Ali Lee Remains Single for Christmas

Ali Lee (李佳芯), Ricco Ng (吳偉豪), Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤), Candice Chiu (趙希洛), and Tsui Wing (徐榮) attended the first promotional event for their new drama The Perfect Man <有種好男人>. Ali will portray Ricco’s mother and she shared that she was surprised and nervous when she first received notice, “I was like no way, him as my son? Not everyone can accept someone with a 17-year-old son.”

Ricco shared that there is inherent difficulty in portraying a 17 year old as he has a mature look. He had to rely on the styling team to help him appear as a convincing teenager. When asked if he was disappointed that he is playing Ali’s son instead of boyfriend, he replied, “We do have some hugging scenes, but her parenting style treats us like best friends.”

The drama is airing during the “cannon fodder period,” as it coincides with the Christmas holidays and many viewers are busy with celebrations. Ali did not seem too worried about the ratings, as she reasoned that there might be more people watching television since it is the holiday season.

However, Ali’s fans have been very upset at the broadcast date as it puts her out of the running for TVB Best Actress. Fans even called for her to leave TVB. Ali replied, “Because of this? It’s not worth it. This is really a small issue. My fans can be overprotective–they also worry about whether I eat enough or am dressed warmly.”

For Christmas, Ali already made plans with her family and and will  be going to music festivals to support her friends. However, she does not have any dates lined up and joked that she has “no market.” Reporters asked whether her rumored date with a male friend in Japan had scared away all the suitors, and she joked, “I can’t help it if they don’t approach me. Should I make a public announcement?”

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  1. Horrible title. What’s being single got to do with Christmas and what’s Christmas got to with being single. It’s a family occasion!

  2. Better be single that dating the wrong guy… having said that I am glad she has loved ones around her for CHristmas…as that is what the Christmas Spirit is about…

  3. I love Ali, but hate the way TVB has treated Ali since winning best actress,

    How the heck TVB cast Rico as a 17 year old & Ali as her mother

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