Angela Tong Cries Over Bashing of Daughter’s Looks

No parents want to hear that their baby is ugly. Angela Tong (湯盈盈) and Chin Ka Lok’s (錢嘉樂) one-year-old baby daughter, Alyssa Chin (錢凱晴), received many remarks on social media that bashed her looks recently.

Since giving birth in March, Angela often accepts interviews with Alyssa by her side. Recently, a family photo of the Chin family was uploaded onto a website, causing many netizens to laugh and comment rudely that Alyssa looked more like a boy.

One netizen wrote, “To be honest, [the baby] is super ugly!” While another commented, “If the mother were Lee San San (李珊珊), would the baby be prettier?”

Having read the offensive remarks, Angela reportedly cried from being angry and upset. In response the netizen’s mean posts, Chin Ka Lok bitterly joked that they will have a son next time. Ka Lok also urged Angela to disregard the comments as long as their daughter is healthy.

Before the posts about Alyssa’s boyish looks rolled in, Eric Tsang (曾志偉) previously teased Alyssa. Eric said, “It’s a tragedy for her to look like her father!” At that time, Chin Ka Lok only took it as a joke and responded, “The super trio master (Eric) said that my daughter looking like her father is a tragedy, but I said that she’s very beautiful. It doesn’t matter who she resembles. To me, it’s more like a comedy. She looks like Yuen Biao (元彪) and Meng Hai (孟海) right now, but she’ll grow up to be pretty.”

Tries For Second Child

Chin Ka Lok revealed that the couple has plans for a second child, and stated that Angela has begun exercising to maintain her health. Good friends, Janet Chow (周家蔚) and Annie Man (文頌嫻) will also try to have their second babies at the same time. Angela likes to exchange parenting tips with Janet and Annie when they meet up.

Nearly 40 years old, Angela decided to minimize her workload in order to rest and prepare for a second pregnancy. Angela also began seeing traditional Chinese herbalist, Chiu Siu Ping (趙少萍), so she can stay in good health. Known to providing medicine to guarantee having a son, actresses such as Kelly Chen (陳慧琳) and Janet Chow have been her customers.


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  1. People online can be so mean when they are hiding behind a computer. Alyssa does look like Chin Ka Lok and like a boy now but it doesn’t matter as when they grow older, their looks will change. My daughter look just her Dad and like a boy until she turned 4.. then she’s all princess now. So only time will tell and people who doesn’t have nice things to say should keep it to themselves!

    1. Hi happybi,
      Yes, I fully agree with you. These ppl who bashed about the looks of the baby clearly are not parents themselves or they just find happiness to say something not nice to make their day.

      I agree that no parents want to hear that their baby is ugly. Children’s face changed, who knows she may not be so pretty today but she’ll become prettier as she grows.

      1. The baby is cute especially the smile makes her very photogenic. She may look like a boy or even resemble the father, but definitely not ugly. My daughter also looks like a boy at the age of 1-2, in fact a little monk but I am proud of her because very cute. So dont worry as long as she is healthy and happy. These are blessing.

  2. Hahaha LOL…she does look a bit ‘ahhh’ on the second pic but first one is still cute.
    Angela Tong actually can be called pretty at times so this tells and proves that having good looking parents does NOT mean you will get an equally good looking baby. haha LOL…
    My uncle is good looking and wife is OK pretty as well but babies came out only as SO SO haha lol…
    I have a really really pretty aunt and UGLY husband she has but her children are BOTH BEAUTIFUL ahhaah lol…so you never know….

      1. Yes, that’s exactly what my moms says. haha. Don’t say anything b/c you don’t have kids yet hahaah… She was like you think you will have a pretty kid just b/c you are not bad looking you never know hahha LOL…

  3. People are so rude and act like they’re the prettiest/most handsome human on earth. *rolls eyes* Alyssa does look like her Dad a lot and very tomboy-ish looking, but she’s not “super ugly.” Angela shouldn’t care what other people say about her child, just give her unconditional love. Besides, if they can take Eric’s comment as a joke, then why can’t they just brush off other folks’ negativity. Cares too much about what other people think, smh.

    1. *Don’t care too much about what other people think

  4. ppl could be so mean havent dont listen to them Angela!! The most important is the bb health why pay attention to those judgemental ppl around you stay strong be happy wish you the best to you and your family!!

  5. Childrens look change all the time, I bet she will look cute and prettier after a few year.

  6. That is REALLY mean and uncalled for! Every child is precious and a blessing; they should NEVER be the object of trolling or mean-spirited jokes. Please please PLEASE be considerate to not only the parents, but also the child. What’s important is that the child is healthy and happy.

    “If it is not truthful and not helpful, don’t say it. If it is truthful and not helpful, don’t say it. If it is not truthful yet helpful, don’t say it. If it is truthful and helpful, wait for the right time.” — Gautama Buddha

  7. Don’t worry Angela!!!!!! They say that when a baby isn’t good looking, they will turn into a beautiful goddess in future!!

    Ummm hello? The Ugly duckling story!!!

  8. All children are beautiful! They are little angels to remind us to love innocently. I think Alyssa is a happy girl with sweet smiles. Her parents are blessed to have a healthy and smiley baby.

  9. Not ugly but plain. But then this child has years to grow or blossom. In time all little girls will be pretty. Drop dead gorgeous is a different matter. But like I said calling this happy girl ugly is uncalled for. I will just say she is plain looking only in so far as how her parents dress her. Put her in a nice dress, grow her hair, put cutesy stuff and voila! Pretty child.

    1. I beg to differ. I think she’s fine as she is and there’s no need to personalise her looks just for the sake of people’s eyes.

      And no it’s not unfortunate to look like her father. It’s a blessing for a child to look similar to their parents and we shouldn’t hope a baby to inherit looks from the better looking party. Just no.

  10. She does look like her father though which is unfortunate. But there’s always the thing called cosmetic improvement although I will stress some children takes time to blossom, what is unfortunate or plain now may be supermodel material. Look at those Chinese supermodels. All looking strange but yet something that makes then become model. That sort.

    1. There is always a thing called plastic surgery. Obviously, if the baby or the parents were korean, the baby would have already been sent to a doctor immediately to have a ‘transformation’.

    2. Agreed! If it’s not broken don’t f!ck with it. Lucky for her, daddy isn’t Wong Cho Lam. That’s ugly. 🙁

    3. why would you encourage cosmetic improvement at such a young age? There’s two types of girls at a young age: either the tomboy-type or the girly-girl type.


    1. “女大十八变”

      Yup, b!tch alert. 😀 🙁 LOL!

  11. There is no ugly children, only ugly minded people would think a child is ugly! These people are so mean! I think the girl is cute!

  12. Honestly, Chinese people can be so harsh and critical when it comes to children and their physical beauty. This is speaking from personal experience. It’s sad to hear comments like this. She’s a baby! Is it necessary to be that harsh?!

  13. We have our fair share of baby-bashers on jaynestars.

  14. she does look like china ka lok. she’s cute in the first pic. it’s okay, all babies look like a boy when they’re young. my girl dresses all in pink is always mistaken for a boy.

  15. That’s terrible. I wonder how these people would feel if their children got mocked like this? Oh wait, they don’t and probably won’t have any…Anyway, Alyssa is cute as a button so Angie has nothing to worry about.

  16. Aww, that’s horrible.
    She looks cute in the first pic, I’m sure it’s just a bad angle for the second pic. 🙁

  17. Why are we even saying the first pic is cuter and defending the second pic? We should not even judge kids in the cute or not category. .. just imho.

  18. Tbh I’ve been told that if you were a ugly baby you’ll grow up looking beautiful/handsome. Haha

    But really though, why bash a child?…that just shows how childish those commenters were.

  19. Don’t worry, as long as the parents have money, just send her to korea to have plastic surgeries for double eye lips and etc… she will look like a Kpop star.

  20. 2nd baby will likely look better. 3rd baby will likely look even better. haha 🙂

  21. lolz… one comment to all negative comments… is that..if you don’t want your now and/or future kid(s) to look ugly, best not to put negative comment a/b other people b/c you never know when it will hit back at you…hahahaha..
    my 1cent

  22. if a child is ugly, they will grow up pretty. Honestly, all babies are wonderfully made. Angela’s daughter is beautiful and although she may not consider to be adorable or cute in other people’s eyes, as long as the baby is healthy and grows up to be a good person, then it beats down many “pretty” in society already.

  23. As a girl myself, girls tend to change for the better in their late teens. Dunno why, we just become more feminine overnight

    1. Probably adjusting to that time of the month. 😀 🙁 LOL!

  24. She will grow up beautiful! Some People on social media can be really mean and rude.

  25. Actually Chin Ka Lok isn’t that bad. I found him quite good-looking back in the 90s (from TVB series) and his brother Chin Siu Ho was also good-looking back then. Angela Tong is quite pretty in my opinion. Now the baby is just one year old, we can’t tell whether she’s ugly or not. Let’s just wait! Time will prove.

  26. What the heck is wrong with the hong kong people. Do they expect such purity and perfection from their own that they are even attacking an innocent toddler with cruel, mean and uncalled for comments. These people are pathetic.

    I see nothing wrong with the little toddler’s looks. Why are these losers saying she looks like a boy?. Every little girl is not going to have long, flowing hair. These comments are beyond, dumb, uneducated and disgusting, but then again, what else can you expect.

    I guess they expected the child to look like an angel whose beauty is beyond words because she is the daughter of two celebs. I really can’t believe such illiterate morons really exist.

    Hey Angela, your daughter is wonderful, precious and beautiful. Stop the tears and love your precious bundle that God had given you. There are many women who can’t even have a child, so stop crying and be happy. These pathetic losers and their asinine comments are not worth your time or your tears.

    1. Not only Hongkong people are mean, we have a few here who are just as mean. Remember how they criticize baby, Aiden Joshua? Mean people is everywhere.

      1. Yup,I guess some of us forgot about all of the mean and ugly comments in Leehom’s thread when his daughter was born. Sadly,there are so many mean and cruel as well as evil people in this world.

        I once watched this program about how superficial the people in China and Korea are. They even said that it is the outside that counts. That is sad that people are becoming so shallow these days which is why plastic surgery is so popular.

        Anyways Angela should just ignore all of those mean comments because they will not affect her and her family. As long as she and her family are happy and healthy,that is all that matters.

      2. BTW, are you a vegan or a vegetarian. 😀 🙁 LOL!

      3. Wish some people will learn the difference between mean, cruel and EVIL. Can’t recall anyone personally bashing the ‘Wang’baby. Some people in their sheeple state of worship will mistake anything said about their ds as mean or cruel, but then again, I guess the truth can be harsh at time.

        @Jenny, yes, who can forget the bashing of baby Aiden Joshua. Yes that was mean. To bash the parents is one thing, but no one should bash an innocent baby and call that baby names and such.

      4. Is that your best shot. You’re one small potato. 😀 🙁 LOL!

      5. BTW, most of us are small potatoes but you happen to be the smallest. 😀 🙁 LOL!

      6. Based on HTS’s claim, I purposely go to the Leehom thread to see how Trini bashed other babies.

        I didn’t find any baby bashing by Trini. Trini only bashed the parents because he thinks the couple are putting up a farce to hide Leehom’s real sexuality. Trini didn’t criticise Leehom because he hates gays. He criticised Leehom because he thinks that Leehom is putting up a fake front, even to the extend of getting married to maintain it. But, HTS misunderstood Trini and thought he hates gays.

        Trini, on the other hand, also mistaken HTS as a Leehom fan who is in denial of her idol being gay. This is also not true as HTS is not Leehom’s fan (her own words) and also not a homephobe. HTS was most probably just annoyed that Trini gave his sarcastic negative criticism on this happy occasion instead of just congratulating the couple.

        Trini and HTS should have been good friends instead of enemies. You guys both hate the same thing, i.e. celebrity lying and being fake. HTS, remember how you said you hate celebs lying through their teeth?

        So, let shake hands and be friends. 🙂

  27. Grace’s kid photo didn’t show a beauty but hey, she grew up to be Miss HK.

    1. @kiwi

      I m having a great day, lol. I guess if I deliver my best shot, the potatoes smaller than myself do not have the capability to comprehend what I am saying, lol. HAVE NICE DAY, LOL.

    2. Thank Kiwi

      coming from YOU, I take hat as a compliment. Do have a nice day, and may God bless you.

  28. This is one type of news that angers / irritate me. I don’t understand why some people have to be so mean to an innocent child. She’s just a baby, leave her alone! Do we really need to apply these false and narrow ideas of beauty onto a baby? Unbelievable!

  29. Don’t worry, my friend’s daughter looks like a boy too when small but now at 5, she looks preety and cute. Looks do change when the baby grows up.

  30. My niece looked like his dad when she was young and not pretty. Now she’s 8 and look like her pretty mum. “Ugly duckling will turn into a beautiful swan”

  31. I think it’s fairly normal for babies to look like boys. Shame on people who makes such rude comments about babies.

  32. The baby looks 100% like daddy lol. Daddy Chin Ka Lok must be so proud to create an exact replica of him haha.

    When my sister was born, she looked exactly like my dad too. And lemme tell you, everyone thought she was a boy (rightfully so.) But now she’s in her teens and she’s grown so girly – you would never mistake her for a boy. And her face has balanced out a lot of the boyish features and morphed them into girly attributes.

    So you never know with girls really haha.

  33. Cruel to make fun of a child based on looks. Besides, sometimes kids don’t grow into their looks until later.

  34. Ipv6 could fix all of this. 😉
    Some people are heartless.
    Karma will deal with it.

  35. The baby’s looks is a combination of both parents. The dad is plain, mom is so-so, thus she turns out not pretty but she isn’t ugly in the least bit. Anyway with the magic of make up and more drastically plastic surgery, there’s always ways to improve her looks when she grows up. Ugly can be beautiful in the future, who knows? Beauty standards change all the time. In fact some of the most famous super models are super ugly by conventional standards. Btw i think Eric’s comments were mean and uncalled for. He shld take a look in the mirror and at his own kids before laughing at others.

  36. Those netizens…they seriously have nothing better to do? A child is a blessing to the parents no matter how the child looks like and why mock an innocent child?

    My little baby looks like her dad and not one person did not mistaken her as a boy when she was a baby till she started growing out her hair. Now she is the gem of the whole family tree and a very adorable girl. They should ignore those comments and people that do not value add to their private lives!

  37. There’s no ugly baby. All babies are cute. Heard it from someone, boyish looking baby girl will grow up pretty. Both Alyssa’s parents are good looking. She will look good. Sometimes pretty face is not everything. Some faces wt character look more attractive. Hope Angela can read some of the nice things written here and feel better.

  38. Whether a baby is good looking or not it doesn’t mean they will look the same when they’re adults.
    To every parent, their own child is always beautiful/handsome/adorable. Most important is the child is born healthy and thriving. One cannot control what comes out from another person’s foul mouth or cruel mind and with the internet it gives free rein to cowards who have no guts to say things in person speak out as well, hence the term cyber bullying.
    Those who have such fun bashing others’ offsprings better hope they don’t plan to have children when married or whatever insults they throw out will come back and haunt them when their babies turn out looking different.

  39. I have tend to notice this a lot that daughters tend to resemble the dad more and sons resemble the mom in terms of physical appearance. I see this in almost 95% of my friends when shown their family photos. Of course there’s a mixture of both, but one side is always more prevalent.

  40. Angela Tong (& that include Janet Chow too) can take comfort that Gary Chaw’s daughter is the ugliest of all but nevertheless these children are all very cute though.

      1. Yes…ugly but cute with her (Grace) round chubby face…..but not pretty in my definition of dashing, good looking kids.

        All said, what is most important is the kid is healthy & a bubbly person.

  41. These people are so mean!!
    I was once an ugly child, so ugly even my mother also thinks I am ugly lol.
    Now that I am 22, I think I look pretty decent heh.
    Don’t worry about it, puberty will do its job!

  42. Alyssa looks very much like her father now. However, she may change later to reflect her mother’s prettiness.

  43. Why attack and criticise an innocent child, Folks ! We shouldn’t criticise others ppl children, there is a thing called KARMA ..tsk tsk ..

    1. Sadly, karma does not always work as we think it does. It is very inconsistent and has many holes.

  44. Those internet trolls shouldnt be cared. Bashing a baby, eww. Well, the most important is the health of the baby, other than that everything is meaningless. Children will change a lot when they grow up.

  45. I hope those people who negatively criticized this perfectly healthy looking child on her appearance will never have children of their own. They don’t deserve to have kids.

    1. Actually they do, because then their children are compared with someone else’s child. Luckily the girl is too young to understand. But in time, even if she is pretty, she will face the same pressure.

      1. I have kids of my own and I never bash other kids because of their looks. To see that many ppl making negative cmts about this baby’s looks tell a lot about what kind of society these ppl live in. If they have children, I feel sorry for their children to have such pathetic parents. I’m glad that I don’t live around ppl like them. Stay strong Lok’s family….for your beautiful precious child!

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