Andy Lau’s Daughter Visits Grandparents in Malaysia Without Him

Lunar New Year is a time when family and friends gather together, but for the superstar Andy Lau (劉德華), he won’t be able to do that until after the season ends.

Last Saturday, Andy’s wife Carol Chu (朱麗倩) was spotted in the Hong Kong International Airport with their three year old daughter Hanna. The mother and daughter were catching a flight to Malaysia, where Carol’s parents’ graves reside.

Though Carol was aware that they were being followed, she did not attempt to cover Hanna’s face or find another escape route with her bodyguards. Carol even stayed around longer to chat with some of Andy’s fans.

Hanna, who turns four in May, has large round eyes like her mother and a sharp nose like her father. She was calm while a domestic helper carried her, and even curiously watched some of the reporters that were following them.

According to reports, Andy and Carol would visit Malaysia at least once a year to visit Carol’s late parents. However, due to work obligations, Andy was unable to take time off to catch the same flight with Carol and Hanna this year, leaving the mother and daughter to pay the Chu grandparents a new year visit themselves first.

Another source said that Andy believed it would be better if he didn’t catch the same flight with Hanna, as he would most likely attract a crowd.

Nonetheless, Andy said he would be paying respects to Carol’s parents as soon as he finishes work. Sources say he would be visiting Malaysia in early March.


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  1. poorly translated article. Carol’s parents don’t actually reside in Malaysia. They are buried there. Her parents passed away years ago. According to the article, Carol is bringing Hanna to Malaysia to pay her respects.

  2. hanna is so adorable.
    i found article strange…remember carol’s parents have already passed away much earlier.

  3. @abc123a when I first saw the picture I’m like wait a minute is she pregnant again? So you’re not the only one who think she’s pregnant I am too because her stomach are growing little. Too bad there’s no news about her being pregnant again. Hannah really need another sibling since her dad is a busy man that way she won’t be too lonely.

      1. @abc123a yes you’re right but it’s not common at her age. It’s biologically possible of cos as long as she hasn’t menopaused but at 50 she’s likely already perimenopausal thus more difficult to get pregnant. Appreciate a friendly discussion but your tone is rather racist.

      2. @abc123a Actually i think it’s more an Asian thing than just chinese so in that respect yes your comments are rather racist. Anyways whatever anyone says parenthood after 50 comes with a lot more baggage. Eg will the child be born healthy/normal ? Will i still be around to take care of my child? Will i still be able to work to support my child? Will i be able to communicate with my child (generation gap much wider than with younger parents) ? Will i be able to keep up with the physical demands of parenthood?

      3. @abc123a @isay

        As much as I dislike abc, I can’t see any racism at all in any of his/her previous comments. You could say that ‘it is discrimination against chinese people’ if you think the comments are untrue. If it’s true then its not even discrimination. Racism is believing one race is inferior to another.. I can’t see any of that at all here!

      4. @isay
        You should pull out of the argument right here before you take more damage. Nobody said ‘All’ chinese think in this way. I think abc is trying to say the general perception in China is that women should marry and have children at a young age. If you disagree then you should be accusing abc of ‘Discriminaton’ towards chinese people and not ‘Racism’. I know a lot of people get mixed up. His/her comments ‘sounds racist to you’ is not enough for it to be racist. It’s either racist or it’s not and it is definitely not in this case otherwise I’m sure everyone would have pounced on abc and ripped him/her apart by now!

      5. @abc123a
        I agree with that point. Even if there are 1% more people in China than in the west who think that women should marry and have children before 30 then it is a valid point. Not discrimination nor ‘racism?????

      6. @isay
        It’s not ruled out that other parts of Asia think this way as well. All you have to do is research on the average age of marriage in different countries and compare them. It won’t take long. I think ABC quickly mentioned chinese instead of Asia because everyone here is more familiar with China than the other countries in Asia. It’s not meant to be limited to ‘just China’ I think.

      7. @jimmyszeto pl refer to last sentence of feb 28@ 2.32 post. I live in Asia and i can tell you that this is the general mentality of Asians (not limited to Chinese).

      8. @isay
        Although I don’t live in Asia, the previous few generations that have emigrated still think this way. I think it’s more difficult for a woman to marry after 30. There’s no right and wrong though especially regarding having children. Negatives are that young couples get tied down when they should be focused on career. Positives are more energy to raise kids, better communication and likely of financial security when raising child.

      9. @abc123a Carry on shouting as loudly as you want/can. I’ve already said earlier “Change your comments to Asian people and i will have no issue with all that you wrote”. I’ve got your admission as such and no longer have an issue with you. You may continue to abuse me verbally but it won’t bother me. Btw, it’s just me and me alone here. I’m not who you think I may be a thousand and one other identities here. Makes me scratch my head why you might think that way though.

      10. @isay
        I was accused by ABC that I’m freedalas a few days ago. I have been involved in an argument all day long with freedalas today. Probably still thinks I’m all 3 of us. I wish I was so gifted and can’t split myself into so many personalities. I mean even the language is different. I’m stuck in liverpool, England and won’t be in Asian till my next holiday.

      11. @jimmyszeto haha i know about that earlier accusation. I was amused because, clearly you and Freedalas are 2 different people. Oops, I’m talking to myself again……hahaha…….good nite.

      12. @isay

        I’m going to take it as a compliment although I don’t want to be linked to freedalas and freedalas must be coughing blood right now being linked to me.I must be a genius though to carry out such a heist. I don’t know what made her think ‘I’ve given it away’. I would go out out of my way to disprove these accusations if I believe I’m going to get anything close to an apology at the end of it. For some reason,I don’t think I will get that and it is as clear as day that I’m not related to any other account.

      13. @abc123a

        I swear down. I have one account only. If you still have our previous disagreement in mind then that’s fair enough. Can’t you see that I’m engaging in a battle with freedalas?. I haven’t got 4 pairs of hands and 4 computers you know.

      14. @jimmyszeto @abc123a

        you got to admit, arguing with yourself takes a lot of time and effort. and most definitely show that you must be really bored or something to be arguing with yourself on an entertainment “forum”/website. judging from how jimmy types in comparison to freedalas, im quite sure their two different people; giving that no one will go as crazy to fighting with themselves lol

      15. @akinu
        I wouldn’t say anything Akina. You will probably flick abc’s switch and a full volume of abuse will head your way soon. This is the standard thing with him/her nowadays. Or alternatively you might be accused as being Jimmyszeto as well. I’m not just freedalas. I’m apparently supposed to be freedalas, @isay and myself too. So 3 people. I will need to think 10 times quicker than wong cho lam to pull this off. I would also need to open at least 2 devices and type 2 totally different posts with both hands to make it work. If anybody can do this it’s the best bit of multitasking anyone has ever witnessed.

      16. @jimmyszeto in all honesty, i can really careless who decides to use abuse towards me, rather it’s freedalas (got into a long time argument with them until i got bored of their immaturity) or abc123a or anyone else; if they feel like bashing, i will reply for a few days before i decide to stop stooping as low as them in being childish in wanting to win an argument (but apparently that’s being a chicken according to someone). i dislike drama and hate to be involved in one so i choose my words before posting. but even then, i still somehow offend someone…

      17. @Akinu

        I agree but sometimes it’s difficult because if I don’t fire back they will think they are right. I have learned this the hard way now and can’t be bothered firing back. I was also trying to prove I’m not abusing the use of the website by opening multiple accounts. I think I have achieved this decisively now with your help so now I can get back to my own life and just read entertainment news occasionally when an article interests me. Thanks

      18. @jimmyszeto help? lol i did nothing but state what i thought. you dont sound like freedalas to me is all i wanted to put out there. yeah, let’s all just get on with our own lives and come on here now and then to read what interests us all.

      19. @akinu I posted that I don’t think jimmyszeto is that crazy person nor that Isay person but not sure why my comment was put under “waiting for approval?” their style of writing is def. different. No one can be crazy like crazy. maybe because I put down I don’t find abc123a remark was rac**t that trigger the approval? Oh well.. doesn’t matter…

        move on for sure.

      20. @happybi reply to both of your comments because im lazy like that lol. yes, that person will feign victim, which is annoying and funny at the same time. i see, so you also see like me that all three are three complete different strangers. abc must have felt attacked to have said that, which i dont blame him/her. i didnt find her comment racist either but it’s whatever. let’s all move on

      21. @akinu @happybi

        I supported abc123a because I thought her comments were ‘not racist’ and I still think the comments aren’t racist right now. All of a sudden I got attacked because he/she thought she spotted something that wasn’t there. Anyway, i’m sure people not involved that have read the posts will be able to see a much clearer picture. Anyway,thats just a misunderstanding. i only have a problem with freedalas because anyone resorting to posting about sxx, self pleasure, and other censored words after running out of ideas does not deserve to be on this site.

      22. @jimmyszeto I read that comment that crazy wrote already when she posted it. But I just ignore it as i find if you response to her nasty comment, she will just bad mouth them even more. Which give her more reason to come back here. Ignoring is the best solution as she is mental so @akinu , @abc123a and I come to realize its pointless arguing with someone who doesn’t see that she is mental. Sometime its hard so I will post something then will go back into ignore mode. Ha!!!!

        From the looks of thing, seem like abc123a account got disabled. Why the crazy person account is still active is beyond me…….

      23. @happybi

        Oh I though abc was just taking a break. Yeh I think freedalas is just trying to get a reaction from someone.Even he himself doesent believe it’s true what he has written.

      24. @abc123a
        I love this site but I found a common occurrence that the members on here are very stubborn. Nobody ever holds their hand up and say ‘my bad’ when proven 100% wrong. They come back again and again and again and get destroyed repeatedly.

      25. @isay not everyone equal the same. Rather she’s being pregnant or not will find out. At her age being pregnant again definitely should not be a problem since this is not her first pregnancy and she’s rich too can hired more nanny if they wanted to.

  4. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

  5. carol does look a little swelled up.
    if she is pregnant, it’s not surprising since andy is keen to have a son.

    as for having kids at an advanced age, the baby’s health is a big concern. the mother being older may have some problems coping with the active toddler.

  6. Everyone goes to visit family just as everyone goes to the toilet. This is not worthy of being a news article.

  7. She could be pregnant as with IVF its still possible. As long as body is healthy and they have the ability to raise the child themselves think its ok to have kids at that late in age. Better then those who have kids and can’t finicially support them or worst use their kids to get welfare.

    Hanna is sooo cute!!!

  8. Noticed that Jayne has deleted most of the comments from me abc and jimmy. Thus the comments no longer make head or tail. Racist or not is a matter of perception but i felt offended by the tone . Since abc has clarified that what he/ she wrote does not just apply to chinese people i no longer have any issue with him/ her though he/ she unleashed on me a torrent of verbal abuse in the course of our exchanges. The funniest part however was when he/she suddenly thought that jimmy and i were the same person talking to myself. Anyways whatever, it’s time to move on.

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