Aaron Kwok and Anna Kay’s Relationship Remains Ambigious

Months after breaking up with longtime girlfriend Lynn Hung (熊黛林), 47-year-old Aaron Kwok (郭富城) has been involved with several women. Following his rumors with TVB artist Christine Kuo (苟芸慧), Aaron is now reported to be dating 24-year-old mainland Chinese model Anna Kay (葉熙祺), also known as AK. Spotted entering Aaron’s residential building on several occasions, is AK his new girlfriend?

Aaron’s interest in supermodels is well known, and AK suits his tastes perfectly. Last month, reporters spotted AK entering Aaron’s home on Tai Hung Road, where she stayed for the next 30 hours. Aaron called the police to deflect the paparazzi.

AK Admits Relationship?

In an interview with a tabloid magazine, AK indirectly admitted her relationship with Aaron. She was quoted saying, “I am in a stable relationship with a stable boyfriend. We’ve been dating for half a year.”

AK reportedly denied her relationship with Aaron as being just a physical fling, stating, “I am unwilling to accept that [kind of relationship]. It’s not like what the rumors say at all.” Asked why she initially chose to keep the relationship private, AK explained, “We want to maintain a low profile! We are very serious. He also gave me a ring and proposed to me!” Was it Aaron who suggested keeping the relationship a low profile? “He doesn’t like to talk about his private life. Whether he chooses to make it public, I will respect his decision!”

Marriage in Two Years?

AK and Aaron reportedly met through a mutual friend last year. AK said, “It was love at first sight. Both of us love cars, and that was our common ground. When I met him, I was pretty sure he was single.”

AK professed that she did not mind their 23-year gap. She believed that love has no boundaries. AK said, “I always liked the mature type… he’s not really like what you guys think he is. He is mature, but he can also be like a child. He really knows how to please others; he’s always giving people gifts.”

AK added, “He has a great body. When he’s on stage, he is god-like. In private, he is very humorous. He cares for his family and his other half.” AK expressed she hopes to marry Aaron within two years. “But my career just started. As for marriage, I will respect my boyfriend’s decision. He’s a very private person. Maybe we’ll get married elsewhere.”

AK Responds to Rumors: “Please Stop!”

Currently in Taipei, AK countered the latest news report in which she was quoted as indirectly admitting her relationship with Aaron. AK said the tabloid twisted her statements with false information. “I beg you guys, please stop making things up! I can vouch with my honor that I never spoke those things! Do you guys really want me to go crazy?”

AK added on her Weibo blog, “I did do an interview, but that was not how I answered the questions. I only responded ‘yes’ (on receiving a present), but I never answered what I received. I love Hong Kong, but does the Hong Kong press have to operate like this? All I request from you guys is to not harm my friends!”

Aaron, currently in Shanghai, also responded on the rumors, “Regarding the recent ridiculous reports that have been coming out one right after another, I really don’t want to respond to them because I don’t want a nonsense and false report to turn into a long novel. I understand that these are the rules of the game in the entertainment circle, but there is a limit where things should stop.”

Source: Oriental Sunday #821 via ihktv.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. “AK expressed she hopes to marry Aaron within two years”

    That’s it. Aaron just phoned her to say her contract is terminated. He is now on the lookout for another who has no marriage in sight.

    Haven’t these girls learn from past mistakes? Never ever say you want to marry him, maybe then he may date you longer.

    1. Absolutely correct. These young girls don’t have brain. A 23-years gap. Lol, can be her father.

      1. I completely agree with you. This is showbiz. Well those young girls don’t have brain or what. Or are they too desperate to get famous that they will do anyghing. One advice for them work hard to earn money and fame

  2. Can’t fault the guy for getting all these young pretty girls. He is handsome, rich, famous, and in top shape. He deserves to them all.

    1. haha, i do have to agree @46 yo he is still looking FINE…LOL…

  3. The creep likes them young cause they are stupid not mature.. Easy prey!!!

    1. The normal young girls won’t go for older, fat, ugly, poor guys. However, the ‘smart’ ones would settle for the older, fat, ugly rich guys.

      1. And in Aaron’s case, that guy is miles better than any 20 or 30 year olds out there.

    2. I completely agree with you. Those girls are not only young enough to be his daughter. They r both blind. One is rich, desperate for love. The other is stupid and greedy, desperate for fame and money.

  4. Aaron must be gay. i must avoid him afterward he pinch my buttock and bro.

  5. Okay, another young, stupid fame hungry seeker. He will enjoy the young flesh and then dump her. Wonder who is next. Anyone has clue?.

    Honestly, these young women need to wake up and avoid Aaron if they want a life as someone’s wife. He will enjoy their youth and outer beauty, and just like George Clooney, move onto the next young thing.

  6. But if they woke up, how will they become rich and famous? These new young women are always looking for an easiest and fastest way to gain popularity? That is to strip and cause controversies. Then they act like they are the victim wanting people to feel sorry for them. They are a disgrace to be called a woman.
    Why don’t they just work hard on their own in stead of causing controversies? I don’t understand.yes u can become famous by causing scandals but then what.

    1. 1000% agree w/you but lots of women in showbiz are like this. But you know what, at least @ 47 Aaron Kwok still looks like he’s got it you know what i mean? I was on another article about Isabella Leong or some other last name and she is an obvious golddigger who popped out 3 kids since at 19 or 20 and someone says i am jealous of her ‘GOOD FORTUNE’ just b/c i said she’s an obvious golddigger haha LOL…EXACTLY…it’s such a disgrace and shameful but that commentator calls it good fortune. I mean that dude is at least 20 something years older and hes OLD and UGLY so imagine that. For this young thing, probably same situation, YOUNG, NOT FAMOUS so the easiest and fastest is a rich older man. Aaron Kwok, even thou it’s kind of weird b/c come on he’s 20 something years older but for a golddigger she probably thinks she hit the jackpot? ahha… LOL…

    2. @Cherry, notice I said, if they want to be someone’s wife, they need to avoid Aaron Kwok. I was referencing to what Anna Kay said about getting married to Aaron. Do not twist the meaning of my comments. Thank You.

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