Ali Lee Turning to Feng Shui to Change Her Luck

TVB dropped Ali Lee (李佳芯) in a freezer after the award-winning actress made a controversial statement on social media last year. Unable to get casted and getting dropped from drama sequels, Ali had to rely on other methods to change her luck.

Fortunately for Ali, she is far from being down in the dumps. Dating former ViuTV artiste Danny Chan (陳炳銓) for six years, Ali has a strong support group and is living a life of relative peace. Ali has been using her free time to invest in new hobbies and interests, while Danny has been focusing on backstage work. Although Viu TV had decided to not renew Danny’s contract, he stayed amicable with his former agency, and has been working on backstage work for the station. He is still filming dramas and has started an acting class for rookies.

The couple has also been using their free time to look for new homes. They have reportedly moved to a new independent house in Sai Kung’s Baisha Bay, as the open space allows them to better raise their dog, Dau Sze (aka “soy”). The move was also said to be partially due to its exceptional feng shui location: as soon as they moved, Ali’s new drama Death By Zero <殺手> was lifted off of its soft ban and got a premiere date. The drama is currently airing on TVB.

A feng shui master said that Ali’s new location in Sai Kung is lucky for artistes. The space is surrounded by greenery and mountains, making it a lucky spot for money. “It’s a reason why many celebrities like to live in Sai Kung,” he said.

Source: Weekend HK

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  1. Does fengshui really work to improve one’s luck? Always read about HK celebs relying so much on fengshui, really curious.

    1. @pompidur
      I personally do not believe in it but my late father did which I found to be BS. He made many claims about it but none of it came true. The one thing I sort of believe in is the fortune one where you shake a container with many sticks and one falls out. My late mom and sister in law tried it and it was pretty accurate.

      1. @hetieshou yeah, one of my cousins really believe in fengshui and she and her husband consulted a fengshui master every year, but I really don’t see much change in their luck or success and those fengshui consultations aren’t cheap too!

        Ah, I know that one, but they always come in these ancient style poems and you need someone to interpret them

      2. @pompidur

        One of my cousins believes in it too. But she would not hire fengshui masters as they are mostly frauds. I do not see any luck in their lives. They are still the same…

        Have you tried that fortune stick game? Yes, those ancient style poems need to be interpreted those so called professionals. My late mom tried it for my late brother and it compared him to an ancient figure and his educational fate. It was very similar to my late brother. My sister in law tried it while in Hong Kong when she was unemployed and they said that she would get a job eventually but she needed to work hard for her money and it did not come easy. It turned out to be true.

    2. @pompidur
      i know the super rich asians believe in it more than others. i’ve heard that they flown feng shui masters out of the country to help w/ their home setup to improve luck. those asian people believes in the luck rather than accomplishments are made through hardwork and personality traits.
      look at the west, what are the biggest companies? who are the world’s richest? i bet you they don’t know anything about this nonsense. ultimately, it’s what people believe that things would work that bring success. people believe in fengshui, thus it worked. so does believing in god/onself/ideas etc.

    3. @pompidur I think there’s some truth to it. It’s harder for people to believe nowadays simply because we are living in the age of science. Hundreds of years from now, people will refer to us as the age of science because so much of our research and conclusions are based upon science to be deemed as “facts”. But we can’t completely discount everything people of the past has learned and believed in. For example, remember we still don’t know how the Egyptians built the pyramids based on the lack of technology they had. The world is made of atoms and molecules and energy. So there may very well be some truth and accuracy to the celestial methods people use to use.

      As for feng shui, I have personally tried it just for fun a long time ago. I have always had a knack for metaphysics. Anyway, I bought a pink crystal just for fun cuz I liked the way it looked. Then looked up on where to place it in the room to improve my love life. I was dating nobody at the time. In 1 week, I ended up dating 5 people at the same time! lol Coincidence? Maybe. Feng shui? Possibly. Maybe after doing this, I was more open to meeting people, thus, manifesting into more dating opportunities? Sure. But honestly, unlikely. I just placed it there and didnt think much of it. I only did it for fun. So who knows? There might be some truth to it. Just trying to keep an open mind.

    4. @pompidur it was said that Wayne Lai’s luck change with the fengshui. If we think about it, Wayne has been in supporting roles (and shining as one) for the longest time, something must have changed for him to become what he is now….

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