Aimee Chan Not Afraid of Seven-Year Itch Because of One Thing

Yesterday, Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) attended the Italia Mia Festival as the official ambassador and revealed that she wants to go to Italy for her seventh wedding anniversary next year. She previously vacationed in Italy after she gave birth to her first son and for her fifth wedding anniversary. This time around, she would like to do two separate trips to Italy – once with her children and again with just her husband, Moses Chan (陳豪).

She explained, “I want to go to southern Italy because Italy is so big. We only get to travel for a week because we can’t be away from our children for too long.”

Traveling Keeps Her Marriage Alive

Although her sixth wedding anniversary with Moses was on June 11, they couldn’t celebrate it together as she went back to Canada with her children while Moses was busy filming. “We go on a romantic trip every year, but we can only go if he doesn’t need to film,” Aimee shared.

When reporters asked if she was afraid of the seven-year itch, Aimee immediately said, “No, no, no. Honestly, it’s because we have at least one romantic trip every year. It’s really important for us because we’re really busy and we have three children, so we hold our kids’ hands more than we hold each other’s.”

She continued, “We don’t have much time to go on dates – our romantic trips are when we can really spend time together. It’s important that we create new memories, so we tend to pick places that we’ve both never been to and it’ll be a new experience for us both.”

Her Kids Love Chinese Tradition and Culture

To celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival tomorrow, she said that she would cook at home and her children will make lanterns at school. “Although I don’t really know [Chinese traditions], we really want our children to learn them,” Aimee revealed. “I bought an English book on Chang-o and they really like it. My eldest son wants to see it a few more times. They also really like Chinese drawings and my daughter gives her stuffed animals Chinese names.”

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    1. @miyabi Not just Moses…lol..They are match made in Heaven both humble-brags. haha lol… I stumpled upon videos of her being hounded by reporters in the airports and she’s always mixing in ENG/CHI like no one knows she’s a CBC? lol….I always find it a bit odd & disrespect where they go full sentences in Eng and then back to cantonese like they can’t speak proper chinese. If you are in back in your Canadian soil blabber way in your fluent english. lol…Nicholas Tse speaks fluent English as well and I never hear him mixing eng/canto like that unlike the CBC actress groups. lol..I find them annoying period I don’t know why. haha

      1. @wm2017 idk why you would find it disrespectful bc theyre speaking 2 languages. Maybe that’s what their comfortable with/used to. Im raised in US but my first language is Canto. I think how people speak reflects their mind in the sense that, you have a thought in English, so you say it in English just because it’s easier. And if you have a thought in Canto, you say it in Canto instead of having to go through the process of translating that thought in your mind before saying it. It’s much easier

      2. @wm2017 sometimes i mix languages too because my cantonese and chinese suck. i don’t know the words to certain things i want to say. i’m annoyed with myself sometimes too. apologies. ^^ i do understand your feelings though, but not all actresses are like aimee. for example eliza sam, and grace wong, i’ve never heard them hear switching to english often. so i guess when they talk they’re more pleasant to the ears. the language thing aside, i’m just sick of aimee and moses always over-expressing their loooove for each other. like???? why try so hard to convince other people they’re soooo very in love? i don’t see tavia and her husband doing that, in fact i don’t see other couples doing that. but aimee and moses, lol, i feel they are over-compensating. do i wanna know where they go for vacations or what the hell they’re doing with their kids? do i really need a jaynestar article for those things? sheesh. “omgerd we’re going to italy for their wedding anniversary!! we’re keeping the lurve alive, we’re so in lurve! we absolutely trust each other!! moses will never cheat!!” lmao. never say never, gurl. i’ll also never forget the crap moses did to bernice, pretending to act like a victim after they’ve broken up, as if bernice wasn’t hurt, too. lol. what kind of “good man” would pull that kind of stunt? i don’t know why some women sees their husbands as a perfect catch. no woman is perfect, what more to say a man.

      3. @miyabi eliza sam & and grace wong – yes, you are absolutely right…these 2 from the V club as well as the short one’s wife forgot her name lol…& the Christine one I never heard them switching back & forth either. V club Linda Chung also switching from full on english mode in a few sentences then chinese the next minute..not just single words mixing here and there like we would but full on sentences in eng and suddenly in chinese esp the clips when she had her shotgun marriage. How she knew hes the one from day # 4 was it of dating and it’s not fast it’s perfect timing they dated for a LONG time?? hahaa ok .. Anyway, I am not certain of who broke up w/whom on this Moses situation w/Bernice Liu? idn’t ppl always say it’s the girl breaking w/the dude cuz she’s looking for bigger fishes? haha Not that I care since I never like any of the 3. lol If I have to pick, Bernice seems ok. I never find her annoying at least.
        lol…..Also, I understand what you are saying “NEVER SAY NEVER” and never praise too much. Remember that Michelle Ye last year or so praising on the ex bf like there’s not a better human being in this world. Look what happened to that. I remember Sandra Bullock also thought the rocky crappy looking ex hubby was the best and look WTH happened to that. It’s crazy. haha lol…

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