Ariel Lin on Maintaining a Long-distance Marriage

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Ariel Lin on Maintaining a Long-distance Marriage


Since her marriage last DecemberAriel Lin (林依晨) and her husband Charles Lin have been conducting a long-distance marriage, with her and her husband respectively based in Taiwan and the United States. The couple meets once every one or two months and they usually spend about 10 to 15 days together whenever they meet.

Ariel laughed and said, “I don’t think we see too little of each other, as we both like having our own space. Further, technology works wonders! Every time we meet, it feels like we’re falling in love with each other all over again.”

Ariel then spoke about how they had a blissful time celebrating Chinese Valentine’s Day (Qixi Festival) together with a dinner date, and said that there was no need for presents. “He went to wait in the line for the restaurant first, so that I could have more time to get ready,” Ariel said, praising Charles for his considerate side. The couple even made it a point to get ready separately and then meet up at the restaurant, so that according to Ariel, it was like “being on their first date”.

As a celebrity known for having little to no negative publicity, Ariel expressed that this image gave her some pressure. She admitted that she also bad habits, such as not getting up from bed promptly in the morning, and being forgetful. Further, she revealed that her biggest flaw is being too much of a people-pleaser. For instance, whenever Ariel was in a group, she would want everyone in the group to like her. Even Charles once lightly admonished Ariel out of concern, “Aren’t you tired of this?”

On her plans for having children, Ariel said that she needs to take care of her health before preparing for pregnancy. She added, “This can’t really be planned anyway.” Ariel nevertheless hoped that she would be able to have a baby in the next few years, particularly since Vivian Hsu‘s (徐若瑄) difficult pregnancy made Ariel realize the risks increase with the age of a mother.

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