Alice Chan Thinks Rebecca Zhu and Tony Hung “Just Lack Communication”

Wonder Women <多功能老婆> actors Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) and Tony Hung (洪永城) powered up gossip mills after Rebecca told the media that Tony had touched her more than she was comfortable with while doing intimate scenes. Although Rebecca was just sharing in jest, tabloids were quick to make headlines, blowing it out of proportion.

Although friendly with each other while on Wonder Women’s promotional tour last year, Rebecca and Tony’s relationship reportedly soured after those bold statements were published. Tony was angry with Rebecca for making it sound as if he was being inappropriate, and Rebecca ended up apologizing to Tony in private.

With news that TVB is working on a sequel for Wonder Women, a source claimed that the studio is considering to pull out either Tony or Rebecca in an attempt to quell down negativity. Rebecca said she hasn’t heard about a sequel, but stressed that she has no problems working with Tony again, referring to him as a friend.

Nonetheless Rebeca, who has been social distancing herself since completing her 14-day quarantine in Hong Kong, said she has no work lined up in the recent weeks. “But I am in talks for another drama, and to do a few films as well. I hope to maintain both.”

Reporters asked Alice Chan (陳煒), their costar in Wonder Women, about whether or not she believed that Tony was being inappropriate to Rebecca during filming. She said, “First off, I haven’t heard that we’ll be doing a sequel. Also, they probably just lack communication. I don’t think it’s a big deal.”

Shaun Tam (譚俊彥), who worked with Rebecca for The Stunt <特技人> and Forensic Heroes IV <法證先鋒IV>, said, “We are outsiders of the situation. Don’t want to say things and make it worse.”

Asking Shaun if he would be more careful with intimate scenes from now on, he said, “It’s important to communicate with your partner. Actually I remember there was a scene where [Rebecca] kissed me without asking me first, but that was to engage a surprise reaction. Honestly, as professional actors, you wouldn’t think about these things when you’re filming. As for whether or not [Rebecca and Tony] are friends in private, I have no comment.”


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  1. So she smeared his name publicly and apologised in private??? What lol. How is that appropriate? It’s like she was using him for publicity??? And yes, guy kiss girl suddenly for filming to get a surprise reaction is not ok, but ok if girl is doing it first???? I don’t trust this actress

    1. @littlefish
      Rebecca like many other attractive people may think that giving a stranger man a surprise kiss is giving him a gift and if a man did the same them to her then it would be inappropriate behaviour. Tony likely the victim here..

  2. Maybe it’s good she doesn’t have any dramas lined up. Her acting is terrible and she has a permanent stressed face whenever the camera is on her.

    Watching her in FH4 has been so painful.

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