Tony Hung Upset by Rebecca Zhu’s Accusations

Playing a couple for the TVB drama Wonder Women <多功能老婆>, Tony Hung (洪永城) and Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) had to spend time together to build camaraderie and chemistry, but according to Rebecca, Tony got too comfortable too quickly.

While they did play husband and wife on the show, and shared quite a few intimate scenes, sometimes enough is enough. According to Rebecca, Tony would sometimes take the initiative to add kissing scenes off-script, and it was usually always without warning.

Rebecca said, “There was a time when he suddenly kissed me, and I didn’t know how to react. If the camera wasn’t rolling, I would’ve pushed him away.”

She also shared that Tony had added an additional scene of him touching Rebecca. “He looked like he was really enjoying it, but in my head I was thinking, are you done yet?”

Rebecca did not hide her shock with Tony’s behavior when the duo went on radio shows to promote the TVB drama. She had shared, “I was worried that the kiss would be too long, or that he would suddenly stick out his tongue. He can get pretty bold! That’s why before we do the scenes, I would bring in our producer, Ella Chan (陳寶華), to discuss with us on how to do the scenes. Even the producer told Tony Hung that he should calm down!”

Tony immediately turned red after Rebecca’s statements. Asking if he would like to defend himself with more clarifications, he said, “No. I don’t want to make matters worse.”

Though Tony and Rebecca remain courteous in public, rumors are saying that Tony has gotten upset with Rebecca for ruining his image, calling her a “big mouth.” Tony has been reached multiple times about these claims, but each time he would respond saying “no comment.”


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Tony Hung Upset by Rebecca Zhu’s Accusations

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  1. These comments are borderline career threatening so Rebecca maybe should have approached Tony privately if there was a problem.

    1. @jimmyszeto
      I agree that even though he was wrong to take advantage of her, she could have told him in private instead of saying it so publicly like this. His reputation will be ruined which will affect his career too.

      1. @hetieshou
        Yeh and since she is still attending events with Tony then I expect that there isn’t much of a problem between them. Voicing out too much about this subject may bring others to perceive Tony as a pervert…

      2. @jimmyszeto
        Exactly and now I do wonder if it is a ploy by TVB to promote the series? If she was that upset then she should stay as far away from him as possible.

      3. @jimmyszeto @hetieshou Come on, as if handling out of public wo t have it swept under the rug.

        Sexual harassment is rife in the industry and its because people dont speak up in the entertainment industry that it continues.
        If he did it, he deserves to have whatever consequence his career receives.

      4. @megamiaow
        Do you understand our comments? If Rebecca is seriously affected then she should make a complaint to TVB superiors or publically condemn him. Not this unprofessional way of mentioning everywhere she goes on public appearances. She probably is only jokingly scolding Tony in not doing again but this could spread quickly and ruin his career…..

      5. @jimmyszeto Yep totally understood, just dont agree. Complaining out of sight will get nowhere. Its mot her first day in the business, Im sure she understood what it means to point the finger about those things. So I would tend to believe her allegations are true enough for her to do it despite knowing what will happen to him. Obviously because she believes that he also fully deserves whatever the outcome is.

      6. @megamiaow
        I don’t think there will be anyone who agrees with you that it’s right to be on ok terms with a colleague but still go to public events with them and disgrace them.

      7. @megamiaow
        They have not fallen out. They were still attending functions together so basically you are saying it’s ok to badmouth a colleague you are still getting along with publically. I don’t think you have thought about our comments and just jumped on the feminist movement bandwagon as soon as you read the title of the article…

      8. @jimmyszeto Again, not said anything about how well they get along, if its ok or not ok. That is your beef. It simply does not bother me. I commented on not agreeing with dealing with everything out of sight.
        I guess Im on the feminist bandwagon because I replied in favour of a women in a sexual harrasment topic. Whats your bandwagon for replying in favour of the accused?

      9. @megamiaow
        Lets say it’s the opposite way round a male felt taken advantaged of by a woman. It’s the same logic! File a complaint or do nothing. I don’t need to care if it is male or female. It’s about fairness and benefit of the doubt. Both can be men if all i care! It’s people’s careers that are on the line. I like Rebecca a lot and do not like Tony whether it is looks or acting but this isn’t anything to do with it. We have seen plenty of careers affected in the past over certain issues, some fairly and some unfairly. We want to see punishment for ones who have done bad thing but also do not want good people having their career’s harmed….

      10. @jimmyszeto You say “feminist” like it’s some sort of insult. I think everyone should be a feminist. Everyone should want women to be treated equally as men. Everyone should want women to have their bodies and consent respected.

        Women are great at and expected to keep the peace. Being at the same function does not mean nothing happened. It just means she is doing her job.

      11. @potatochip
        If looking for equality then should not jump onto everything immediately assuming everyone is against women. Do you know how hard it is to even mention the word ‘female’ in a discussion when people jump all over you unfairly? In your case, you are also trying go further than just looking for equality and suggesting ‘ women are great at keeping the peace’. There is system for everything in society which is why bad people (male or female) should get charged and go to jail to face consequences. If Rebecca feels taken advantage of then she should file complaints or go to the press in a direct manner. She is obviously still on fine terms with Tony because they are attending functions together, there are still taking photos together to market as a couple for the drama. If Tony was intentional in his inappropriate acts then he should be punished, if not and forgiven then the issue should be passed. There shouldn’t be an inbetween when his career gets destroyed through rumours. Lets have fairness for both parties and not just one…..

      12. @jimmyszeto I didn’t say you were against women.
        I was asking about your negative usage of the word “feminist” and trying to have you clarify.

        Women are taught to not speak up. They are taught to forgive the cheating, abusive husband. They are taught to not make waves. That’s why I say they are great at keeping the peace. Remember, all wars are started by men. It’s a generalization, there are outliers, but that is the overall reality and culture.

        Unfortunately, women aren’t believed when they come forward in cases like these. See Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby and Larry Nassar. They are discouraged even by law enforcement not to come forward. These aren’t stories, they are real personal experiences that I have seen.

        It sounds like Rebecca did already make her feelings known to Tony. She even had a producer come in to keep him in check. But he continued to do whatever he wanted under the guise of being an actor.

        There is no point in going to the law with this. She has no proof. It’s only her words against his, and 99% of the time, she isn’t going to be believed. So she goes public. She has free speech. He has free speech. But she is definitely going to be risking her career more than harming his.

        She gave him a warning not to do it again. A strong public one since the private one did not help. Nothing is going to happen to him. They both know that. But she might have prevented him from doing this to another actress. The other victims of Harvey Weinstein probably wished someone did that too.

    2. @jimmyszeto nah.. I’m willing to bet that it’s scripted by TVB to get some attention. Rebecca been talking bout it since months ago till now. If she really troubled by it, she should lodge a report. And no one really cares about the news/complaint, hence have to bring in Jacqueline back into the scene to create more drama, but still no one really care. Should have focus on producing better shows, all they have noe is crap.

      1. @ak47
        I have a feeling you may be right as TVB is sinking ship, they are doing all
        they can to get attention. What a sad way to do so.

    3. @jimmyszeto She is just not professional. Kissing scenes are the usual things in drama or movies. If you cannot accept it, then just leave the industry. Last time charmaine sheh repeatedly kissing Raymond Lam on the bus, and Leanne Li repeatedly NG kissing Kevin cheng on the beach.

      1. @xrc56 Kissing is OK if there is consent, but that doesnt seem to be the case here. I’m pretty sure Rebecca wouldnt be complaining if she was told beforehand.

      2. @luye If the producer wants it, you have to do it also. Somemore it’s just on the cheek, not on the lips. Many other pretties on lips also had not complained yet. She just needs to be more professional. If it’s Andy Lau(young version)/Raymond lam/Matthew, I am sure she won’t complain like this.

      3. @xrc56 Here is an analogy. What if Tony stole $1000 from her? If she gave Andy Lau or Raymond or Matthew $1000, does it make Tony taking $1000 from her okay? No.

        Consent. It’s not that complicated.

      4. @potatochip yes, it’s simply consent. @xrc56 as i said in my previous comment, I’m pretty sure Rebecca wouldnt complain if she was told beforehand. She said Tony did it without tellin her and that’s not OK

        how do you know she wouldnt complain if it was andy raymond or matthew?

      5. @xrc56 No, this is not comparable to sports. In football, you are expected to get hurt. In acting, you are not required to do or have things done with your body without consent. How do you define consent?

      6. @potatochip It depends on the actor and actress’s relationship in the drama. They were acting as husband and wife. So the kissing scene is something logical and needed to create real feelings. Same like football bodily contact is expectable. The consent is within the contract signed by her. Ask her to show you the contract. And his intention is to create a real connection between viewers and characters in a story

      7. @xrc56 No, giving consent for one kiss in one scene does not give a blanket consent for all scenes. That’s why a professional actor reviews each scene ahead of time and checks his partner’s comfort level and how they would like to play it.

        It’s the same reasoning with marital rape. Entering a contract of marriage does not equal a blanket consent of sex anytime a spouse wants.

      8. @potatochip
        How many did Alex Man aggressively kiss or beat up while filming? Not saying that it’s right and each case is different but sometimes it’s when getting immersed in the character rather than always the intentional indecent assault…

      9. @jimmyszeto And that may have been wrong too. Just because no one publicly complained about Alex Man’s actions, does not necessarily make them right. How long did it take for Bill Cosby to be known? Most survivors do not report.

        And besides, what happens with Alex Man has nothing to do with Rebecca’s consent. Consent is individual and is not related to any other person or situation. All that matters is that she feels that her consent was violated. Repeatedly, in this case.

      10. @potatochip
        I agree but we also have to consider the side Tony too. it may have been full unintentional and accidental. Acting has progressed in the last couple of decades. Relationships are portrayed a lot more naturally because because of all this subtle interactions and less scripted between drama couple.

      11. @jimmyszeto i agree with you that it may have been unintentional on Tony’s side, which is probably why Rebecca isnt making a big deal out of the situation. She verbally expressed her discomfort in a joking matter, instead of actually trying to get him fired by complaining to the executives.

        With that said, pretty sure she will stop talking about it now as Tony is upset & learned his lesson

      12. @luye
        I think it’s unintentional on both sides. One misunderstood the boundaries of the actress and one said too much without thinking it may have a negative effect on the male…

      13. @jimmyszeto You’re right that he may not have intended to offend her, but he did. Impact is more important than intent. I love subtle interactions and ad-libbing in acting, but he should have cleared it with her first. A simple, “Are you okay if I add in hugs or kisses on your cheek/forehead?” beforehand would have avoided this situation.

        Also, Tony is not at that level of acting where I believe he was so immersed that he lost himself. His actions were calculated. He just needed to let his partner know first. Especially since surprising her may have the opposite effect where she flinches or recoils.

        He was unprofessional but also learned a valuable lesson. Left alone, this could have escalated and really ruined his career.

      14. @potatochip Please stop showing your ignorance by putting marital rape into the situation. In most Asian countries, there is no such thing as marital rape.

        I did not say one kiss in one scene= all kiss for all scenes. But that is not sexual harassment because you definitely do not know what are the elements of sexual harassment. Tony hung’s intention to kiss her is to create a realistic feeling between viewers and characters in a story as a husband and wife.

        The moment you accepted the drama to portray as someone’s wife, bodily contact is expectable. Unless it’s too over and severe like touching your breast or slapping ur butt. The judge will analyze whether it’s appropriate or not under such circumstances in the field of filming even if you want to bring the case into the court. But rest assure no directors will find you for any projects anymore and you will end up the same fate as Jacqualine.

      15. @xrc56 Dude, when you can’t argue logic, you go with insults.

        In Hong Kong, marital rape is criminalize. A simple Google search finds that “Section 117(1B) of the Crimes Ordinance, introduced in 2002, states that ‘unlawful sexual intercourse (非法性交、非法的性交) does not exclude sexual intercourse that a man has with his wife'”

        Even if it isn’t illegal, it is still not right that a spouse can rape another. Sometimes the law has not caught up with morality.

        Back to this case, accepting to play a wife in a drama, does not give blanket consent to all forms of touching, no matter how slight it may seem to you. It does not have to escalate to the level of touching the breast, although unwanted kissing is not that far off. Her body is hers, if she says she does not want that type of touching, he needs to respect it. It does not matter if that type of touch is okay to you, or Tony or any other Tom, Duck and Harry or MarySue, it is her consent.

        And no, publicly cheating like Jacqueline is not the same as wanting your body respected. If a director does not want to hire someone because they expect their colleagues to respect their consent, then that speaks more to the morality of the director. This case does not mean she never wants to do kissing scenes or bed scenes, it just means she wants her acting partner to discuss them and respect her consent.

      16. @xrc56 “If it’s Andy Lau(young version)/Raymond lam/Matthew, I am sure she won’t complain like this.”

        Lol, so if you allow a man you like to kiss you, then you have to accept when other random men kiss you as well?

        Do you see how ridiculous that sounds? Being an actor doesn’t mean you get a free pass to go around kissing/touching costars whenever you feel like it, and they just have to suck it up.

      17. @oystergirl you have to accept it girl. If you little bit then complains like crazy to the media, you won’t go far in your career. Maybe Tony hung was too concentrate portraying as her husband and too happy to kiss her at that moment. Just give him the benefit of doubt. She should settle it privately with tony hung. No need to openly bad-mouth your own colleague in such away.

      18. @xrc56 “maybe Tony concentrated portraying her husband & was too happy too kiss her. Just give benefit of the doubt” I hope you realize that this is what goes through a victim’s mind after being sexually assaulted. They think of a lot of excuses to comprehend what just happened. This is the mindset that leads to a lot of people getting away with sexual harassment.

        Why make excuses for someone when all they had to do was ask for consent before making someone else feel uncomfortable? Rebecca is obviously unhappy & uncomfortable, and Tony is responsible for what happened.

      19. @luye You definitely do not know what are the elements of sexual harassment. Tony hung kissed her is to create a real connection between viewers and characters in a story as a husband and wife.

        The moment you accepted the drama to portray as someone’s wife, bodily contact is expectable. Unless it’s too over and severe like touching your breast or slapping ur butt @@. The judge will analyze whether is it appropriate under such circumstances in the field of filming. And most importantly TVB never agreed with the allegations or else Tony would have been frozen because they will judge his overall character as well in the company.

      20. @xrc56 Rebecca mentioned during the interview that they would rehearse the scene beforehand & there was no kissing. However, once they started to record, Tony would kiss her & that surprised her caught her off guard. It’s so unprofessional of Tony because how are you going to do something different from rehearsal without informing your partner?

      21. @luye
        it may have been unprofessional in one aspect but in an rehearsed scene you just aren’t going to capture the essence of a natural believable couple. The reason why some actors are incredibly successful are that they creatively work their way into the scene rather go fully off the script…

  2. I personally feel like she used an extreme, but not necessarily wrong approach.
    Assumption : she probably expressed her discomfort with him previously.
    Assumption: he didn’t listen.
    Assumption: the directors like most of the industry are sexist.
    There’s a previous article that Tony admitted to asking he director to add intimate scenes AND the director agreed. NEITHER consulted with Rebecca. Ewww.
    I feel like she’s not dumb about it. She either has someone really strong backing her OR she just got fed up and are gonna get all the #metoo supporters under her belt and TVB is gonna look bad if they punish her for doing this.
    BUT does a woman have the right to protect her body? Against standards that are already skewed in a man’s favor? HELL yes.

      1. @luye Exactly why a lot of women choose to sweep such issues under the rug- fear of public shame, embarrassment, being labeled a “liar”, “drama queen” etc. As a result, it just perpetuates more predatory behavior.

        I’m glad Rebecca brought the issue to light, which could hopefully embolden other women under similar circumstances to speak up, as well.

        That said, this whole situation is so crass, I find it odd they still appear to be on good terms. It’s more than likely just a publicity stunt to promote their drama.

        I recall a similar issue occurring in the recent past where a Miss HK (can’t remember her name, but she studies law) reported a co-star for sexual harassment on set. TVB was very quick to have him removed. Shame that he turned out to be a sleaze, since, unlike Tony, he was actually a pretty promising actor.

      2. @oystergirl I think I know who you are talking about – was it Miss Hong Kong 2015 Louisa Mak (麥明詩) and Nathan Ngai (魏焌皓)? I just remember there being rumors he forced a kiss on her while filming Line Walker 2: The Prelude or something like that.

      3. @luye It is victim blaming. Seems like its more of a crime to not be professional than to kiss and touch people without consent.

      4. @megamiaow
        This is not victim blaming. Some issues are serious allegations. Either file a complaint or shut up! Can’t just go around generating gossip….

      5. @jimmyszeto Filing a complaint to the execs is not going to get you anywhere. Complaining to the media is a bolshy move, but if its all true then nothing for her to feel bad about.

        You dont commit crimes and then blame the reporter. If you stole something from a shop and they reported you to the police, are you going to blame the shopkeeper? You cant blame her for things coming to light and his career ending. That is victim blaming.

  3. I like to think he was told by her in advance of his inappropriate actions but he ignored her which is not unusual.
    Thus she made her opinion public. But that is something only both of them know for sure.
    I do feel all men need to respect women and their personal space and vice versus. There should not be a need to even remind them.

    1. @cutie777 but this isnt about her “rumored boyfriend” Matthew. Btw, just because you’re a good looking guy, it’s still not okay to kiss someone without consent. Sexual harassment is when one person’s action makes the other person feel uncomfortable

  4. She didn’t sound annoyed when she was explaining it on that utube clip I saw. Either she’s making it a headline and reporters ride on it or TVB has nothing much to report these days and making it more what it was just because the show was kind of popular.

  5. If you watch the whole drama you’ll see. For me personally I think it’s very appropriate for the kind of intimacy in the drama. Nothing to the extreme. So I don’t know why she complained about it. What if she encounter a script require an intimate scene like Jonathan Cheung & Crystal Fung. What would she do?

    1. @joyce yes, nothing extreme. But according to Rebecca, she wasnt informed beforehand that Tony would be touching her like that and it wasnt in the script that she looked at.

      Jonathan & Crystal were advised beforehand, so nothing was surprising

    2. @joyce aiya… you have to respect Rebecca la.. if she is not comfortable.. she’s just voicing that.. it’s not her first drama so i believe she knows if someone is crossing a line la..

      1. @jingxi2943
        Well we honestly do not know what happened but I truly wonder if it is was scripted by TVB to promote the drama and gain attention? If so what a low and sad way to do so.

  6. She didn’t ruin his career, he did that to himself. But, who are we kidding? He’s going to be fine. It takes a lot for women to be believed. That’s how the sexual predators like Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein and Larry Nassar can prey for so long. She has a lot more to lose than he does.

    Bottom line, he did not have her consent. Even if it was just a touch on the shoulder, once she expressed her discomfort, he needed to stop. There is no wrong way to call out a predator. It is only wrong because people refuse to listen.

  7. Rebecca did not hide her shock with Tony’s behavior when the duo went on radio shows to promote the TVB drama. She claimed that Tony would sometimes take the initiative to add kissing scenes off-script and she was not happy about it.

    I don’t think Rebecca was professional. If she was not happy at Tony’s behaviour during filming, she should have told Tony personally or even mentioned it to the producer. She shouldn’t have kept it to herself and then made it public at a radio show when Tony was with her. I personally think that she just wanted to draw attention from the public and promote herself more.

  8. He would be upset, because his inappropriate behaviour has been exposed and now he has to deal with the consequences.

  9. Tony definitely should’ve communicated with her beforehand to get approval. Even though you’re playing a couple, doesn’t mean you get to do everything couples do! He was wrong and deserves to get his hand slapped. All eyes on him now with how he’s going to treat other female coworkers in the future. Good on Rebecca.

    To play devil’s advocate, though, intimate improvs have been done before to other artists to enhance scenes’ effects or actor’s emotions. For example, in Andy Yang’s previous drama, she tried to kiss Li Xian without notifying him. That scene spoke of him acting really surprised by the sudden intimacy. To get optimal results, she kissed him out of the blue. It’s a little tricky in this situation because 1) the scene calls for him to be surprised, so her action was pertinent to the job and 2) she’s the one who did it. There is a bit of a double standard here, because if it was a guy who did that, no doubt he’s going to be called out for it. But because she initiated, there’s no issue. Furthermore, what she did was only to enhance the scene’s impact, to elicit real emotions from him.

    Is it still wrong? Yes. But it’s more forgivable.

    What Tony Hung did is not so forgivable. He’s a guy first of all and secondly, Rebecca purposely dragged her producer in to discuss how to act during intimate moments, making it very apparent she doesn’t want to do anything more than necessary. And let’s be real, Tony Hung is not a good looking, charming guy. If I was her, I wouldn’t want him doing anything to me either!

    Now the question is whether she should’ve blasted him to the media. I think that made the situation more serious than it should be, and potentially impacted Tony Hung’s career. Even if she complained to the producer, though, I don’t think that’ll do anything to Tony. And I don’t think she understood the severity of what she did to Tony’s reputation by blasting him. She was half-jokingly warning Tony and not trying to be serious, but it escalated quickly.

    1. @coralie
      I don’t think whether It’s Male or female, good looking or bad looking should make any difference to a sexual harassment case. If so then it would be very unfair to the Male actor and seriously unfair to the ugly male actor…

      1. @jimmyszeto I want to say you’re right, because in the eyes of the law, we are all equal. But truth is, reality is often pretty biased. If a wo/man is good-looking, they get away with way more. What would be considered as harassment could be interpreted differently.

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