A Glimpse Into Jinny Ng’s $20 Million Home

Jinny Ng’s (吳若希) daughter Giselle turned three on April 24th, but one birthday party for her favorite human in the world just wasn’t enough for the singer. Being stuck at home and with nowhere to go due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Jinny decides to stay put and do celebrations two days in a row.

Earlier, Jinny and her husband, Macau-born Alex Ho (何兆鴻), recently moved into a new in place in Yuen Long, which is currently worth HK$20 million in the market. With spacious living areas and ceiling-to-floor windows that look over rivers and mountains, Giselle has a perfect amount of space for movement and play.

“Today is Giselle’s birthday,” wrote Jinny last week. “Can’t take her to the amusement park, so that’s why [we’ve] decorated the house like this.”

Jinny shared more photos of Giselle, writing, “Watching how you transformed from being a little  rice ball to a little girl is a strange feeling. I don’t know if you understand what a wish is, but your mother helped you make a wish. I hope you will continue to be healthy and happy. I wish that you will grow to become a person with a kind heart, that you’ll grow, but don’t grow tall too quickly! Maintain your chubby cheeks and long legs! Your mother really, really loves you!”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. While Hana seem to be suffering financially during the covid crisis… Jinny on the opposite seem to be not the issue at all.

    1. @vodka well that’s because Jinny married into the rich family so of course she has no issues right? Hana can’t compared with Jinny unless Hana have a rich husband also. If it’s the other way round then I’m sure Jinny will go through whatever Hana go through.

  2. i read that jinny came from a poor family. she’d be suffering too if it wasn’t for her husband. does anyone know the background of her husband. where did the $$ come from? he’s a ho from macau, related to stanley?

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