Artists Admit to Losing Virginity at Age 17 and Younger

Recently, Wang Sum Ling’s ex-boyfriend, Fan Chih Wei revealed that she lost her virginity at age seventeen. This sparked recent discussion among netizens as to the age when several popular artists lost their virginity.

Edison Chen Koon Hei– 13 Years Old

Growing up in the United States, Edison Chen lost his virginity when he was thirteen years old. He started having one night stands when he was fifteen. He was very sexually open and was quoted saying, “Making love is one of my favorite activities.”  Perhaps he spent too much time pursuing his “favorite activity,” as he was embroiled in the celebrity nude photo scandal in 2008, which involved Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi, Gillian Chung, Bobo Chan, and other actresses.

Nicholas Tse Ting Fung– Before Adulthood

On a game show, Nicholas Tse was drilled regarding the first time he kissed, had sexual fantasies about an actress, the woman he thought about most frequently in the last year, etc. Although Nic never revealed the exact age he lost his virginity, he admitted that he was an “early bloomer.”

Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi– 17 Years Old

When Cecilia was seventeen years old, she returned to Hong Kong from Australia. She met Chu Wing Lun’s younger brother, Jason Chu Wing Tong (of the Young and Dangerous fame). After Cecilia and Jason broke up, she became involved in rumors with Jordan Chan Siu Chun, Daniel Chan Hiu Dong, Nicholas Tse Ting Fung, etc. At this time, Chu boasted to his friends, “You have to know that I was Cecilia’s first man!”

Joey Yung Cho Yi: 16 Years Old

On an entertainment showJoey Yung implied that she lost her virginity at sixteen years old.

Vanness Wu Jian Hao: 17 Years Old

After getting baptized recently, Vanness Wu vowed to abstain from sex until he got married. While filming intimate scenes, he would make a small prayer to God. Vanness admitted that he lost his virginity at seventeen years old, after he got drunk one night. He regretted his lost of virginity to someone he did not truly love.

Vic Zhou Yu Min: 17 Years Old

On an entertainment show, Vic Zhou revealed that when he was seventeen years old, “he grew up in one night.” His first kiss happened when he was a student. The kiss felt like a very light touching of the lips.

Excerpt from

Jayne: It’s pretty common for American kids to be sexually active by age 14, but I personally feel that’s too young. Having sex means being responsible to yourself and to your partner (in regards to unwanted STDS, teen pregnancy, etc.) A 14 year old is still a kid. At that age, there are so many things that you need to establish a stronger foundation in life first: education, friendships, goals, relationship with family, etc.

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  1. It’s unfortunate that some kids are “peer pressured” into having sex before they’re physically, emotionally, intellectually, and socially ready. Yes, some kids have sex at a young age because they’re curious but I believe that there’s a huge number of them who are “forced” to do it. The high rate of teenage pregnancy is due to the fact that people “can’t distinguish prevention and elimination”. I don’t mean to start a religious or political debate but I’m just disappointed that as a society we’re becoming more and more irresponsible. Abortion is not the solution for unwanted pregnancies; safe-sex and responsible sex are the answers. There’s a difference between preventing something from happening and getting rid of something. Abortion should only be considered for health, incest, and/or rape reasons. Yes, you can get pregnant when you’re on birth control pills and used condoms; however, the majority of unwanted pregnancies happen when people are too reckless or stupid to take the precaution to prevent “unwanted consequences”. The U.S. is a separation of Church and State so I don’t feel it’s right to “support” a law, amendment, etc. via Bible passages or “leftism/rightism”. Laws and rules should only be legal when they simplify things in life, protect everyone not just the majority (justice, equality, and fairness for all), and they’re logically acceptable (as in make sense). I’m only saying this because minor teens can get the Morning After pills whenever and sometimes wherever they want without understanding the consequences in their bodies and the impact they have on society. Remember…anyone can have sex and get pregnant but it takes a lot more to bring a child into this world and raise that child up to be a useful individual that society can benefit from.

  2. Very welled said, Trang! Concur with everything you said.

  3. Is it really that common for ppl to lose their virginity at 14? I kinda thought the average age was like 16-17 (which I personally still think is a little young, but hey, I’m kind of a prude).

  4. Offtopic, but that picture of Nicholas Tse made me have a double take. Looked like he wasn’t wearing pants cause the colour of the pants matches his skin. LOL

  5. Very well said Trang! I must say that as a celebrity, it seems even harder to remain a virgin as we all know how the entertainment circle is. Guys and girls are always acting with mostly attractive people so there is a lot of temptation. If you become a good on screen couple, the fans and media even pressure you into becoming a real life couple. Life in the circle is hard…. I think that even for normal teens,it is hard to resist the temptation so of course as a celebrity it is even harder. However, I must say that I do commend these artists for being honest and sharing their experiences because not everyone is able to do that.

  6. Thanks for the article Sb. I skimmed the part about Mike He. He said that he lost it at 18 to his girlfriend of nearly 4 years. I am actually kind of shocked that these celebrities are actually sharing all of this information…. Many stars get silent when people ask them about this… I wonder why they are suddenly so open about this now?? strange…

  7. Sb, sometimes I paraphrase or translate excerpts of an article to focus on the highlights. This saves me time, allowing mee to cover more topics of interest. I will usually put a note that it is an excerpt if that is the case.

    HeTieShou, it depends on the image of the artist as to how sexually open they can be in interviews. TVB artists typically give the most careful answers. The group mentioned in the above article are pretty established in their careers, so not afraid to talk bluntly.

    Quackie, maybe the media sensationalizes the accounts of 14 year olds having sex. Don’t have the stastics, but I remember in my high school, I know of quite a few sexually active kids. Plus many are dating by that time, which usually leads to sexual activites of some sort.

  8. “making love is one of my favourite activities” ???

    This is definitely not a guy you would want to bring home to your parents!!!!

    1. lol definitely! Hope he matures and won’t think that way…, but he’s still kinda young. I don’t think he’s ready to settle down considering his playful personality

  9. I’m not surprised and the age seems pretty consistent, late teens. I suspect some may be even younger but prefer to just name a suitable number. I am surprised at their frankness but reading the article it seems it may be more like a suggested age and a nod or something subtle in reply, rather than out loud a number. I never live with the illusion that my favourite artistes are puritans or virgins. In fact I hate with a passion ones who preaches and wears those rings now so famous for young stars and yet seems to be jumping from boy to boy or girl to girl. Or that they are dating but decided to play coy and when captured on film or in pictures blamed the press for intrusion of privacy when a simple YES WE ARE DATING would have saved us a whole lot of trouble. I understand a need for privacy but let’s face it, you’re in the public eye. Which is why I have very little sympathy for Edison Chan and some of the women involved in the scandal which I never thought could happen. Who knew there are to differences between Asian celebrities and Western celebrities; all are indeed exhibitionists, photo enthusiast and rather stupid. That said, I’d rather they be honest and share their experiences in life which sex is. Young fans would benefit from such wisdom unless unlike Edison Chan who said it as an ego boost.

    As for peer pressure as a factor for why young teens are involved in such activities, maybe. But perhaps it would take a person’s own character and some good parental guide to teach when to say no.

  10. I think teenage years would be ruined if some had sex because I think it is too young and not responsible enough, so it is better to be at least in the 20’s to have sex.

  11. Although I’m a fan of sex after marriage, I’m very glad these celebrities are honest! Don’t you just hate it when they pretend to be all innocent and pure? Just because they havent been more scandals, doesnt mean they arent doing it. Role models? think again.

    1. but why does it matter if they did have sex early? As long as they are being safe than that’s fine to me. They are still good people, and having sex is something personal too. Like if it’s something like doing drugs…. yeah its bad, bad role model. But sex shouldnt be seen as a sin.

      1. In addtion to that, I’m not encouraging that sex at an early age is good, but I mean, I don’t think that makes them a bad person.

  12. Well, these celebrities can have their choice. Maybe, their parents never guided or taught them properly in their childhood. Too much freedom has been given to them. As celebrities, they have the responsibility to set a good example to society. I love all the HK actors and singers. It hurts when such shocking news is revealed about them.

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