Amigo Chui’s Career Given A Second Life; Receives $1 Million Salary

It was announced that Amigo Chui (崔建邦) was about to make a spectacular comeback at TVB, hosting a star-studded music program featuring the singers from Hong Kong’s “Big Four” Music companies, EMI Group, Sony Music, Universal Music, and Warner Music Group. According to Oriental Daily, Amigo will be compensated at over $1 million (HKD) this year, which was double his former salary as a MC, in order to prevent him from working for another rival television station!

Amigo stated, “I am very satisfied with the generous [salary] adjustment. I hope that I will live up to expectations.” Indicating that his family supported his return to work as a MC, Amigo was asked about his “good friend” Natalie Tong’s reaction. Amigo commented, “She also supports me!”

For the last two years, Amigo Chui’s career was in the doldrums. It started with ex-girlfriend, Elizabete Kwong’s (鄺敏慧) accusations that Amigo had strangled and bruised her neck in a lover’s dispute. He had grabbed her forcefully while deleting their dating photos on her cell phone, in an attempt to prevent the public exposure of their relationship. Amigo had also cheated on long-time girlfriend, Natalie Tong (唐詩詠). The labels of being a “violent boyfriend” and “love cheat” destroyed Amigo’s image. Furthermore, he was photographed driving his car amidst a license suspension.  

Last year, Amigo was demoted to working as a Production Assistant at TVB. Under the encouragement of Natalie Tong, Amigo emerged from depression, set aside his former ego, and persevered. With rumors that Amigo and Natalie have reconciled their relationship, it appeared that Amigo has been able to turn around his luck in both his love life and career!

Allegedly, former TVB executive, Stephen Chan (陳志雲) and Virginia Lok (樂易玲) vouched for the resurrection of Amigo’s MC hosting career, prior to resigning from the company. Considered to be one of the best young MCs at Amigo, TVB wished to resurrect his career amidst the mass exodus of talent in recent months. 

Virginia Lok stated, “He (Amigo) has been with TVB for many years and have developed good skills. If he did not encounter earlier personal problems, his career would have been pretty good.” Apparently, Amigo had cried before Ms. Lok during the lowest point in his career, after losing all hope.

Natalie Tong expressed, “I hope he ‘adds oil’! The most important thing is to do his best, making the audience accept him once again!”

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Jayne: Hopefully, Amigo will treasure Natalie and his new job opportunities at TVB.

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  1. Tvb loves “women beaters” and “cheaters” LOL

    Pretty sure 620’s going to find jobs for Greg. cheating ex as well.

    1. …and drunk driving, driving with a suspended license – multiple offenses.

      Amigo has a complete package!

    2. Not only TVB loves women beaters and love cheaters, their fans as well..

  2. He’s got talent. It’s not like he’s anyone’s role model or any products ambassador. What is the big deal? I just need a decent MC to host a show. Amigo gets the job done.

    As long as he’s not my boyfriend … I could careless what he does on the side. His image is a badarse, so be it!

    1. I agree. TVB lacks good MCs and I have always liked Amigo’s work. I could care less what artistes do in their personal lives as long as they are professional in their work.

    2. I think you don’t have much expectations if you think this guy has talent in hosting…

      Lydia Shum, Dodo, etc are ‘good’ hosts, sorry, but not this guy ):

      But unfortunate he is the only guy out there under 35 that hosts alright and TVB actually promotes

      Good for you not caring and linking personal life of artist to work life but lots of other people do connect it

  3. As long as he is a good MC, he should have a second chance.

    1. How many second chances does he have???

      This is probably ‘third’ second chance, with three stupid idiot incidents.

    2. its ok that tvb gave him a 2nd chance, whether he’s still get accepted by the audiences is another question.

      1. Yea, some people are lucky to get a second chance in life while many others don’t. But I do wonder if many just care for his acting and talent or the person that he really is???

      2. Let’s see the response for his MC work this time then we’ll know. Overall, his storyline is kinda smaller than recent beater scandal of Him Him and Him Him is enjoying his second chance.

  4. Is TVB that stupid re-hiring a trouble artist?

    He is god awful MC.

    1. Recently, they are lacking of talents due to their rival taking over some popular actors/actresses.
      They don’t have any choice but to set aside the individual’s character and hire them.

  5. he’s nothing special, only thing good about him as a host is he makes Eric Tsang look normal because they’re both short.

    1. speaking abotu eric tsang, I find eric to be more amusing and interesting mc than him.

      1. Amigo was actually amusing? LOL.

        Eric Tsang is a wonderful MC. He and Sandra Ng make a wonderful hosting pair. I wish Sandra Ng would do a programme with TVB again.

      2. I don’t find either of them professional. It seems to me their only purpose is to create comedic scenes. Last time I checked, that’s not the main job of the host. I find Eric amusing but Sandra is just dreadful as a host. Her laughter at her own jokes is way too distracting. She should stick with movies.

      3. Sandra and Eric are both not my cup of tea.

        Eric – too many porn connotations in his EMCee-ing.

        Sandra – too busy laughing at her own jokes

        Best EMC – Dodo Cheng and the guy that jumped off the building b/c he owed too much money to loan sharks. 🙁

      4. Pandamao,
        I like Dodo Cheng as well. Actually Cheng Dan Sui and Tang Chi Fung are both good. Few jokes, but very eloquent people. I like Astrid Chan as well.

        The MC that you are talking about, his name is Paul Chung Bo Law.

      5. I like Eric Tsang and Sandra Ng because of their humor. But when it comes to actual hosting, I would choose Dodo Cheng. Patrick Dunn as well. He has a nice narration voice as well.

  6. I think he’s one of the better MCs.
    He’s creditable.
    I’m so glad he has been given a second chance.
    If he gets back with Natalie & treasure her, it’ll be perfect!!!!

  7. i don’t like amigo, but the claims that he is a woman beater is unfair, especially as him law got away with the same thing. a friend of mine who knows elizabete kwong says she initially did not want to press charges as it was a one off thing, but her agent made her do it for publicity. not that i care really, because i never thought he was that good at hosting shows. he probably did decently as an MC with rehearsed scripts, but in talk shows like “my name is bong”, i thought he was pretty terrible.

  8. How is there such a big disparity between salary of actors and this woman beater? I heard TVB was always stingy with their compensations, what gives here?

  9. he really has some luck. again and again he’s given opportunities after constantly making mistakes.

    1. You made a good point, he really is lucky. BUt hey, that is how many people advance in their career these days… Through luck, timing and connections….

  10. I’m not sure he is really worth it.

    I mean if he can throw away a chance once, what makes them think he won’t do it again?

    I personally do not like watching him as an MC, it’s like he talks way to fast for you to even understand what he says.

  11. wait i thought him and natalie arent dating any more?

    1. I had seen his previous talk show” my name is bong” . He is too sarcastic and aggreasive . He is a boxing fanatic and a womaniser as shown in the intro. He is really annoying.

      Astrid chan pretty good in emceeing big show .Like her

      1. Hehe I actually quite like the My name is Bong show. Guess tat I like his sarcastic way.

  12. I hope Natalie dumps him before he beats her up like the other girl! Don’t like women beaters! 🙁 Natalie can do better than him!!!

  13. Why??? So many other talented people that deserves a chance, Amigo had many & he blew them, they should get rid of him, not promote him.

  14. I Don’t like Amigo oh well hope he treasures everything that he’s getting.

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