Before and After Weight Loss: Korean Male Celebrities Edition

Female celebrities usually become the topic of interest when it comes to weight loss conversations, but when it comes to dramatic weight loss journeys, male celebrities for sure would dominate that list. Here are comparisons of 10 Korean male celebrities before and after they lost weight.

Go Kyung Po

The Reply 1988 actor safely dropped over 30 pounds after accepting his role.

Hyun Bin

The Crash Landing On You star looks almost like a completely different person before his weight loss.

Cho Jin Woong

The award-winning actor was overweight when he debuted, but after losing over 40 pounds for a role, he decided to keep the weight off.

Jung Kyung Ho

The Hospital Playlist actor weighed over 60 pounds heavier when he was still a student.

Kang Daniel

The former Wanna One member shredded off a few extra pounds while performing on Produce 101.

Kim Rae Won

Best known for his performance in 2016’s Doctors, the 39-year-old lost over 30 pounds in two months for a role.

Seo In Guk

The actor was able to shred off pounds by maintaining a strict diet regiment.

Mino (Winner)

Mino worked hard to lose his baby fat while being a YG trainee, and after debuting Winner.

T.O.P (Big Bang)

The most dramatic and remarkable transformation of all has to go to the Big Bang rapper, who was more than just overweight when he was in grade school.

Ahn Jae Hong

The Reply 1988 actor said the secret to his weight loss is cycling.


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