Andy Lau to Appear in “Iron Man 3” If He Can Juggle New Father Role

By on April 26, 2012 in Movies, NEWS


Last week’s announcement that Iron Man 3 will start filming sent fans in a swirl of excitement! Aside from Robert Downey, Jr. reprising the titular superhero role, other actors linked with the project were Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Guy Pearce, Ben Kingsley, and Jessica Chastain. Scarlett Johansson will not resume her role as the sexy ‘Black Widow.’ Since China’s DMG Entertainment will co-produce Iron Man 3 with Walt Disney Co., it was known that they wished to add Andy Lau (劉德華) to the stellar cast list!

Andy Lau Will Portray Tony Stark’s Friend

With Iron Man 3 scheduled to film in Shanghai in May, negotiations were currently in their final stage. Disney allegedly wanted to cast a big Chinese star in the movie, to successfully ignite box office sales in China. Andy Lau, who had dominated Asian box offices for more than two decades, was the hot choice!

Disney hoped to cast Andy Lau as Tony Stark’s old friend, a brilliant scientist who develops advanced biotechnical weapons to help Iron Man defeat his enemy, Mandarin (Ben Kingsley). The story will take place amidst rising terrorist forces that vow to destroy international peace.

Will Andy Lau Be Able to Juggle Work and Family Life?

The filming offer for Iron Man 3 comes at a time that conflicts with a life-changing event for 50-year-old Andy Lau: the birth of his first daughter in early June. After trying unsuccessfully for many years, Andy’s 45-year-old wife, Carol Chu (朱丽倩), finally became pregnant last year. Andy was extremely watchful over Carol, who had entered the last trimester of her pregnancy. Reportedly spending $250,000 Yuan each month, Andy surrounded Carol with personal assistants and bodyguards to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

It was understood that Disney’s negotiations with Andy Lau went well. If Andy were able to ascertain that the filming schedule of Iron Man 3 will not affect his family life and the arrival of his baby daughter, he will likely accept the role. 


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Jayne:  When Jet Li and Nina Li’s baby was born, he turned down “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.” Will Andy Lau choose to spend more time with his new baby, choosing to reject a high-profile film project?

36 comments to Andy Lau to Appear in “Iron Man 3” If He Can Juggle New Father Role

  1. shu says:

    i think chow yun fat will be more suitable for the rol of a scientist andy looks more like a warrior

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  2. exoidus says:

    I hope this is not a 5 min role for Andy. Wouldn’t be surprised though it’s so typical Hollywood.

    Using Andy as an insurance for the huge China market.

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    • advo replied:

      I think it very well could be. Tony is a brilliant scientist – I don’t see them making much screen time available for another “brilliant scientist”. Since the main villain is not Chinese, any Chinese actors will likely just be fluff. Token for ethnicity and perhaps a marketing draw.

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    • Jason replied:

      yeah knowing that few years back Hollywood laughed at Andy when he wanted to do hollywood films. they were like WTF are you?

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      • NP replied:

        When you said “Holloywood laughed at Andy”? Who exactly are you talking about?

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  3. sexy says:

    they better make andy look good in the film. hopefully he can steal the show.

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    • lcly77 replied:

      Yes, hopefully..

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  4. Fox says:

    No Scarlett Johansson? It’s like Transformer 3 without Megan Fox.

    If it isn’t Andy, I hope for Tony Leung who I blv is a better actor.

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    • advo replied:

      Uhm what? Transformers performed just as well without Megan, but comparing Black Widow to Megan’s character is far-fetched. Black Widow wasn’t even in IM, and she wasn’t a good thing in IM2. IM2 was basically just a prequel to The Avengers and suffered narratively because of it. Sure Megan was just eye candy in the Transformers but she was still the female lead.

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      • Fox replied:

        Nope, I’m comparing the sexy level, haha.

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    • Addy replied:

      I have to say thank goodness Megan Fox wasn’t in Transformers 3 because she really dragged down the films for me. I liked the Victoria’s Secret model A LOT more.

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      • Fox replied:

        I liked Megan Fox more :P.

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      • vcn replied:

        Oh no, a chic that can fight is much cooler in an action-packed show like “Transformers.”

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    • lcly77 replied:

      What about Jay Chou?

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      • J,njk replied:

        HA! seriously?? wtf would jay chou portray? they want a scientist….not some singer.

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      • Vivien replied:

        Jay Chou will fit if the role is expressionless

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  5. Funn Lim says:

    I think Andy will accept. He is a workaholic. Anyway Ben Kingsley YEAH and never expected Andy Lau, which to me is another yeah but I hope is english is good unless Tony Stark speaks mandarin. I am excited for this sequel.

    And thank god no Scarlett!

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    • msxeroz replied:

      btw, can Andy speak english? I think scarlett is good but, her role as Black Widow isnt memorable. Get rid of her is a good choice.

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    • NX replied:

      If he plays a Chinese Scientist, he can just speak English with an accent, it can be even more persuasive for the role.

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      • looooo replied:

        I have done a research on marvel’s iron man ‘s chronicles.If the whole event gonna featured in china . Most probably iron man gonna face a villian named “mandarin”

        Sypnosis of the story based on marvel comics:-

        When Stark tried to set up a branch of Stark Enterprises in Hong Kong, Iron Man and the Mandarin came into conflict. The Mandarin had taken the name of Zhang Tong, and had become a financial leader in Hong Kong. As Tong, he controlled a number of government officials and industry leaders of Hong Kong. The Mandarin thwarted all of Stark’s attempts to set up a business branch, even resorting to murder. The Mandarin now employed a group called the Hand to do his dirty work. When on a mission, a Hand member is allowed to take one of the Mandarin’s rings and use its powers. As a precaution, if the Hand member were to be captured, he would fanatically try to kill himself. If the Hand member were to be killed or knocked out, the ring would automatically teleport back to the Mandarin. The Mandarin’s agents kidnapped James Rhodes and several of Stark’s other employees, forcing Iron Man into single combat in exchange for their lives. Iron Man defeated the Mandarin once again, and helped Stark’s employees escape the Hand. Ironically, the Mandarin’s minions were left without their weapons when their master was knocked unconscious, causing his rings to teleport back to him automatically and leaving them unarmed and unable to stop Stark’s employees from fleeing.[volume & issue needed] At one point, during a period in which the then thought-dead X-Men had disbanded, the mutant heroine Psylocke passed through the mystic portal known as the Siege Perilous. The portal relocated her to an Asian shore, leaving her an amnesiac. The man known as Matsu’o Tsurayaba found her and believed he could save his brain-dead lover Kwannon by switching her mind with Psylocke.[volume & issue needed]

        He made an arrangement with the Mandarin to help him with the switch, since his rings would be able to cause the mind-switch. Working with the woman known as Spiral, they were able to switch the minds of the two women. Mandarin then put Psylocke (now in Kwannon’s body) through conditioning, causing her to believe herself to be Lady Mandarin, the Mandarin’s assassin. During this time, the Mandarin teamed up with several other villains during the Acts of Vengeance. He also confronted the Avengers.[volume & issue needed]

        After completing several assignments for him, Psylocke was eventually rescued by her X-Men teammate Wolverine and his then-sidekick, Jubilee. The three then defeated the Mandarin, causing events which led to the Mandarin’s leaving the Hand.[volume & issue needed]

        Some time later, the Mandarin discovered that one of his rings was an elaborate counterfeit. One of his underlings had betrayed him, surrendering the ring to Chen Hsu, an ancient wizard who lived in San Francisco. Hsu, elfin in appearance but puissant in power, gave up the ring to the Mandarin, who collapsed as soon as he put it on. Chen Hsu tended to him, removing the veil of confusion from his mind; soon the Mandarin realized that his memories had been fragmented because of the theft of the ring, because the rings were still linked to his consciousness.[volume & issue needed]

        Next Chen Hsu made the Mandarin a strange offer which involved the two of them traveling to the Valley of the Dragons. There, he used a magic herb to awaken Fin Fang Foom, an ancient and incredibly powerful dragon. Under the control of Hsu, the dragon obeyed the Mandarin, laying waste to an army sent by the Chinese government to stop him. Soon the Mandarin claimed a third of China’s territory, and the authorities sent out a call for help to the only man who had consistently defeated him or had had any effectiveness in foiling his plans: Iron Man.[volume & issue needed]

        When Iron Man confronted the Mandarin and Fin Fang Foom, it soon became clear that there were other plans in motion: eight other dragons appeared. It was revealed that, many thousands of years ago, a number of aliens from the planet Kakaranathara, fourth planet of the star Maklu, had traveled to Earth to look for the conflict which was unknown in their culture and which they craved. The ship had crashed, forcing them to stay on Earth for thousands of years. Then, the Mandarin had found the ship and had claimed their rings. Now, they demanded them back, but he refused them. Iron Man forcibly combined his power with the rings, and managed to destroy the Makluan dragons. The Mandarin survived in a comatose state, but his hands were vaporized in the blast.[volume & issue needed]

        For months, he lay in a state between life and death, in the care of a peasant woman who did not even know who he was. Over time, his hands grew back, though they did so as reptilian claws, and the rings called to him again, to reclaim them.[volume & issue needed]

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    • HeTieShou replied:

      He may or may not since his wife is going to be due in a few more months. I don’t think he wants to miss the birth of his daughter.He may take it if is a short cameo role.

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  6. Grace says:

    Hope Andy wont take it.
    He dont need it.
    The movie wont do anything for him, so what for.
    Fact that movie is being shot in China itself can guarantee chinese viewship already.

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    • Canto replied:

      Andy is 50? Wow… I can’t imagine if I am 50!

      Hollywood sure came knocking late… don’t they…?

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      • HeTieShou replied:

        Yea, he is and time really flies.

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  7. sushiroll says:

    I bet it’s just a kelefere role. Hollywood is racist.

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    • NP replied:

      Well, in their defense, it’ll be hard to cast someone as a lead if they don’t speak flawless English. Jackie Chan and Chow Yun Fat are limited in the roles they can play because of that.

      You also can’t blame Hollywood for that, what kind of roles do “non-Chinese” actors get in Hong Kong productions? It’s not hard to understanding why.

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  8. Addy says:

    The doctor that saved Tony Stark’s life was supposed to be Chinese, but the actor wasn’t.

    If they’re planning on having this “Chinese scientist friend” to be a small role, don’t even bother to cast Andy.

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  9. EkinFan says:

    I’am glad they chose andy lau to represent for the chinese

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  10. fez says:

    can andy speak good English?

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    • Funn Lim replied:

      Like Tony Leung, yes he can, grammatically correct but with heavy HK accent

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  11. annie says:

    I am not Chinese but I do LOVE & RESPECT Andy Lau…he is such a sucessful actor..Who cares if he can speak English well or not..can alway subtitle..Hollywood needs him not the other way around..10000% support Andy Lau.

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  12. NP says:

    The truth is… Hollywood doesn’t need him. But he also doesn’t need Hollywood.

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  13. hcfoo says:

    Sounds like a cheap publicity. Andy would’ve gone to Hollywood many years ago but why only wait till now?

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