Ali Lee’s Short Film about Dementia to Be Released in September

While attending the recording for an episode of Dub-of-War <好聲好戲>, Ali Lee (李佳芯) shared that she is currently busy working on a side project, piquing the interest of fans. It turns out that the project Ali has spent the past year preparing for is a microfilm about dementia. The film is a charity project that aims to shed light and bring attention to the symptoms, treatments, and knowledge about dementia.

With the film premiering in September, Ali took to social media to promote it, “September 21 is World Alzheimer’s Day. This month, a short film I participated in will be airing. In addition to being an actress for this film, I also took on the roles of producer, director, and screenwriter. Because of the epidemic and the hope that this film will reach more people, it will be released online so that more people can access and watch it. This film will also be the first video on my personal YouTube channel. I hope that through this video, everyone can pay more attention to the needs of caregiver and those being cared for. See you all in mid-September.”

In the short film, Ali will portray the daughter of a man suffering from Alzheimer’s (Joe Cheung 張同祖). As the daughter, she will be his primary caretaker. Serving as director for the first time, Ali previously revealed that she consulted with her ex-boyfriend, Danny Chan (陳炳銓), who is also an experienced director. It was also revealed that her admirer, entrepreneur Mark Chan (陳恩德), had invested 300,000 RMB to support Ali’s meaningful project.

Source: HK01

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