Ali Lee Feels Weary in Starting a New Relationship

Even though the signs were there that Ali Lee (李佳芯) and actor Danny Chan (陳炳銓) were having relationship troubles since last year, the pair did not clarify their status directly. Speculated to have been trying to sort out their 6-year relationship for a clean break, Ali only recently admitted that she is single.

Danny is now part of Ali’s past.

In May, tabloids claimed that Ali was fervently pursued by a 40-year-old wealthy businessman. He allegedly rented a snowmaking machine to surprise her with a White Christmas. The rumors were fueled by an old selfie on her Instagram which looked like Ali was standing in the snow.

Putting the rumors to rest, Ali clarified that the mystery man is actually a business partner. Since his company has a snowmaking machine, he had demonstrated it in front of her once. She did not expect her selfie would cause so many misunderstandings. Possessing a clear separation between work and her love life, Ali does not wish for the two to be muddled.

Admitting she currently has romantic suitors, Ali feels weary in starting a new relationship. “Getting into a new relationship would take time,” the actress admitted. Many people have been urging her to get married soon, but she feels that it is hard to find someone with similar values. At this point, even her family has given up on her!

After moving out from her previous shared apartment with Danny, Ali has yet to settle down in a more permanent home. She is still renting a service apartment in Hung Hom, while waiting for housing prices to drop before making the decision to buy.

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Ali Lee’s Relationship With Her Boyfriend is Past Saving

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  1. I said it before! she’s not the type to fall in love so easily, and her status as a leading actress is probably making it even harder to find a suitable partner.
    I hope to see a new drama from her soon 🙁

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