“Being A Hero” Starring Wang Yibo, Chen Xiao Wraps Filming

After shooting to fame following his starring performance in the popular series The Untamed <陈情令>, singer turned actor Wang Yibo (王一博) has become a hot commodity in the Chinese TV market. While he hasn’t had a hit series since The Untamed, fans are awaiting for the release of Legend of Fei <有翡>, in which he costars Zhao Liying (赵丽颖).

Recently, Wang has just wrapped up filming the crime drama Being a Hero <冰雨火>, costarring Chen Xiao (陈晓). The drama has been under tight wraps since filming started last year, with very little news coverage. According to the official synopsis, Being a Hero stars Wang as a police officer who discovers that his close friend and former police officer, played by Chen Xiao, may be working for a drug ring. It turns out that Chen Xiao was working as an undercover.

The Hong Kong-style series also stars veteran actors Liu Yijun (刘奕君) and Wang Jinsong (王劲松).

Source: HK01.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. ” While he hasn’t had a hit series since The Untamed”

    Technically he has but not in that magnitude. Was told My Strange Friend did well, and I believe Gank Your Heart did well. In between he hasn’t had another release.

    Im not sure Being a Hero has wrapped filming. It has wrapped for the other team but main filming team involving Yibo and Chen Xiao is still ongoing I think until Sept unless it finished ahead of schedule.

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