Aaron Kwok Pays for Lynn Hung’s Big House

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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and model, Lynn Hung Dai Lam, have been dating for the last four years. Last year, rumors circulated that Aaron cheated on Lynn with Mango Wong Sau Lam. Despite this, Lynn and Aaron remained a close couple. The media has even nicknamed Lynn as “Sing So” (Aaron’s wife).

Aaron appeared to be an attentive boyfriend. During Valentine’s Day, Aaron revealed that he bought Lynn flowers and they went out for a hot pot dinner. The normally low-key couple seems to be publicizing their relationship more prominently lately.

Since dating Aaron, Lynn has surged from a little-known Nanjing model to a top model in Hong Kong. She often has cameo roles in movies and her recognition have surged in recent years. Allegedly at a recent Italian jewelry promotional event, Lynn was treated very well by the staff in attendance. Meanwhile, other models such as Ana R., Jessica C. and Jocelyn were treated with less care. Since no one was paying attention to her, Jocelyn even laid down on the floor to take a brief nap while backstage.

Recently, Lynn also moved from a smaller apartment to a 1,000 square feet home located in Tai O. Allegedly, Aaron was paying for the rent of the luxury home. When reporters asked Lynn whether Aaron was paying for the rent, Lynn widened her eyes and denied the rumor.

Source: Tom.com

Jayne: Lynn and Aaron make a good looking pair. Do you think long-time bachelor, Aaron, will follow Leon Lai’s footsteps and get married soon? Do you think Lynn will become the next Gaile? Leon seems to be more bold in his relationship choices…

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  1. j00ky says:

    or maybe they are already secretly married? lol

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  2. Akimi says:

    She looks extremely red in the photo above.

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  3. Angie says:

    She has so much work done on her face, it’s uncomfortable to look at. She had her eyes widen, narrowed the nose, puffed up the lips and ballooned up the cheeks

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