlene lost the Best Actress award to Vicki Zhao (趙薇) earlier this year, she immediately called Charlene to give her words of encouragement and support. However, Charlene only replied with, “I’m very hungry.” Gillian praised Charlene to be a strong woman who rarely talks about her love life. Both Charlene and Gillian can understand each other with just one look of an eye.


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