Andy Lau on the Changing Standards for Actors

In the entertainment industry for four decades, Andy Lau (劉德華) is known for his extreme professionalism and work ethic. Despite being one of Hong Kong’s most prolific and popular superstars, Andy continues to stay humble and is more than willing to lend a helping hand to his fellow costars in times of need. In addition to being popular with the audience, Andy is also popular among costars and other artistes due to his kind nature and generosity.

In a recent interview, Andy shared his perspective on artistes of his generation, also known as Hong Kong’s golden era. He believes that there are two types of actors – one type who are like Chow Yun Fat (周潤發) and Tony Leung’s (梁朝偉) caliber, who are naturally gifted and talented in the art of acting, while the second type are good people who can also accept and embrace opinions. Identifying with the latter type, Andy attributed his work ethic to his desire for continuous improvement and his love for entertainment art.

Although artistes from the golden era are heralded as superstars, the actors of today seem to be viewed in a less prestigious light. Opening up about his perspective on today’s new rising artistes, the 59-year-old attributed this to the change in today’s standards. “Today, being on time is considered a virtue. Isn’t being on time a responsibility and a must? I think this expectation needs to be re-evaluated! Perhaps the requirements today are different from before. Things such as being on time and doing your homework and remembering your lines are considered to be of high merit.”

Despite lamenting about the declining standards in today’s generation, Andy believes that perhaps he needs to change his mindset to adapt to the changing culture. “Now, I feel that I am wrong. The world is changing, but I am still caught up in the past. I shouldn’t force others to abide by my values, methods, or rhythm of work.”

Source: HK01

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  1. No, you are right to stick to your values Andy! Those reasons are exactly why actors were so much better back then! Actor now are all divas! Before actors also respected the director’s and producers more, acknowledge that each movie they are cast in is an opportunity given to them. Now actors have this mentality thats the directors and producers are lucky to have them smh.

  2. LOL, sounds like Andy had met too many unprofessional new Gen artistes that force him learn to learn such unprofessionl practise are common place.
    Goodness, those artiste should feel so ashame of themselves.

  3. lol His backtracking is generous because he has the seniority to criticize.

    Honestly, he’s correct. Showing up on time and doing your job well should be the expectation and not the exception.

  4. times changed la. back in the days, only kids from the slums go for entertainment but now, it is filled w/ rich gens and high educated people. one can understand why they don’t respect their pals – directors/PA, etc b/c the new generation probably see them as second class citizen w/ less $$, power, connection and education. it’s interesting to see how things just flipped around. now the poor folks have even a harder time b/c not only due to the grilled working conditions but also peer pressure from all these snoobs.

    1. @m0m0 Interesting points….I can see who are some of those brats based on their acting- likely sponsored by their parents.

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