Andy Lau Gives Up Lead Role to Take Care of Daughter

One of the most recognizable faces in Hong Kong cinema, Andy Lau (劉德華), makes a special guest appearance in the new and highly anticipated police thriller, Cold War <寒戰>.

In this film, Andy portrays the Secretary of Security for the Hong Kong Security Bureau. Andy indicated that he was very attracted to the story, and he wanted to be the lead actor. However, due to time constraints caused by the birth of his daughter, he simply had no time to play the leading role. Andy decided to step down from the leading role and guest star in the film instead.

September 27 will be Andy’s 51st birthday, but his fans already celebrated with him ten days ago. Many photos of the birthday party were uploaded to his website. Andy jokingly said he was busy shooting a movie in Macau, and spent even more time going over the photos again and again.

Andy’s parents also attended the birthday party, but his wife, Carol Chu (朱麗倩), and daughter were not present, adding a shroud of secrecy and privacy of his personal life.

“I Will Never Give Up on Hong Kong Movies”

Cold War stars Aaron Kwok (郭富城), Tony Leung (梁家輝), and Aarif Lee (李治廷). Compelled by the story, Andy wanted to be greatly involved in the making of the film. Andy had only praises for the executive producer of the movie, William Kong (江志強). Andy said, “William has spent so much time and energy on Hong Kong movies, and his life experiences are similar to my own. He’s one of my idols, and I am very glad to be in this movie.”

Expressing utmost respect and admiration for the production team, Andy said, “The executive, producer, director, and actors are all very passionate about Hong Kong style movies, and want to keep the flame burning. I want to be a big part of it;I will never give up on Hong Kong movies!”

Source: Sing Tao

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  1. Andy is a prudent father realizing that care for his daughter is once in a lifetime experience versus starring in movies which come and go especially easy with his movie acting and drawing power caliber…

  2. And I immediately thought “and his wife is a full time housewife and so what is she doing?” until I realise of course what he means is he wants to spend more time with his family. Fair enough!

  3. Good of him to want to spend time with his family! Kids grow up so fast, parents will be sad to miss important moments in their life.

  4. Don think we’ll b able to get a glimpse of his daughter until she is all grown up.

    1. Andy has confessed that his daughter must be brought up like Kate Middleton but too bad, Kate Middleton even has topless scandal too he…he…he…don”t you can have a glimpse…

      1. I read that the topless picture is not really topless but her in a bikini and she was vacationing with her husband. So, actually nothing scandalous.

      2. With her two breasts & nipples showing to the papprazzi & she is the future queen lol nothing wrong.

      3. Kidd,
        Kate was in topless in the photos…and allegedly her photos have been circulating nonstop on websites.

      4. Kidd, Kate Middleton was very very topless. And one even had her bikini a bit lowered to see her butt crack. It is scandalous ONLY because she is the future Queen of England. If others, no one will even care.

  5. I’m glad Andy said this, or the gossips would of been saying he is getting a downgrade because he is endorsing TVB.

  6. couldn’t the make up artist and photoshop pros have done a better job making him look less old?

    1. why need photoshop.. need to show everyne tht evn superstars grow old.

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