Benjamin Yuen is Still Bothered by Gossip About Having a Rich Wife

Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) has lost his cool a few times on social media. The 39-year-old actor raged eight times in three years against netizens, and again lost his temper over criticism regarding his aging looks this January. He is also especially sensitive when gossip turns towards his marriage with Bowie Cheung (張寶兒) and how wealthy her parents are.

As relations in the entertainment industry can be complex, Benjamin would head the advice of feng shui masters. Appearing on Master’s Talk <師父有請>, Benjamin along with his “Crazy Runner” friends, Joel Chan (陳山聰), Elaine Yiu (姚子羚), and Brian Tse (謝東閔), listened carefully to host, feng shui master Mak Ling Ling‘s (麥玲玲) insight on how they can improve their luck and relations with other people.

In the past, a channeler told Benjamin that he had offended someone in his past life, leading to half his face being covered. This was speculated to have caused his initial career to suffer for 10 years after his debut. Following the advice to kowtow and apologize while repeating the person’s name 1000 times, Benjamin finally saw improvement in his career luck. He subsequently joined TVB and his opportunities increased.

Benjamin’s Aspirations for a Bigger Home

Believing good feng shui in the home would also improve prosperity, Benjamin moved every three years before getting married. He shared that the purchase of his current home was at the advice of his father-in-law. He spent several days budgeting before deciding to give it a try. While Benjamin’s current home has modern amenities, he does not see it as his final home.

“When I go running in Tai Au Mun, I usually pass by an abandoned house that resembles the home in Iron Man. Right outside the home is a cliff, and on the other side are a few trees. There is also floor-to-ceiling glass that looks out onto Clear Water Bay. I would love the chance to be able to live there, and to design my own garage and band room.”

Responding to Benjamin’s description of his dream home, Elaine feels that size does not matter. “[My ex-boyfriend’s] house had two security guards outside, and the helpers would greet him as ‘Young Master’ when he enters the house. He also had an elevator in his house! However, I felt that it was very lonely to live in such a large house. I may have to make a phone call to even find my mother. I want my home to be warm and cozy.” Realizing their lifestyles were incompatible, Elaine would still stay true to herself even if she were given the chance to choose again.

Acknowledging that he has also faced a lot of public pressure because of his wife Bowie’s wealthy background, Benjamin revealed he was hurt by the malicious gossip. “I’m fine if I don’t read the news. When I do see it, then I become unhappy,” the actor described his feelings when chancing upon the negative news while scrolling through his phone.

Facing allegations that he is financially dependent on Bowie’s family and unable to afford his current home without his father-in-law’s down payment, Benjamin responded with icy sarcasm on social media. “I’m very stubborn and every once in a while, I’ll speak my mind. Do they think I don’t have to pay off my mortgage? I have to make money, and I work to maintain my appearance but the netizens say I’m ugly and plastic.”

However, Benjamin did not let the negativity affect his marriage with Bowie. He has already earned his in-laws’ trust through his perseverance in furthering his career step-by-step. They also felt that Benjamin is the only one who can handle Bowie.

Joel on Dating the Rich

Benjamin’s feelings are easily understood by Joel, who advises Benjamin to not fight back with netizens’ gossip, and instead use his actions to prove himself. Joel once had an affair with rich heiress Florinda Ho (何超雲), a scandal which nearly destroyed his career. Joel said, “That experience led to my maturity. I am very thankful for that lesson–it is something that maybe 1 in 10 million people would encounter. It is not just me choosing a partner, but [she] also has a choice.”

Although the tabloids blew everything out of proportion, Joel’s family was also affected. “The situation made my family unhappy and worried, which in turn made me unhappy. Now, I feel like I can finally face myself. I have a son and a great wife, and my family finds comfort in that.”

His wife Apple‘s understanding and support made all the difference for Joel. “I was wrong before and made some wrong decisions, but does that mean I’m guilty for life? When my son was still inside my wife’s belly, she spoke to him: ‘You need to have your Dad’s perseverance and strength.’ Everyone knows I’m an ox. Thanks to my good friends’ trust during those days…our friendship is for a lifetime.”

Sources: Hket, HK Headline

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  1. He’s upset at the wrong thing or person IMHO. You chose her, so you know what territory that comes with. And he’s justified to feel unhappy when others compare him to his wife or say he’s inferior because he’s not as rich, but the real problem here is he previously said he wants a gf that gives him a lot of freedom. A gf that doesn’t care where you are and what time you come back home is one who probably just doesn’t worry a lot in life in general. Why? Because she’s set for life. And she’s also pretty and 10 years younger than you on top of that, so there really isn’t much to worry about on Bowie’s side. Women who have more responsibility than just pose in designer clothes, might not have chosen Benjamin, rich or not. Charmaine Sheh, who is self-made and closer in age range with Benjamin, would not choose him even if they were compatible. Her time is more valuable because she needs to support herself and she’s older. And she has more work because she’s astronomically more successful than Bowie.

    1. @jesspepperwang Agree with you about the Bowie/Charmaine comparison — Bowie is nice and pretty but she seems to pretty much go with the flow and not really have much ambition. And something like Ben who is insecure, perfect match.

    2. @jesspepperwang Yea, exactly. Bowie once said on Benjamin/Pakho’s camping show, “even if Ben has an unhealthy addiction, she wouldn’t help or stop him, but wait for him to realize on his own.”

      1. @tocar Damn this girl just has too much time to “wait” for others to realize their “addictions” or simply caught Ben at the right time when he was ready to give up on his “addiction.”

      2. @jesspepperwang @tt23 @tocar Just because Bowie goes with the flow, that doesnt mean she isnt ambitious.

        I watched the camping ep & interpreted what Bowie said as if someone loves doing something and you try to stop them, it wouldnt work. They need to keep doing that activity until they no longer want to do it. She isnt controlling and there is nothing wrong with that. Everyone is responsible for their own actions and behaviors.

      3. @luye @tt23 @tocar I think you misunderstood us. ambition and controlling have nothing to do with each other. It’s about the value of your time and if a man knows what he wants or not and how much he wants you. Bowie might be ambitious, but she’s not successful. Successful and mature women value their time and if a man is going to not tell you where he is and comes home at the wee hours, that’s him not valuing you nor respecting your time. A lot of women are okay with that. And even more women ain’t okay with that.

      4. @luye my comment about her not being ambitious is not based on what she said on the camping show. Just the general impression I get from Bowie is she doesn’t have much ambition, especially the comparison example shared above with Charmaine. Besides the one show she hosts on TVB, what else is she doing besides doing photoshoots all day? To me someone with ambition does more than just that and doesn’t go with the flow because going with the flow (to me) means the individual doesn’t have a clear sense of what they want to do so whatever comes
        To them, the accept

        I think it’s fair to say that we have different ideas about what ambition looks like and that’s totally fine 🙂

      5. @tt23 @jesspepperwang Charmaine is much older than Bowie, so she probably has a more clear idea of what she wants in life. Also, Charmaine has already found her passion (acting) whereas Bowie may still be searching for hers. I feel like when someone finds the thing that they are passionate about and love to do, then they will work hard for it. Therefore, I don’t think it’s fair to compare the two in terms of success and ambition because they’re clearly in diff stages of life.

  2. He’s just super insecure which is unfortunate because it makes him even more unattractive.

  3. Caring too much about what outsiders say! Just enjoy being with your young, pretty, and rich wife.

  4. People are just jealous these days. Yes he has a rich wife but at least he continued working after marriage it’s not like he became lazy or became a househusband.

  5. How did this guy survive in the industry this long if internet trolls would get to him? I’m not excusing internet bullying cuz that always sucks, but you are in the entertainment industry. Internet trolling comes with the territory, especially if you are keeping active social media accounts to keep yourself relevant. Just makes him look real insecure when he cares so imo. Those trolls probably getting a lot of enjoyment out of his reaction, and will push it even more.

  6. I use to like him but him losing his cool and temper is such a turn off. He really does sound insecure with a very low EQ. I think his ex Jennifer Shum was too mature for him now that I look back at their relationship. Ben wanted his freedom and the fact that Bowie just lets him do whatever makes me feel like she just loves him too much and perhaps not mature or old enough yet to realize this is a flaw. Not saying she has to control him but like another commenter said about what she said during the camping show about not trying to help him quit an addiction just goes to show how passive she is or just not mature enough to realize that stuff like that is not a characteristic that he cannot change but a problem if indeed he does develop an unhealthy addiction.

  7. He’s not the only one w/a rich & pretty wife. Doesn’t Chris Lai also has a pretty rich wife as well but we never heard much from that guy. He does seem older next to the wife b/c she is much younger. Face it and be happy with it! lol haha

  8. Man, how insecure is he? Plenty of actors have rich wives and get a lot of flak for it, but they just take the ribbing with grace because it’s true, and everyone got over it, e.g. Bobby Auyeung, Chris Lai, Mat Yeung, Edwin Siu, etc. Max Zhang got so much crap for marrying Ada Choi but he never engaged with reporters and netizens over their difference in status, and look how he rose above it all.

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