“The Republic” Star Danny Chan On What It’s Like to Date Ali Lee

“It’s like after eating a lot of MSG, you would just want to eat congee,” said Danny Chan (陳炳銓) when he was asked about his current relationship with TVB star Ali Lee (李佳芯). “We are long past the stage of wanting excitement in our relationship.”

From Behind-the-Scenes to TV Actor

Danny Chan was almost 30 years old when he made his debut as a television host for now TV. “I’m glad I was 29 years old when I debuted,” he said. “I’ve lived past the age of being impulsive. My income became steady. That wasn’t the case when I worked behind the scenes.”

With a degree in stage production, Danny actually started his career working behind cameras. Unfortunately, his income had gotten so irregular that he went on to pursue diamond wholesaling for a year, and even saved enough money to continue his education in England

“When I returned home, I only had a few hundred dollars left. I was still very young, so I could afford to lose. I was poor. Now, I am much more comfortable.”

Danny pursued acting full time after signing with Viu TV in 2015, appearing in dramas such as Showman’s Show <娛樂風雲> and The Republic <理想國>. Danny may still be a small supporting actor, but he has no interest in becoming a leading star.

“It’s satisfying enough for me to get cast in a fun role,” he said. “If I am lucky enough to get noticed by audiences, I will continue acting. I don’t have a big target, but I do have the urge to improve.”

On Dating Ali Lee: “She Knows What She Wants”

Danny has been dating TVB star Ali Lee for five years. Due to Ali’s popularity and leading fadan status, fans and netizens found their pairing to be odd. The media has referred the couple as “Beauty and the Beast.” Danny said, “It’s true that we’ve endured more stress about [our relationship] in recent years. People like to comment on whatever I do.”

With netizens referring Ali as the “goddess” of television, does Danny also see Ali as the goddess of his life? He laughed and said, “I usually see the tired side of her. She’s worked a lot in the past two years and her career is sailing. That’s why, during her down time, she’s just tired. We do mundane things together instead. We rest, listen to music, or watch a movie. Things that recharge us.”

Danny described Ali as someone who understands herself very well. “I know a lot of people, artists and non-artists alike, who have a lot of goals they want to achieve, but they are not goals  that they want. Maybe they would have go through various experiences to know what they actually want. She’s the exact opposite of that. She was very clear in the get-go. She knows what kind of life she wants. Because she’s so clear in what she wants, she would maneuver towards that direction in establishing her goals. That’s what I admire about her the most.”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. “It’s like after eating a lot of MSG, you would just want to eat congee,”….I have NO ideaw what that means…lol ….meaning he’s got even more colorful girls before now he’s ready for a plain one? hahaa.

    1. @wm2017 I think he means is that now that he’s older, he likes doing boring and small things with Ali and not need it constantly full of passion and excitement. A lot of times, couples in their twenties look for passion and excitement in relationships, like a hot burning fire that flares but can burn out quickly, but once they enter their thirties and beyond, they look for stability and comfort, like a slow burning flame that lasts long.

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