Angelababy and Bai Lu’s Fans Fight Over Popularity Claims

With Angelababy (楊穎) and Bai Lu (白鹿) both hosting the long-running variety program Keep Running <奔跑吧>, fans are currently at war over who is more popular on the show and which actress is driving the highest ratings.

After the production crew misspelled Angelababy’s name despite being a long-time host, fans became angry as they believe Angelababy was the main reason behind the show’s popularity. Unhappy with these claims, many of Bai Lu’s fans commented that viewership ratings peaked whenever the actress was onscreen.

Both Angelababy and Bai Lu have yet to comment on their alleged rivalry, which apparently is driven mainly by netizens. Fan camps began criticizing each other’s idols including their appearances. To make matters worse, someone claimed that Angelababy was personally unhappy with her screen time on Keep Running and lashed out at the production crew and at Bai Lu.

Yu Zheng’s Attempt at Being Peacemaker

Since producer Yu Zheng (于正) has worked with both Angelababy and Bai Lu, his social media was bombarded with questions on the alleged rivalry between the actresses. Although he is Bai Lu’s manager, Yu Zheng made a failed attempt at being  peacemaker. He exclaimed, “What is this nonsense? Both are great friends–where is this discord even coming from?”

Unhappy with his neutral response, some netizens brought back the notorious claim that Yu Zheng made earlier about the education statuses of his artistes. Although he claimed that all artistes under his agency are studious and intelligent, netizens discovered Xu Kai (許凱) and Bai Lu only had modest education credentials. Because of this, many felt Yu Zheng was not qualified to comment.

Evidently unaffected, Angelababy was actually one of the first artistes to help Yu Zheng promote his latest drama Gone With the Rain <微雨燕雙飛>. Although many artistes helped promote the series, Bai Lu and Xu Kai surprisingly did not promote the series on social media.

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  1. These crazy fans should move onto another celebrity -.- seriously BL has never been one to care about these things, defending her if she got smeared, sure. But don’t go and starts fan wars left and right, that will just cause her trouble lol.

    1. I know right!! These fans will regret it if their fanwars get heir idols blacklisted…

    2. BL’s fans were NOWHERE to be found when she needed them, that’s why she had to apologize about something she didn’t even need to. But when there’s a chance they can be annoying to make people hate her, bam, her fans suddenly grow huge. I don’t think it was any of BL and ABB’s real fans talking sh*ts.
      They’re antis from insecure competitors as usual. BL is getting attention lately, someone trynna find her trouble. Earlier, Yang Zi was supposed to be the one at war with BL, but the plan backfired so now they shifted to ABB. Next it’s gonna be YM hating on BL. I already know who’s behind this.

      1. Who is behind it? Someone who is jealous of her success? Goodness, I hope the person get exposed!! Bai Lu does not deserve it…

  2. Running Man is not famous due to both girls…It is a teamwork. And to be honest, everyone plays a part. But no one is indispensable. Both women are mature and level headed ladies…to pit them against each other is just behaviour of narrow minded fans.

    I like both actress… Bai Lu is a better actress then AB but AB has such a sweet, caring and kind personality. She is good in variety shows. She is well liked by young newbies. BOth actress play their roles well. I really wish these fans grow up and stop creating problems out of nothing. They are just troubling their idols and making it hard for them to work…..

    1. Sometimes it’s only a small group within the fandom that react in their self appointed protector role. I’m sort of in a fandom and it’s quite an eye opener. The older fans telling the newer ones not to do xx as the action may have negative consequences but the newer ones turn around to say they were not being welcomed, etc etc while I sit back and wonder if how old they are not to listen to reason.

      1. Interesting, I never join a fanclub thus all this is new to me. I read ome idols interact with their fan clubs but some do not…

      2. @Hohliu Some idols do interact with fans (and quite often too). For SK entertainment, there are platforms where fans can sign up to read about their idols’ posting or join in live interaction. There are even subscription and free segments where fans can get notifications and more postings from their idols that are within the paid segments. Then there are different official fan clubs to join (e.g. one in SK, another in JP) but one needs to pay for subscription with benefits like earlier booking to concerts, freebies etc. IG to follow, merchandise to purchase other than concerts to attend and albums to buy.
        It is not an cheap hobby, I feel, that’s why I can only say I am sort of in a fandom since I am not as financially invested in this as the rest.

      3. I remember Zheng Shuang mentioning if her fans gives her like a $1 each, she will be able to buy a expensive house. And she did ask her fans ti give her the dollar…

  3. I already know who’s behind this, just gonna wait for BL and ABB to appear friendly together and make the person behind this lose face.

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