Aimee Chan Receives Birthday Wishes from Moses Chan

Birthday girl, Aimee Chan Yan Mei appeared at a promotional event today. Appearing excited and lively, Aimee indicated that she will have a pizza party to celebrate her 30th birthday.

Did Aimee invite rumored boyfriend, Moses Chan Ho, to the pizza party? Aimee replied, “No!” (Did he wish you have a Happy Birthday?) “Yes! He sent me a text message. We are only friends. I will place my work as my first priority!”

Source: Orientaldaily

Jayne: Happy Birthday to Aimee! The more I look at Aimee now, the more similarities I see in their facial features….


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  1. she doesn’t have to invite because he will know to come!

    i don’t think Aimee looks like Bernice? they are both unique in own ways. i don’t believe he can date her purely out of resemblance of another person no matter what some nosy insiders claimed he said to them. if so, he would go for Oceane Zhu, she looks more like Bernice than Aimee. if his past relationship didn’t work out, shouldn’t he stay away from somebody that reminded him of the past? its what i would do. what i like to say is both Aimee and Bernice are individuals, hope ppl respect them like that.

    the only similarity that i see between Bernice and Aimee is they are both big boned girls. Moses like meat on his girls. he gets props for that. they don’t look like walking corpses.

    1. I can’t really see that Aimee is big-boned, but one of the biggest reason why I was never a fan of Bernice was due to her big-bones. While she looks gorgeous as a model or a spokesperson for a cosmetic brand, I cannot see her paired up with most TVB actors. They just don’t look compatible. Sadly, I didn’t realize she does look compatible with Moses until they’ve broken up. I believe they met during the filming of Love Bond (or is it Healing Hands?), but I didn’t care for their characters much and didn’t find them cute back then.

      But yes, besides Bernice’s imperfect Cantonese, her big-boned figure is also not something that looks desirable to me. Lately, her face has been a distraction while watching her sitcom, Show Me the Happy. I hope it’s only her hairstyle or character that I don’t like, but something about her face bothers me too.

  2. Is it me or does Aimee have horrible make-up in the above photo? I’m glad she is a bit more dressed up in the above photo as her sense of style is usually all over the place. She shows up in jeans more than anything.

    1. Horrible make up. Her faces looks oily and spotty. I am sure she has better complexion than that.

    2. I’d still hit it :p

      I’m digging her with short hair and the laid back style. No more uppity princess-sickness g/f for Moses.

  3. She’s looking good for a 30 year old. i like her short hair. bernice and aimee does not even look simialr. what is the secret for having very nice skin? i know a lot of hong kong actresses have skin like a egg white. or is it because of their makeup color? i used to use a brightening cream which actually did work but they don’t sell them anymore. i want a more even complexion and get rid of my dark circles. i just can’t seem to find anything that works. i don’t wear makeup at all. someone please help me!!!

    1. @Samche,
      Have you ever used BB cream? Usually I get them at the cosmetic stores that sell Korean makeup lines. It’s a great alternative to using foundation and powder. It instantly makes my face lighter in a natural way and adds some shine to it. As for dark circles, a good concealer that matches your skin tone would work best.

    2. @Samche,
      Sadly, nice skin is based a lot of times on genetics too. There are some people that don’t do much but still have nice skin, while there are others that have to use this and that to get a decent complexion. There are some people that need to use a lot of stuff in order to look good too. I don’t wear make up at all and am not allowed to. My mom would just freak out and make up damages your skin.

      About bbcream, IF you don’t wear make up(I refuse to wear any form of make up too since it will damage your skin in the long run)then I suggest that you not use that since that is a form of make up that you will need to remove at the end of the day. Since I also don’t wear any form of make up, I suggest that you use Olay skin products. That is what I use since it is affordable and works well. THey also have a big variety of products and many lines for you to use. But don’t use them every single day unless you really need to. I personally only use them 1-2 times a week(besides the SPF cream since I have light skin and need the UV protection from the sun) since it is not good to use skin care too much.

      I didn’t know that Aimee is younger than me. She looks more mature than I do though…

  4. not a great actress. Mosses chooses the wrong girls.

    1. Not that it’s a proven fact that they are together anyway. But it’s his choice who he chooses and how can we say they’re the wrong girls for him when he knows whats best for himself, right?
      I’m not digging the flying short highlighted hair that Aimee’s sporting now, but it’s probably just a bad picture. I haven’t seen her recent works so I don’t know if her acting or Cantonese has improved. I didn’t realize she’s already 30. She looks good for her age…

      1. Yeah it’s hard to believe she’s 30 when she hasn’t been in the industry for long. But then again she was 25 when she entered her first beauty pageant, which is pretty old since most girls enter at the age of 18 or 19.

        I think her Cantonese has improved heaps and wish TVB would give her more mature roles.

      2. The first work I’ve seen of her was Burning Flame 3. Her acting is raw but adequate for a newbie and she suits her character in this drama. She has a likeable presence.

        The second time I saw her is in Every Move you Make. She’s still likeable. There’s not much acting improvement but she seems more comfortable onscreen and less raw.

        Her Cantonese will get better after more series.

      3. @ Masaharu… her Cantonese still has not improve by a mile.

    2. Does her acting do anything with her personality? Moses if dates, dates her as a girl, not an actress.

      1. Yes, ONCE again. Moses have poor taste on choice a girl.

      2. Alright. However, if Moses dates Aimee, that means he can see something in her that you can’t see.

  5. She does not look 30 at all. I thought she was in her early 20s.

    1. Who? Aimee? 30?! Wow! She looks very youthful!!

      Does she like coffee???

  6. Aimee has a very adorable smile. Not many actresses can smile naturally like her now. I’m talking about the botox.

  7. At a glance, I think Aimee resembles Janice Vidal (卫兰)….of course, both gorgeous gals have own specialty!! I have seen Aimee played the role of police in a tvb series,,,thumbs up. good acting and sweet smiles. love her eyes too! mesmerizing~!

    1. Yeah kinda true.. at a glance especially when Aimee smiles. Although her cantonese isnt perfect but i really enjoy watching her act, it seems very natural. She has a very pleasant face too look at. Kinda jolly but it’s all good.

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