Ali Lee Does Volunteer Work

Actress Ali Lee (李佳芯) has been staying productive despite the lack of work for the past several months. Aside from writing prose poetry, which she intends to publish sometime this year and release at a book fair, the 37-year-old has also been volunteering. With more time on her hands, Ali volunteered with the Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF to promote global health measures, disease prevention, and public health and safety practices. Sharing her volunteer experience on Instagram, Ali expressed that she gained many meaningful insights to life.

She wrote, “I had the opportunity to meet other volunteers and make home visits during this period. Every family has their own story, and interacting with them made me realize that the road has been tough for everyone. While helping others by giving them just a piece of mind and a few words full of warmth, I was also able to receive a lot more in return.”

Her post gained traction and received tons of supportive and motivating messages, praising her beauty and kindness. Netizens commented “She is what you call an unpretentious real goddess,” “Thank you for your physical support to children in need,” and “Indeed, it is more blessed to give than to receive, a saying that has been nurtured within us since young! Thank you, Ali, for always bringing us positive energy.”

Unfrozen by TVB?

It is said that good things come for good people, and Ali could see finally the light at the end of the tunnel after months of being frozen by TVB. Although the 37-year-old still does not have a filming project on hand, fans will soon be able to see Ali on the small screen again. Recently, TVB confirmed that Ali’s new drama Death by Zero <殺手> will air on June 29, a sign that TVB is starting to unfreeze Ali.

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  1. A true goddess!
    It’s been a long time since we’ve had a fadan that is super pretty, can act, and has a heart of gold.

    1. @bubbles23 Yes! Ali is also brave by speaking up during the time of protests. She’s def one of the few who didnt remain silent.

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