Angelababy’s Popularity Plummets After Divorce?

Since divorcing Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) in January, Angelababy (楊穎) has been diligently working on her career. Despite seemingly unaffected, the actress’ popularity and status have plunged dramatically based on her recent projects and treatment on the upcoming Season 10 of long-time reality TV show Keep Running <奔跑吧>.

As one of the original members of Keep Running, Angelababy has always been an anchor on the show and got along well with the cast. In the latest season, on set photos however show that Bai Lu (白鹿) and Song Yanfei (宋妍霏) apparently  excluded Angelababy in their conversations, as the latter walked behind them while looking quite lonely. Feeling awkward, Angelababy later choose to walk with the staff instead.

This is not the first time that netizens believe younger stars are starting to dismiss Angelababy.  Song Yuqi (宋雨琦) was criticized earlier for disrespecting Angelababy during a pillow mud fight game when the young idol had relentlessly whacked Angelababy in the face with a pillow.

Fans Beg Production Team For Fair Treatment

While rumors of being at odds with the production team or younger stars were never addressed, fans find it disheartening to see Angelababy being treated like a nobody. A fan wrote, “Angelababy dedicated 10 years of her youth to Keep Running, but is treated so unjustly in return. Look at the difference between the costumes–the other cast wore nice garments while Angelababy was dressed in poor-quality clothes.”

Losing Value After Divorce

Seeing her popularity apparently decline, netizens commented, “She really can’t leave Huang Xiaoming,” because her commercial value is visibly no longer the same. Aside from losing her jewelry endorsement deal of eight years, her five upcoming projects are generating only mediocre reactions since many of her younger co-stars Wang Anyu (王安宇) and Lai Guanlin (賴冠霖) do not seem to have much chemistry potential.

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Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy Officially Announce Their Divorce

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  1. while the separation from her ex husband might have to do w/ it but does anyone really think she has acting talents? i haven’t watched a single production from her and all i hear is her under performance and lack of acting chops. maybe someone can drop their two cents to counter that.

    1. I am dropping my two cents to agree with you. I’m constantly shocked by how many dramas she is casted in as female lead, as I find her acting (or lack thereof) really difficult to watch. I think she’s stunning in photographs and is a beautiful woman, but I need a little bit more than that with dramas…

      Also, was there a video included? I find it very hard to believe that entire story about her being treated unfairly based on just one blurry photo. I feel like their dresses look similar in that photo, how can someone tell hers is of poor quality?

      1. i think her mistreatment or cold shoulders from other cast have been churning for a while shortly after her divorce announcement. maybe it’s the water army hired by someone to try to bring her down since or there’s some truth to it.

    2. I think for a mother with one child she’s still attractive for her age which isn’t that old for normal standards (for celebrities standard people are much more critical).
      Can’t comment much on her acting as I couldn’t finish any of her dramas too but only tried watching General & I because most sang praises. Can’t remember why I dropped it.
      As for singing I think it’s a well known fact and she herself knows she can’t sing well. I do find her cute in short clips when she bravely went on singing despite how bad and off-key it was. She looks great without make-up and don’t mind getting rough and dirty when playing games.
      Don’t know what causes the divorce but she may not be having an easy time about it so its terrible that the media outlet with slow news day made a mountain out of a molehill.

    3. @m0m0 I hear she did very well in another production “a murderous affair in horizon tower” but I haven’t seen it personally.

      Professionally I may not like her, but as a person she seems pretty decent. At least no one ever said anything bad about her. Whether she’s had PS or not, I won’t add to those comments.

      1. i heard the same too but people say she did well b/c it was a supporting role and she had very limited screen time

      2. @Coralie @m0m0 I saw others commenting that it’s the works of her fans and water army raving her acting in that drama. They didn’t deny her improvement in that crying scene but they also commented that it wasn’t of raving standard either or hitting the hot searches which it did.

      3. @Coralie To be honest, PS or not… I really dont care too. She went such length to say she did not…I feel it is a pointless task…as everyone believes as they want.

        But the rumours of younger artists ghosting her or keeping away from her deliberately is too far fetch. I dont understand the point of such rumours…

  2. I don’t think her popularity going down has much to do with hxm. He gave her many resources, but as she ages she can’t keep relying on her looks and variety shows anymore. She needs to work on her acting and have more reputable works. Otherwise, she will just be replaced by younger prettier actresses.

    1. My thoughts exactly regarding her age. Although I still consider her very beautiful and look youthful (in fact most people look youthful at 30), w/ an age number close to 30 is considered old in china. not sure about rest of asia though

    2. Agree with your views. There are so many new (and younger) actresses to take her or any other actress’ place once their popularity slips.
      Having rich back-up can only work to a certain extent.

  3. Just a few photos is not enough to say the younger artistes are isolating her…She has been there 10yrs…she should have her own core friends from production team… Why would she be chatting with new artiste in her break time? Honestly, this is such a stupid stir up…

    1. Nothing wrong chatting with new artists in her spare time. Big time A-listers do it, so why can’t AB do it too?
      I do think that she will not get the cushy roles and treatment she got while married to HXM. I do understand she was treated poorly on the set. Although I do not like how she hired some low life plastic surgeon to dispute the fact that she had lots, and lots of work done, she does not deserve such treatment. It will be hard for her to forge ahead, as her acting and singing stink to high heaven. If my bluntness offends anyone, I do not apologize.

      1. Nothing wrong in chatting with new artists, and nothing wrong in not chatting with them either… I dont think the young artists are blanking her out deliberately due to her divorce.

      2. @Teddy, dont need to apologize for any difference in opinion. Everyone of us are individuals with our own opinions. As long as we respect each other’s difference, and are open minded. That is all that matters. Dont you agree? Ignore those who are get personal.

    2. I agree and personally think she gets along with Song yuqi and bai lu. I think the production team is just using her to create news for the show. plus AB should be used to all these criticism already, so I don’t think she minds. I remember I watched the previous season and everybody was saying song yuqi and AB didn’t get along due to the previous smacking AB with a pillow, but it’s just a game. I don’t get why everyone was so serious.

      1. I previously watched only because Dilraba was in Keep Running so did not get to see the interactions between AB with Bai Lu and Song Yuqi.
        However, I do not think these 2 actresses are the kind to disregard anyone intentionally. Sometimes one gets too excited during games and dud not think about accidentally causing hurt/injury to another. As for not talking, if there’s no common topics to discuss about don’t see the issue if they don’t seem to chat much. Just one pic doesn’t signify much and probably people hyping it up for free publicity.

  4. Am no fan of AB, but have to give her props for protecting a young actress from the clutches of Kris Wu when they were filming a reality show in Japan.

    1. @msxie0714 same. Some might have kept quiet and pretended everything was normal especially when he had the financial backing.
      But as a professional actress, she should consider to doing something else or at least stop taking major roles.

  5. God, this lady is really something. This is her water army’s work/PR’s work. A few days ago, I read an article praising her beauty overshadowed Bai Lu despite wearing costume that is harder to pull off than Bai Lu. Funny thing was her costume was a dark blue, Bai Lu’s was a pale blue. Idk about you, but dark blue is easier to pull off than pale blue as the darker tone will highlight your pale skin even better than any pale colour would. And now this, they are trying to make her look pitiful and back in the news circle. She can’t act to save her life! I love 1 drama of her, the song of cloud (?) because of Lu Yi, that actor is such a veteran that he sold the chemistry for 2! But couldn’t finish General And I, because sorry Wallace Chung is ok, not that great, and he looks so plastic in there.

    And I’m pretty sure Bai Lu, (idk the other actress so can’t comment), isn’t a person to dismiss anyone. She’s the most friendly actress ever, if you go back to see how she’s still friend with so many other supporting actresses from earlier productions. Literally, twice in 3 days now they are trying to smear Bai Lu! But actions are better than these unfounded rumours, she doesn’t care about all these silly articles, unlike Ju JingYi, Yang Zi, Zhao LuSi, Dilireba and now Angelababy >_> (the repeat news on these actresses are like broken record trying to keep them in the loop >_>). And you know it’s the PR talk when one article is like this is bad acting, then the other article is like this is good acting! Or like some water army is at work! Or anti fans are making this worse for the actor *facepalm. Or so and so beauty is overshadowed by some other so and so >_> seriously, ppls do not get that flowers come in many colour and shape? And at different time, it will shine differently? And that it also depends on the eye of the viewers? Stop blanketing beauty and make one person the most beautiful >_> but because of these tactics, AB is still getting roles, and seriously, she’s very beautiful, yes, but stay with running man (idm her in running man, I can see she’s kindhearted in there), just don’t act and waste drama >_<

  6. She will plummet if y’all keep writing she’s plummeting. It’s just part of the game, new blood is entering the industry. She’s young, active, and good looking for a mother and a woman even if she didn’t give birth. Am I a fan of her acting? Not really. I do, however, like her personality. She’s not the strongest competitor on Keep Running because the men are so athletic but she gets along with people and has her own cute way of solving riddles, puzzles, and surviving physical challenges. I actually think she’s even-keeled. I love Bai Lu to pieces acting and personality wise, but you can’t deny she’s a little too animated at times. It’s part of her charm! Dilraba was is competitive that you can tell it’s really hard for her to handle losing. That’s also part of her charm. Bai Lu might be a better dancer than Dilraba to be honest. Song Yuqi is just in a different category. She’s in her 20s and a pop idol and has influences in Korea. She’s a singer and dancer not an actress or entertainer. Angelababy is an entertainer but not an actress and model but not singer nor dancer.

  7. Why is it that whichever female celebrities participating in this variety program will not be able to get along with her? I mean there have always been articles like this.
    I think whoever responsible behind these “news” should just stop. Having repeated news on different female celebrities’ relationship with her in this program no longer put her in the victim position but rather cause doubts on her ability to mix with them, e.g. she being difficult to get along.
    I may not be a fan of her acting or even her professionalism but do not think it’s fair to her or to the other female celebrities in these “news” if it’s not true.

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