Ada Choi and Max Zhang Welcome Their First Son

Congratulations to Ada Choi (蔡少芬) and Max Zhang (張晉) on their third child!

Today, Max announced they welcomed the arrival of their baby boy on November 15. He excitedly shared a family photo and a picture of the baby’s hand on Weibo, and wrote, “Both mom and son are safe. Welcome Le’er Zhang (張樂兒) to the Zhang family. We have safely returned home!”

When the media reached out to Ada, she shared, “The baby weighs eight pounds and two ounces. He is very healthy. My husband followed me to the delivery room and cut the umbilical cord; he is taking care of me.”

Ada and Max got married in 2008, and they have two daughters – Zoe, eight, and Chloe, six. When Ada announced her third pregnancy at the beginning of this year, Max could not conceal his excitement and worked hard to take care of his wife and household affairs.

Although Ada was shocked at first because she had to re-learn how to take care of a baby, she forgot her worries once she laid her eyes on him. “I was moved to tears. I’m so grateful and excited, thank you heaven for gifting me this valuable treasure,” she expressed.

The actress added that her daughters already love the baby. “He will happy to be in this family,” she said with a smile.

Earlier, Ada said of her unplanned pregnancy, “This is enough for me. There aren’t enough arms [to hold more babies], my husband needs to use one arm to hold me, so I will ‘seal my belly’ after giving birth to this one.”

“Actually, I ‘sealed my belly’ six years ago. This is a grateful accident,” Ada revealed. “I will not cut down my workload even with one more child, so you can approach me with job offers!”

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  1. Regardless of gender, I think it’s a blessing already to have a healthy baby at 46 yrs old! A baby boy is just icing on the cake, to celebrate a gender-balanced family.

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