Tony Hung and Rebecca Zhu May Drop Out of “Wonder Women” Sequel

Rumor has it that TVB has already quietly started work on a sequel for Wonder Women <多功能老婆>, and the studio has called back its main cast, led by Miriam Yeung (楊千嬅) and Pakho Chau (周柏豪), to return for the sequel.

But it was reported this week that not everyone’s returning.

Playing husband and wife on the show, Tony Hung (洪永城) and Rebecca Zhu’s (朱晨麗) chemistry was well-received, but their off-screen relationship reportedly soured after Rebecca told the media that Tony made her very uncomfortable on set by being touchy with her on set, and even kissed her without permission. Not wanting to blow the situation out of proportion with more words, Tony chose to stay quiet.

When producer Ella Chan (陳寶華) reached out to Tony about the sequel, Tony reportedly declined the offer. Rebecca allegedly called Tony two times to apologize about speaking so casually to the media, but Tony was firm in his decision to step away from the sequel, as he did not want to be “put on the table” again.

In regard to these rumors, Tony clarified, “We communicated before doing [the intimate scenes]. I have no idea why reports are saying that I was touching her!” Asking if Rebecca had called him to apologize, he admitted, “She did apologize, and also hopes that there won’t be more misunderstandings. (Do you think this will affect your career?) I have no comment. Facts speak louder than words. (Would you consider working with Rebecca again?) I’ll have the company decide on that, but in my opinion, I do believe that a man won’t stand behind a collapsing wall.”

As for the possibility of getting kicked out of the sequel, Rebecca said she will be waiting for the casting arrangements, “Every actor wants to do their best for their role, wants to do their best for the show. Everything I’ve said was true… I did call Tony. I knew he wasn’t happy so I tried to console him. I have no problem working with him again. There’s no ill-feelings!”


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  1. I saw the interview with Rebecca Zhu….even if she meant in jest…she shouldn’t have made the comment as it possibly could damage Tony Hung’s reputation…and if its true she should take it further officially.
    Is Tony Hung married?? Not surprised he has refused to take on the role in the sequel.

    1. @applelim
      I think Tony has a girlfriend but is not married yet. Rebecca sounds very annoying as if she wants to damage Tony’s reputation. Karma will bite her if that is her intention.

  2. I very like Rebecca Zhu at first. I’ll watch her every drama, news, appearance and shows. but now noway. I see her face also feel like want to phew. Words is so important. Mind your words u stupid Rebecca. Dont be Cyberbully or Wordingbully that will maybe make ppl to commit suicide like some Korean Top Artists. U nearly ruin Tony career. Don’t know why Forensic4 have u in. Make me and my family skip the drama. Shame on You Rebecca Zhu.

  3. She sounds like she’s all that! I haven’t been watching any of her new drama but I did like her old drama not sure the name of it the one has Tavia, Damien, Kenneth and Ron in it? It seems like every drama that comes out since last year are making a sequel are they really that good? How come they don’t make the sequel Highs and Lows? I really like that drama I think it’s very interesting.

    1. @cutie777 Oh that creepy series w/all those wives? I forgot the name but I didn’t like that series the guy was so old and all those women had intense kissing scenes w/him….awww kinda gross but I never like those genre/wife/mistresses story lines anyway. Never like this Rebecca Zhu either but it just shows you how desperate TVB is, letting anyone lead when they have a lack of. Highs and Lows was ok to watch as I like cop series but I wouldn’t want a sequel thou, it’s not interesting enough for a sequel IMO of course. :>

  4. I don’t get it. When the news of RZ came out confronting TH for taking advantage of her, everybody feel pity for her and scold at TH for taking advantage. I said I saw the movie and see nothing too extreme between them, on the other hand, I think they do really have great chemistry. Now this news come out, ppl start siding with TH and blaming RZ for ruining TH’s reputation. I already said, she might take it too seriously for saying that in the public but some ppl say she did the right thing otherwise he’s gonna do the same to other actresses. Well, now I guess any actors who play couple with her in the future have to be careful or else she’s going to be publicly offended them. Good for TH, he handle it perfectly right. He didn’t publicly explain cuz he doesn’t want thing to get nasty and be a man. He reject the sequel.

      1. @mike
        I was always on Tony’s side over this incident but I I like Rebecca loads more than Tony. Tony should only play sidekicks comedy relief rather than lead…

  5. Tony has been picked on pretty badly lately. First was the pinky joke, now a pervert. Either something really wrong with his character or a mild temperament

  6. Either his is a easy mark or really being too cordially with his co star ? Kinda of pity love to see them return as husband and wife for the sequel!

  7. Don’t think Wonder Women needs a sequel with its original cast. Miriam is way too prime for her character and was brutal to watch during her love scenes with Pakho.

    1. @jane626 I know. OMG…I love Pakho C but I couldn’t even surpass 1 or 2 episodes for him. Not sure why it’s popular I didn’t find it a tiny bit interesting not to mention the FL and the side characters. Esp Miriam Y? Gosh!!

  8. I am guessing that Rebecca Zhu’s mouth got ahead of her brain. She might even have thought it was funny. I doubt that it was malicious. Unfortunately the poor judgment on her part would cost her. The timing of “Wonder Woman” was really good in my view which probably helped with its popularity. It was aired in December (holiday mood, Christmas, school break etc) plus we were all staying in at that time to avoid the protest on the streets at that time.

  9. I agreed why are they making a sequel. I stopped watching after 2 or 3 episodes. All the characters are horrible especially Rebecca Zhu. She is loud and crass. I know she has improved a lot but you can tell she is not a native Hong Konger.

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