Andy Lau Becomes a National Hero in “Switch” and Fights the Japanese

Andy Lau’s (劉德華) highly anticipated spy thriller film, Switch <天机·富春山居图> will hit the mainland Chinese theaters on November 2, 2012. Boosting an impeccable visual effect, the production company hired 3D expert, Chuck Comisky, who had worked closely with Avatar director, James Cameron.

Three days ago, film director Sun Jianjun (孫健君) featured a special trailer of Switch to coincide with the 81st Anniversary of the Manchurian Incident which marked the beginning of the Japanese invasion in the northeast China on September 18, 1931.

In the trailer, Andy faces off with Japanese triad members and single-handedly takes down the Japanese. As the film coincides with the heightened tensions between China and Japan over the disputed Diaoyu Islands, many Chinese netizens applauded Andy and labeled him as a national hero!

Andy Becomes an Iconic Hero Overnight

Andy plays a special agent in Switch whose mission is to recover a stolen national treasure – a famous painting of the Yuan Dynasty, known as “Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains.” In the trailer, Andy has a showdown with Tong Dawei (佟大為) who plays a ruthless Japanese triad leader.

In the face off, Dawei told Andy, “I only love the things that the world owns. What I want to possess, you cannot touch at all.”

Andy responded solemnly to the Japanese gang leader, “If it is not mine, I will not think of possessing it. If it is not yours, do not even think about getting a single grain of sand or a drop of water!”

Subsequently, Andy proceeded to fight his way and pin down several Japanese triad members. In the last scene, he also dragged a Japanese to apologize to a girl who was brutally tortured. Andy shouted at the Japanese woman, “Say sorry!”

After watching the trailer, many Chinese netizens linked the words of Andy Lau to the Diaoyu Island disputes between China and Japan. Chinese netizens also lauded Andy as a national hero, and circulated the clip vigorously online.

“Switch” Features National Sentiments

According to Director Sun, Andy hopes to produce more large-scale Chinese films which feature patriotic themes similar to Hollywood films. “When we planned for the film, Andy Lau explored many ideas with me. He thought that in order to produce more grand Chinese films, we should incorporate national sentiments. The Hollywood films which succeeded have included all these universal values,” said Sun Jianjun.

Director Sun also clarified that the film was planned two years ago, and he had no intention of tapping into the current Sino-Japanese tensions to promote the film. When discussing the script, Director Sun and Andy had planned to create a national hero to protect the country.

Sun further added, “Andy specifically wanted to create a national hero who fights for his country. He can be a nobody but he is absolutely a respectable hero. This is not a film which talks about love, but it features clearly the national sentiments. We hope the viewers can share our sentiments too.”


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  1. Iam still having trouble accepting Andy as some kick ass agent, he looks too damn old and skinny. When you think of a retired agent that kicks ass, you think of Liam Neeson in Taken not Andy.

    1. Agreed. There are a lot of younger and sexier guys in mainland and still they put old uncle Andy.

      1. Because old Andy is a box office magnet and he has been “hot” for decades.

    2. Liam neeson?! Kick ass!?? Lol! His old white ass had me laughing , if u think Andy too old, that irish grandpa is also too old.

    3. Cheap publicity by the director.

      In real life, Andy has been endorsing Japanese products but this is been kept silence lately.

      Andy has been a lousy actor all this while, it’s the media that spins for him.

      In fact apart from Zhang Jinchu and Tong dawei in this movie, Andy and Lin Chiling are only a hype.

      Then there is the 3D visual effect where it camouflage real acting skills.

      1. Practically any chinese celebrity that is remotely famous has endorsed Japanese products at one point in their career. I would be surprise if you can even name one that has never done so.

        I actually agree this movie looks over hyped and unoriginal.

  2. Andy is a good actor but it’s time to stop acting this kind of roles.

    “As the film coincides with the heightened tensions between China and Japan over the disputed Diaoyu Islands, many Chinese netizens applauded Andy and labeled him as a national hero!”

    1. i would say a younger sexy chinese female play national heroine,like Jeanne D’arc lol

    1. if Andy more like comedy base for laughing & for retard to watch lol!

  3. Some of u people are just silly and naive to say Andy lau is too old, skinny blah blah.

    The fact is that he is a major star and he brings in the money , that is why he was picked. Yes ,sure there are younger stars but they can’t equal his box office drawing power.

    I can’t wait to see this movie. And btw, daoyu islands do belong to China

  4. Hah!!

    Andy Lau is a called National Hero in a movie????

    Then what about the Armed Forces and the Police who are risking their REAL life to protect national boundaries and safe guard Chinese citizens.

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