Andy Lau Finally Confirms Daughter’s Birth, Apologizing for Late Reply

Since Andy Lau’s (劉德華) wife, Carol Chu (朱麗倩), gave birth on May 9th, it took him 6 days before he finally acknowledged the arrival of his daughter! The birth of Andy’s daughter  marked one of the most highly anticipated celebrity baby births of the year, sending the media and fans into a frenzy! On May 14th, Andy apologized to his fans, finally confirming that his wife and daughter have left the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital and returned home.

Addressing his fans as his “family,” Andy wrote happily, “Sorry, to have the family waiting. The big brother has become the big daddy! He has completed the first week of a father’s lesson!”

After announcing that his wife and daughter were both well, Andy was brimming with happiness. Feeling an immense sense of joy and peace over the last few days, Andy enjoyed the special bonding with his family. Although the media and many of his friends left countless congratulatory messages for Andy, he did not respond to them. He chose to instead to quietly enjoy his new role of a father with as little disturbance as possible.

In his message to his fans, Andy wrote, “I focused and tried very hard to be a good husband. I tried and used my patience to learn the responsibilities of a father. It is hard to be a big brother, husband, and father at the same time! However, I felt unlimited joy and ease of mind!”

Although fans were extremely eager to see photos of Andy’s newborn daughter, the 50-year-old father indicated that he will not be releasing any photos. The baby’s name was unknown at this time. This was expected due to Andy’s normally private nature. To their disappointment, fans will not even be able to glimpse any tiny feet or tiny hand photos of Andy’s “Little Dragon Girl”!

Regarding the public’s concern over his daughter’s birth, Andy later wrote on his official website, “We have safely returned home and wanted to tell everyone that we are doing well. We were not swamped, thanks to everyone’s tolerance. We received everyone’s concerned messages and blessings. We are truly moved. My media friends love me and I did not have the time to immediately respond to everyone’s well wishes.”

Andy was currently in a state of bliss with the arrival of his baby daughter. It may be a long time before the public gets a glimpse of his daughter, if Andy Lau has it his way.


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Jayne: We will have to wait for the efficient HK paparazzi to snap photos of Carol Chu out with the little baby girl, which may be a long time in waiting. We waited more than one month to see Gigi Lai’s twin girls. It will take a long time to see Andy’s daughter. It would have been a lot easier if the photo that Jordan Chan has posted on Weibo were indeed Andy’s daughter….

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  1. Congratulations Andy Lau and Carol Zhu for the newborn, wish she brings happiness and luck in the family

  2. They sure take a high risk for having baby at this age but congrats to Andy & family for their newborn.

  3. Happy for Andy and hope the pictures will never get posted 🙂 Privacy is a needed

  4. Is there a happy smiling picture of Carol? Why is every picture of her (and I assume it is her) looking so mournful?

    I do think later he might release a baby picture.

    1. Speaking about happy pic of carol, I notice too that she often look sad in the pics, alsmot of all of them. Maybe she was born to have a sad face? some ppl looks sad even they smile.

      1. I saw a recent happy photo of her out shopping when she was still pregnant. She had a big smile on her face and looked really happy but then again she did not look as happy as most people would. She just has a sad face.

    2. Maybe she just doesn’t like being photographed by the papz.

  5. Perhaps the HK paparazzi can use the method when tom cruise refuse to release any picture of suri. hehe..

  6. So happy for them! Congrats + well wishes!

  7. he was able to hide carol for 27 years as if he can’t hide his daughter and prevent photos from being taken. Andy Lau has his ways!

    1. OMG! his daughter will be prison for life & no contact from the outside world!

      1. You don’t know that for sure. what if his daughter rebels against him in order to get some freedom?? Also, I bet he would want her happy and probably wants to marry her off one day as well. Therefore, I think at some point in her life, he will have to let her go and have her own life.

  8. Papa Andy & Mama Carol…CONGRATULATIONS!

  9. Congratulations to Andy and Carol! Best wishes for Carol’s speedy recovery and health for their baby girl!

    Actually, I don’t think there is a need for Andy to apologize (although that’s very noble of him) because he is late to announce the birth of his child. Even if he says his fans are like his family – Fans should really respect his decisions to annonce when they are ready and stop complaining because after all this event is life changing for him and his family.

    1. Of course that’s his business, no one accuses him being late ! but ppl out there are more concerned like his grandparents !

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