Anthony Wong Faces Career Slump with Positive Attitude

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Anthony Wong Faces Career Slump with Positive Attitude

Starring film king Anthony Wong (黃秋生) and veteran actress Candice Yu (余安安), the Shakespeare comedy Midsummer Night’s Dream will open in Hong Kong on September 30. Admitting that he has been facing a slump in his film career, Anthony turned to stage productions in recent years.

Establishing a theatrical troupe in 2003, Anthony shared his vision for this development. “I hope to transform Hong Kong’s stage plays into Broadway performances. Everyone will want to come see Hong Kong stage plays.” Candice, who recently acquired a newfound passion for stage plays, holds similar aspirations to see Hong Kong theatrical productions flourish. “The more people who participate in theatrical productions the better. I look forward to fostering more new talents.”

Despite his undisputed acting talents and undeterred passion for performing, Anthony has been experiencing a nosedive in his career and has not been cast in a film for nearly three years. However, the 54-year-old actor maintains a positive attitude. “Of course, I have had mood swings and anxiety. But I sought out my friends to socialize. I’ve learned to value and improve myself, and see how I can continue down my path with fortitude. A lot of people will run the other way when they see me, but I accept that this is human nature. I won’t resent anyone. On the other hand, there are also a lot of people who support me and have not left me.”

The award-winning actor is known for his blunt and opinionated comments, which has caused many disagreements and disputes with his costars in the past. On whether his intolerant remarks have caused him his career, Anthony expressed, “In short, I will not say anything anymore. I will only focus on perfecting my art. I’m actually very gutless and don’t say things out of bravery!” Candice laughed and added, “He is straightforward, not outspoken!”

Candice expressed that she did not feel any pressure filming with Anthony. “I feel very happy being able to collaborate with Anthony. Even if there was pressure, the pressure came from the playbill and from myself.” Anthony recounted that the director requested that he exercise and gain six-pack abs for the role. “The director really played a joke on me. How could I possibly have abs? It will require a long time of training. Getting skinnier is already an improvement!”


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  1. shimmerstars says:

    Good on him!

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  2. biao says:

    I think that Anthony is brilliant. He is always like an old friend. I wish him all the love and luck in the world.

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  3. vodka says:

    I dont mind him coming back into TV serie he done such a good job!

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    • anon replied:


      I doubt it. That would be a MAJOR setback. He’s nowhere near that point and I doubt he will ever need to return to the small screen as a regular.

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  4. aiya says:

    I wonder if they will perform the play in English or in Canto.

    If it were the latter, that would be a sight to see because I could never imagine what Shakespeare would sound like in Canto. How on earth would you say “Fair is foul, Foul is fair” or “To be or not to be” in Canto? LOL!

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