Ali Lee Breaks Up With Boyfriend

The actress had moved out of their shared apartment a few months ago.

Ali Lee (李佳芯) was found to have moved out of the Sai Kung bungalow which she shared with boyfriend of six years, now TV host Danny Chan (陳炳銓). With their relationship visibly cooling, the pair is speculated to have broken up.

Stuck it out through tough times

Though she was not professionally trained, Ali is one of the most versatile actresses to grace TVB dramas in recent years and clinched Best Actress with her role in Who Wants A Baby? <BB來了>. Despite the growing disparity between herself and Danny, the pair persevered through the negative gossip for years.

Ali had once shared that like Danny, she enjoys an uncomplicated lifestyle and loves nature, adding that it is not easy to find someone with the same mindset in the complex entertainment industry. In addition, her experience of having been cheated on by her ex-boyfriend shattered her confidence in relationships, thus she hopes that her other half could give her a strong sense of security.

Two years ago, Ali’s thriving career came to a standstill when her expression of her pro-democracy political stance caused her to lose prominent roles in four TVB dramas. Ever present, Danny supported her throughout this low tide in her life, and the couple built their love nest together, moving into a Sai Kung bungalow with an exorbitant monthly rental of $40,000 Hong Kong dollars, which was said to have good feng shui and helpful in reversing her career fortune.

Thereafter, Ali was cast as female lead of upcoming drama AI Rhapsody <智能愛(AI)人>. However, the actress was recently spotted having moved to a serviced apartment in Hung Hom and has not appeared at the Sai Kung bungalow in months, evoking rumors of a breakup.

Danny: “We Are Okay”

Asked about Ali moving away, Danny did not elaborate on details but explained that the the actress needed time to rest at her Hung Hom residence due to work. While Danny described their current relationship as “okay,” he could not give a straight reply when asked if he and Ali would be celebrating the upcoming festivities together, which seemed to hint at serious cracks in their relationship.

Without responding to media queries, Ali revealed her feelings in a recent social post, which read: “Even the most imperfect situations have passed. I will continue to find myself silently by having courage, continued faith, and loving well. It doesn’t need to be perfect, but hope to live with no regrets, and continue to move forward.”

Source: Oriental Daily 

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  1. I think Ali would’ve benefited from TVB acting/training class. She’s not as good as people say she is; the way she talks is like word vomit. And she can’t handle overly dramatic scenes (see: her yelling at Kenneth for exposing her diagnosis in the Big White Dual).

    1. @hazel I think many many TVB actresses could use an acting class before Ali is even considered as there are many more that are far worse — I don’t think word vomiting is a sign of an actress that needs work, it could be part of the personality of the character. In terms of big white duel, Ali’s character was an audience favourite so I think she did ok there. I like the way Ali approaches her acting, it is genuine and authentic.

      Anyways, that’s my two cents, completely respect your thoughts too.

    2. @hazel she did acting classes, twice, outside TVB actually.

      I love the way she handled all her past characters.

      Anyhow, acting is an art and thus as abstract as any form of art is. Art attracts different people in different ways, each of us just got to find the one that attract us most

  2. She should leave TVB and venture outside of their scopes to grow. Also she should continue to use her voice to promote democracy.

  3. She did not, at any time publicly, support any political views…All she did was to encourage voting and the impending voting was a call by the HK government. It was the Chinese netizens that naively read it as a call for democracy and a call to support the rioters.

    How is supporting the government calls for voting a call to support democracy or rioting?

    I went to read the original article, it said ‘ involves in political turmoil” and nothing about her taking a stance…I hope someone will correct the article here.

    1. @conan2209 It’s because those netizens are idiots… Ali is doing what she wants to do. It’s called freedom with what all sentient beings are given. Only idiots like the prc/ccp have no real brains and just want to cause drama.

  4. Ali is by far the best fadan TVB has at the moment…

    She is way ahead of all the other 1st line actresses ,

    Hope Ali finds her Mr Right soon..

  5. Ali always writes sentimental things on her instagram. I hope she finds a better one. With these two it always felt like if they weren’t gonna get married they were going to break up.

    1. @bubbles23 I wonder if there’s any truth bout the breakup.

      I would have thought she will be the one to have the lion’s share of the rental and thus makes more sense that he will move out if they breakup.

      If it’s true, guess he has not given her enough confidence, 6 years is a long time for any couple

      1. @conan2209 ohhh you’re right. I doubt Danny can afford the whole rent by himself. Tbf, for artistes six years may seem long to us but they probably rarely spend with their SO if they film 16 hours everyday for months on end. I wonder how easy it will be for Ali to find another guy as I feel like she’s not the type to easily fall in love.

  6. Hope they are just working things through. Cant help with the paps breathing down your neck.

    That rent cost though…double or triple what most would pay in the UK.

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