Aaron Kwok is a Changed Man After Having Daughter, Chantelle

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Aaron Kwok is a Changed Man After Having Daughter, Chantelle

After getting married to Mainland Chinese model Moka Fang (方媛) last year and welcoming their new baby daughter Chantelle, Aaron Kwok‘s (郭富城) free time revolved around his new family. Even when he is not with Moka or Chantelle, any mentioning of his daughter would make the 52-year-old break into a big smile.

Aaron has shown he is a changed man after becoming a father. When he traveled outside of Hong Kong for work earlier, Aaron was seen relaxing at a nightclub afterward. He refused to touch alcohol and stayed quietly to himself the entire night, a complete 180-degree turn from his old playboy self.

Chantelle is a Cutie 

Since the birth of Chantelle, the couple has been careful in protecting their daughter’s privacy and rarely took her outside. However, during the Lunar New Year holiday, the family was photographed visiting Moka’s parents at a hotel. Moka tightly held onto Chantelle, who at five months, possessed large round eyes and a pointed noise, resembling both her parents.

Since this was Aaron’s first Lunar New Year with Chantelle, he has already been taking her to family and friends to collect red packets. He also bought his daughter a small bag for her to put the money in, and taught her how to do little hand gestures when asking the elders for red packets.

Source: East Week

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    1. cutie777 says:

      Wow it’s about time that we all get to see Aaron Kwok daughter she definitely looks like Aaron especially she’s got his nose. Moka looks a bit like Cecilia Cheung on the picture above I really thought it’s her when I first saw this article.

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      The baby actually reminds me of Re Yizha, who starred in Tribes & Empires: Storm of Prophesy. Resemblance is uncanny in this pic.

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