Angelababy Tried to Protect 17-year-old Actress from Kris Wu’s Clutches

As the police is investigating Kris Wu (吴亦凡) for teen rape allegations, the singer’s fetish towards young girls was already apparent years ago. While starring in a 2019 variety program, Kris had flirted openly with then 17-year-old Angel Zhao Jinmai (趙今麥).

On the show Fourtry <潮流合夥人>, Kris ran a fashion store in Tokyo with Wilber Pan (潘瑋柏), Fu Ke Si (福克斯), Angelababy, and Zhao Jinmai. While Kris was amicable with his co-stars, he was especially warm towards Jinai who filmed a variety program for the first time. Kris was often caught starting conversations, making eye contact, and initiating physical contact with the teenage actress.

In one incident, Kris saw Jinmai trying on a new outfit and praised her cute looks. When Kris took Jinmai’s hand and said he wanted to take her home, Angelababy interrupted, “Is she your daughter?” as if she was trying to emphasize their age gap.

In another episode, Kris asked Jinmai which of the three male co-stars she would want to be her boyfriend. Breaking up the awkward situation, Angelababy came to the rescue once again and changed the embarrassing question to, “Who do you think is the most handsome?”

As Kris was responsible for driving the cast around the city, he tried to get Jinmai to sit in the passenger seat. Netizens noticed that she may have been uncomfortable, and tried to deflect the invitation by asking, “So I would be focused on talking to you?” Angelababy also made a snide comment that she did not think Jinmai wanted to sit in the front.

Later, Kris was busy setting up the scene while Jinmai was chosen to work outside. Through the camera angles, a hand was seen trying to reach out to Jinmai but when Kris saw this, he rushed over and tried to touch the actress. Angelababy, who was sitting nearby, spoke out to stop the unnecessary physical contact.

Viewers Feel Uncomfortable Watching Kris’ Behavior

In light of the grim allegations against Kris, netizens commented that they felt uncomfortable when they re-watched the scenes in Fourtry, especially since he was obviously attracted to Jinmai.

Many netizens also praised Angelababy’s protective behavior, “It is clear that Kris likes girls with little experience, and that’s why he always tried to make a move on 17 or 18-year-old girls. Angelababy did well–it seems as if she was always trying to protect [Jinmai]. Maybe Angelababy knew about Kris’ true nature.”

Source: Hk01

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  1. I watched that show too. It did make me feel creepy… That was the first time I thought he was rather too touchy with the young girl. Zhao Jinmai is a very sweet girl. I hope he did not appoach her after work hours…I really cannot imagine the amount of young girls he used and dumped all these years… Such a guy do not deserve a second chance in this industry.

    1. I saw clips of it too. He really acted all touchy/close with a young girl that he probably just met on the show so clearly you can tell he really likes young girls. I remember there was also a show he was on and host was asking his ideal type kind of questions and he did say something like w/no shame girls who are CLEAN? He is creepy as he** I mean what kind of psycho would vocalize on a girl’s purity every chance he gets? It’s just crazy. I think they are digging up that he started this type of fun since 2014 or something but it never blew up until now since his management or whatever probably covered alot of stuff up. Money talks!!

      1. Yes, they would not stay clean after he touches them… Thus he keeps wanting more clean girls. Disgusting. I had heated discussions with afew of his fans that says he should be given second chance and it is unfair to ban him… Unbelievable.

      2. @Hohliu omg, serious? So those fans didn’t deny what he had done yet believe he shouldn’t be banned?
        I saw comments elsewhere where they are blind or in denial of the preliminary investigation but didn’t expect people can be so sick in mind to accept his behavior.

  2. Kris is pretty bold to be so touchy to a 17 year old on camera and in front of everyone like the cast and crew. I respect Angelababy more now for speaking up and protecting Jinmai

  3. Not a fan of AB and think little of her professional ability other than being a model but based on the article, respect her for what she has done which others may have chosen not to do anything.
    It’s either she has heard or know what kind of person he is hence kept a look out for the teenage actress or she has witnessed more than what audience saw of his behavior in the variety during the shooting.
    This creep will not change. There are still attempts of whitewashing and redirecting the focus and blame to DMZ.

    1. His army of fans are actively pushing all blame on DMZ…and being selective on the Police report in Kris & DMZ case. Crazy.

  4. damn never been a fan of AB but my respect for her just went up a few notches if she really was trying to protect the girl…but it makes sense that AB might have a pedo radar as she also started in the industry when she was a teenager and probably dealt with tons of creeps herself, she can probably spot one from a mile away now.

  5. I don’t think Angelababy heard from other people, I simply think women who of all ages can tell a creep. Angelababy is older and had more status in the industry and thus can and will speak up. Teenage actress was scared and scared to speak up. When you are that creepy, it’s hard not to notice. But, yes, a lot of other actresses would have not spoken up for the teenage gal.

  6. If he can be a creep on camera, imagine how creepy he is off camera. Pity the girls who are his victims. Hats off to AB for protecting the younger girl.

  7. Kudos to Angelababy for her attempts to protect the girl. There are too many people who use their “good looks” (sorry, even before I knew anything about the scandal I didn’t find Kris Wu good looking, not my type) and status to prey on innocent girls. I am glad that AB saw Kris Wu for who he really is and she had the courage to stand up to him to protect Jinmai. Whether he gets convicted or not, I hope he never appears on screen again. And if his buddy Wang Sicong is like that as well, I don’t want to see him either.

  8. Yeah he is so done lmao. Someone like AB speaking up against him is like dumping tons of dirt on top of the coffin with nails in it.

  9. The creep made a video about two years ago with the teenaged daughter of a Japanese star. My gut reaction was cringe and puke when seeing them portrayed as tragic lovers.

  10. Props to AB! Not her fan, but her actions here speaks to who she is as a person, so major props from me!

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