Ali Lee Has a New Rich Pursuer?

Although Ali Lee (李佳芯) and her long-time boyfriend Danny Chan (陳炳銓) did not make an official announcement, it is speculated that they have already broken off their six-year relationship since last year. Attractive and newly single, Ali is said to already have a wealthy pursuer.

When Ali moved out of their shared home and stayed at a hotel, Danny tried different methods to win back her affection. He tried using their beloved dog as an excuse to reach out and contact Ali, but their relationship has visibly cooled. Even on her days off, the 38-year-old actress opts to stay home instead of meeting up with Danny.

The latest developments claim that Ali is currently being pursued by a 40-year-old wealthy businessman, who is said to be putting in a lot of effort to gain her approval. Last Christmas, the businessman threw a big Christmas party at his home, and used a snowmaking machine to create a winter wonderland.

When reached for comment, the actress reply succinctly, “It’s not the truth, so there’s no need to respond.”

Sources: China Press; Yahoo

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Ali Lee Clarifies Her Relationship With Danny Chan

Ali Lee Breaks Up With Boyfriend

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  1. Even if true, doubt she’ll be swooned by the pursuer that’s trying to impress her with lavish stuff

  2. On a totally separate point – I am currently watching the Artificial Intelligence series. Ali is so good there. And she is so pretty and so natural (I mean, she’s a robot there, but she plays the role so well). Good job!!!

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