Aimee Chan Shares Photo of 16-Year-Old Self, Gains Praises

On August 6, 38-year-old Aimee Chan (陳茵媺), took to Instagram to share a student picture of herself from 22 years ago. Netizens not only praised the mother of three for barely aging, but they also complimented her daughter Camilla for taking after mommy.

In addition to the photo, Aimee wrote a message to her 16-year-old self. “What will you tell your 16-year-old self if you went back and saw her?” she asked. “I will choose to say, ‘Don’t worry… your dream does come true, but now you got kids, you just need to work a little harder to push it to the next level.’”

Netizens chimed in and assured 16-year-old Aimee that she would marry a good husband bring three angels to the world. Others couldn’t help but admire Aimee’s ageless face, and said, “You have always been such a pretty girl. Your daughter looks so much like you.”

To keep up with her looks, Aimee often exercises – namely yoga to help shed weight, tone her body, and relax from stress accumulated from child-rearing. She is also a vegetarian, but she started eating meat again during her three pregnancies to provide more nutrients for her babies, as well as drink pig liver water, chicken soup, jujube water, and eat fish maw while she was breastfeeding. However, once her children quit breast milk, Aimee reverted to a vegetarian menu and slowly adapted her original diet.

Despite having reduced her workload and public appearances since she gave birth to three kids in three years, she’s still in a great condition. Aimee managed to maintain her youthful appearance and is in great shape despite having given birth to three kids.

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  1. I kinda like and respect her as a mom. I’m glad Aimee recognized what she eats impact her kids and was reasonable enough to change for them. Both of them are lucky to have found and married one another. It’s too bad Moses isn’t aging well! Lol. I still can’t believe he started out as a model xD

  2. Their children are so cute. Aimee is also very cute.

    I just got around to watching Line Walker the Prelude and I never will understand how Moses was a model. In some scenes, he was attractive because his character was actually cooly intimidating. Others, he was so one note and looked miscasted.

    As actors, Aimee and Moses, have their misses but are overall watchable. I do admire their relationship. Very supportive of each other and loving.

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