Amigo Chui and Kenneth Ma Face Off

The latest battle in the Hong Kong celebrity gossip arena centers is a “love rectangle” story that stars Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Natalie Tong (唐詩詠), Eliza Sam (岑麗香), and Amigo Chui (崔建邦). After finally breaking up with her on-again, off-again boyfriend Amigo in 2009, Natalie was said to be getting cozy with Kenneth, her costar in The Other Truth <真相> and In the Life and Times of a Sentinel <紫禁驚雷>. However, these rumors quickly faded when Natalie reportedly rekindled her relationship with Amigo. In response to the reconciliation rumors, Natalie stressed that she is not dating Amigo at the moment, but did not deny such a possibility to come in the future.

However, recent tabloids are reporting again that Kenneth had not only been dating Natalie for three months, he also allegedly got in between a relationship that would have happened between Natalie and Amigo. To make matters more interesting, Kenneth is also reported to be two-timing Natalie with his Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲宵II > costar, Eliza Sam (岑麗香), as they were seen sending love sparks at each other at a recent barbecue.

Although Kenneth had dismissed both rumors as fabrication, Amigo’s actions tell otherwise.  Several days ago, it was rumored that Amigo scolded at Kenneth for breaking his relationship with Natalie. Kenneth also referred to Amigo as “that person” instead of his name.

Last Friday night, Natalie was spotted driving Amigo around in her white Volkswagen New Beetle. She parked by a street in Tsim Sha Tsui, in which Amigo got off and proceeded to enter a makeup store. Amigo noticed the paparazzi and smiled at their direction.

Is Amigo affirming his status as Natalie’s true boyfriend to Kenneth?

Source: Sudden Weekly

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  1. Kenneth cheating on Natalie with Eliza? hahaha. too funny!

    I’m thinking Natalie and Amigo really are dating again and the gossip magazines are just creating other rumors to try and get these 2 to admit that they reunited.

    1. kenneth won’t cheat, only the girls are likely pursuing him because of his diamond bachelor status and popularity. more like natalie is two timing amigo and kenneth

  2. … and now publicity is trying to make him the bad guy. this is so typical. don’t believe a thing they say.

    1. bad guy is amigo. No one will believe this since everyone know kenneth is a good guy. rest assured 🙂

  3. LOL, why not add Myolie and Rebecca in the picture as well?

    Don’t blv it as KM isn’t just another hungry wolf in TVB 🙂

    What is Natalie thinking getting back with that cheater?

    1. no kenneth isn’t a hungry wolf. he’s popular and being chased by lots of girls such as rebecca, eliza and natalie because he’s a rare good guy in tvb. heard kenneth likes myolie. myolie should open her heart for him! kenneth is a great man!

  4. Natalie has been back with Amigo for many years already but she keeps denying it for PR reasons. Anyway, media is an idiot for being so slow.

    1. a bad and cheater one, and woman beater too. all in one. no money, no career, no looks, cheater and woman beater and stupid weak woman natalie still love him? WAKE UP!

      1. You must like dogs with a leash. Try not to go for them big dogs, they bite. Careful. They’re dangerous. Very dangerous.

  5. WHY IS NATALIE always so forgiving? I’m sorry but she’s so stupid.

    1. Agree. Natalie is too forgiving. There are so many good guys on earth, why did she take Amigo back again and again? I think she should learn to be smarter.

      1. agree,natalie is too good-hearted. i dont like amigo either,i dont think he has changed.stephen chan once amigo’s godfather at tvb,treat him like a son,but now amigo give not a bit about stephen since he left tvb.what a difference with wong he, he accompanied stephen till the end in his law case.

      2. I guess there’s something in the relationship that she just couldn’t let go ala Chris brown and Rihanna

      3. Stephen Chan was once Amigo’s godfather at TVB. He treated him like a son, but now Amigo gives not a bit about Stephen since he left TVB.
        Agree. I think Amigo is quite cold-blooded, not the grateful type. Sorry for Natalie Tong to choose him.

      4. @funn,no but he did beat his another “ex girlfriend”,thats why tvb has frozen him for a while.

      5. Amigo looks like a very smart person, but he does not look very honest.

      6. Stephen Chan is also the god father of Wayne’s son. But do you see Wayne say anything of Stephen Chan, sandcherry? By your logic, Wayne is also cold-blooded.

      7. Stephen Chan is also the god father of Wayne’s son.
        Really? I was not even aware of the above.

      8. When Wayne had his first main role, Stephen Chan went to see him in person and Wayne showed the son to Stephen Chan, saying that the son is Stephen Chan’s godson. He took his son to a show and echoed it again.

    2. agree. natalie is stupid. amigo cheated on natalie many times and beat a woman heartlessly and has no career and natalie is lettinng amigo take advantage of her! what a stupid girl. no offense but i hate weak girls who keep being filial to a bad guy like amigo when a pretty girl like her can find better. this is dumb

      1. Saying Amigo is having no career is totally wrong. He is coming back to the track and showing face on shows a lot recently. Maybe in the future, his career can even get better than Natalie’s.

      2. amigo is a cheater. once a cheater always a cheater. his image is horrible. his career will never be as high as it was in the past. natalie stupid girl.

  6. Kenneth and Natalie looked really good together in the law series with Ruco and Tavia. But probably not in real life.

  7. Wake up Natalie, WAKE UP WAKE UP dont be stupid again.
    Amigo is a cheater, he is such a bad guy

    1. agree. stupid natalie. stop coming back to a bad guy who cheated on you multiple times! where is natalie’s pride as a woman?

  8. That’s as if saying Natalie is two timing these 2 men. And kenneth must feel “wow, my dating life is so interesting right now, on the papers”.

    1. agree. natalie because of her stupid action to continue dating amigo now is depicted as a two timing girl.

    2. everyone knows kenneth is not a player so this rumour is good for him! shows that many girls might be pursuing kenneth for his great qualities as potential husband 🙂

    3. Welcome to the world of popular actor, Mr. Ma. Finally he reached to the gate of fame. Sooner or later, many of his mysteries will be shown on papers.

      Im so curious when MM can stop the play and get married. 50++? I cant think of any sooner.

      1. done crapping about kenneth? kenneth has no mysteries because if he has, it would’ve spill by now like raymond’s dirty little secret with mavis pan spilled like spilled hot curry. kenneth has no secret to be spilled because he’s just a simple good guy who be himself and not hiding anything. that’s why all his peers love him and voted for him.

      2. Time will tell haha. An AV addicter will have juicy mysteries.

      3. @Fox: HAHA. since when did kenneth mentioned that he was “addicted” to AV? Geez, stop misquoting him will cha? And stop the play? since when did Kenneth “play” with any girls? Even if he only gets married when he is in his fifties, No matter. Because it’s better to take time to find the right person. Marrying the wrong person would leave both individuals heart-broken in the end and also wasting time and youth

      4. I didn’t recall he was addicted to a specific genre of porn but he did say porn.

      5. @939393: kenneth said he watch porn before,but i dont think its bad.he is just honest.”play” doesnt necessarily mean he is a player,i think she means playful,not serious.

      6. @Shu:

        I know that kenneth mentioned that he watches porn. But he never mentioned that he was addicted to it. as for the “play” word, we’ll leave it to the person who uttered it to clarify.

      7. “Play” I said, in other word, is “drama”.

        MM said he watched porn in nights as a habit. Mean he didn’t accidentally watch 1-2 times, but many times. Which kind of single man to watch AV many times like this? Have nothing else more healthy to do?

      8. Wow you must be very conservative and grew up in a sheltered life. Watching porn is a VERY normal thing to do, especially if you are a guy. You’re not addicted to porn unless you’re at the point where you cannot function in daily life without watching it you’re thinking of it 24/7, and from what MM said in his interviews, he’s definitely not like that.

        I’m a girl, and I watch porn. It’s fun! You should try it sometime. ^^

      9. Do you make it your habit, Cara? Being a habit is the first stage of addition.

      10. yes, watching porn is very normal and he is a single man. Even guys who has spouses and gf watches porn too. it’s better to just watch porn rather than to find some random chicks on the street to get it on aint?

        you’re right Cara, Fox may be living under a rock.

      11. It’s actually normal for guys with gf/ spouses/wife to watch porn. Or they can watch together.

        But a single man, watch porn, then do wat? Lolz. You are really that naive to think that after watching porn, a single man will go sleep with all the excitements? Unless he can’t or useless.

      12. lol you think that i’m that naive to not know what “masturbation” means? Single guys do that while watching porn and it’s perfectly normal. As i’ve said earlier, it’s better to jack off rather than to release it with some random chick on the street aint?

      13. Masturbation is healthy? Oh wow. You are so open! Do you do so? I can’t consider that watching porn + masturbation as a habit is a healthy action.

        Finding a random girl on street or masturbation many times, both are unhealthy in my opinion. Better to find a long-term girlfriend and start a serious relationship. Or trying to have more healthy habit, instead of addicting in porn.

      14. Masturbation is not normal? oh wow you’re so close minded? looks like you’re living in medieval ages! Finding a random girl on the street is bad for obvious reasons as there’s a risk of accidental pregnancy and contracting HIV and other sex-related diseases. It is also not good to treat a woman as only a tool for sex.

        He does play football as a hobby fyi and he’s not “addicted” to porn as you falsely claimed. Do you think if he wants to have a serious relationship, the right person would just magically appear out of thin air? hilarious!

      15. It isnt abnormal but like watching porn, it isnt healthy. Doing a lot of masturbation can cause to many illness, including the reduction of sexual ability. You can check for it.

        Finding random girls on street isnt healthy, too. But masturbation is the same, an unhealthy habit. Maybe he should play soccer more to get rid of the AV habit. Being linked with many girls, but end up as FA, does he need to see why it happens? If he dun go out to try to find a girl, wat does he expect? A girl comes to confess the love and he gets her immediately? You lead me to the thinking that your MM will finally date a fan.

      16. @Fox – Nope, I don’t make it a habit. I have a full time job and I’m too busy to do so. But if I’m in the mood and my bf is not here, I have no problems with putting in a porn video and giving myself some self lovin! ^^

        Um, you DO know that guys still masturbate and watch porn when they’re in a committed, serious relationship, right? It’s very normal. Some guys have morning wood and if they don’t masturbate, things can get very uncomfortable. It’s not always sexual, but just how their body works.

        And masturbation won’t cause problems with your sex life unless you masturbate like 10 times a day. Most guys have no problems getting it up more than once.

        If you remove yourself from that rock you’re living under, you’ll realize just how normal watching porn and masturbation is.

      17. Masturbation and watching porn is pretty normal for both males and females. Though, it is up for debate as to who is more consistent in doing it.

      18. @Cara: It’s normal if you do it sometimes. But in this particular case, MM said that he thought of sex everyday. With this thinking, do you find it’s healthy? Plus the watching porn habit, it isn’t good at all, and really close to “addicted”.

        Maybe he should work more or play soccer more to get rid of this thinking, if he dun want/can’t find a serious or long-term relationship.

      19. Stop your blatant bias. “54% of men think about sex everyday or several times a day, 43% a few times per month or a few times per week, and 4% less than once a month (Laumann, Gagnon, Michael, Michaels, 1994).”
        So 54% of men according to foxs expertise on sex and masturbation are not normal.

      20. Fox:
        It is okay to think about sex everyday. It is normal. It is not normal when an individual becomes IMPAIRED because of thinking about sex everyday. As we see MM perform fine at functions and series, it is safe to assume he is physically and mentally healthy.

      21. LMAO~, it’s getting funnier and funnier. In my view, thinking of sex everyday + watching porn as habit, this combination isn’t a healthy action for a single mid-aged man. Like Him Law last time was said by several girls that he asked them about sex, and ppl said it is disgusting, but now ppl are saying that think of sex everyday is normal. The obsession of sex is unhealthy, that’s all. Watever, the consequence, uhm, let time answer. I hope I won’t laugh out loud in the future when something about “impaired” is said in news.

        Repeat: Time will tell. The paps are running and digging.

      22. you just can’t stop crapping about kenneth don’t you. wow you keep twisting his honest and genuine confession about watching porn and not being a virgin. which adult men don’t watch porn? maybe only priests or extra pious religion people. kenneth is normal and he should be respected for not hiding what he watches in his free time! Meanwhile we got some other entertainers keep a wholesome idol image but got busted by his ex.

      23. You are twisting my honest and genuine confession of how I feel about the unhealthy habit of Mr. Ma, do you know? LMAO~, there are tons of guys who dun watch porn or think of sex everyday.

        And what is wrong of having a gf? Your perfect Ma also had a gf and lied to teeth when asking if they were dating or not, only confess later while the girl dun want. His past isn’t anything better.

      24. @Nicole – but then again, it’s okay! Each of us is crazy in our own way! Being normal is overrated anyways. I’d rather be abnormal in Fox’s eyes if that means I’m enjoying life. =D

      25. @Jayne – for me it’s probably food, sex, and music. ^^

  9. Earlier, it was all Moses Chan…and then now, it’s Kenneth Ma! And soon enough, it’s probably going to be Jason…or some other SiuSang!

    Isn’t anyone bored of this game yet?

  10. From Selena to Natalie, look like Mr. Ma has the tendency to pursue girls with bad (ex) bf. Lolz, does the male god wanna give the girls a shoulder to cry on and then can grab the girl? Smart plan if its true. But the fate comes wrongly again… Selena likes her bad ex more, now Natalie seems to like the bad Amigo more. Who is the next target?

    1. *smacks head* dont tell me you believe this ridiculous piece of a news?

      1. You can blv in some I don’t blv, why I can’t blv in this one? *blink*

        Even if it isn’t 100% correct, it’s still obvious that Mr. Ma is linked with girls with bad (ex) bf. It can’t be too coincident…

  11. dont believe this simply because there are to many rumours around kenneth lately,its just the papparazi that want to make news about him because he is growing famous now,but he already denied everything in the if he is really dating natalie then i think its a good choice,natalie is a nice girl.

  12. Can’t believe this is true. But if it is Kenneth will be very stupid to choose Natalie and give up Eliza!! Stay with Eliza, Kenneth, she will be less complicated. This relationship between Natalie and Amigo is too complex and complicated. Its like walking into deep trouble for Kenneth

  13. If Kenneth never said “Amigo is my friend, I will not chase my friend’s girlfriend”, Natalie wouldn’t be caught in this mess.

    1. Ikr, he always says the very “appreciate” words to “help” girls.

  14. Though I don’t mind them as a real life couple, Kenneth and Natalie give off this elder brother-younger sister vibe.
    Anyway, Natalie can do way better than Amigo. Dump him, Nat!

  15. Natalie is an idiot.. once a cheater, always a cheater! Doesn’t help when he beat up his last gf too! Dump him and find someone please as you can do way better then him.

  16. Amigo Chui is a joke. He’s an average looking bloke with equally mediocre speaking skills. He’s floundered around in recent years, and is only relevant due to TVB’s lack of current MC talent. During the awards ceremony he was clearly outclassed by Jerry Lamb Jiu Fung. Amigo appeared bland and monotone compared to Jerry.

    1. Lam Hiu Fung is a veteran host vs. Amigo Chui, and he is quite humorous as well.

  17. Not matter how his private life is, I still like Amigo Chui as a host. I find him a very capable host and MC.

    1. Agree. He had a lot of potential in TVB, but he just screwed himself over with all the negative news esp when most of them turned out to be true.

    2. Actually I feel Amigo is one of the better hosts TVB has.
      He’s talented.

  18. Well, almost all the readers who follows Hong Kong Entertainment News know that Natalie and Amigo are dating on and off. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if Kenneth said that he wouldn’t go after his friend’s girlfriend.

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