Recovering from Cheating Scandal: Joel Chan’s Lesson in Love

In 2011, Joel Chan (陳山聰) left his ex-wife, designer Ponny Yeung (楊渡萍) for heiress Florinda Ho (何超雲). Dating the rich socialite, Joel even neglected his job at TVB to travel the world with her. Although Joel and Florinda were initially passionately in love, the excitement in their relationship died down after two years and they eventually split. Reflecting on his mistakes and the pain he caused his ex-wife, Joel felt ashamed and is now a changed man. Working his way up at TVB again, Joel has also found another girlfriend, Apple, whom he wants to marry next year.

with Florinda Ho

Dating Florinda Ho, the daughter of Macau casino tycoon Stanley Ho (何鴻燊), was a painful lesson for Joel. The young heiress was allegedly difficult to please, and many people assumed Joel was a gold digger who wanted to marry rich and never have to work again. At the time, Joel lost a lot of old friends and the entire Hong Kong judged him poorly. When they broke up, Florinda even commented that Joel only sees love in money. Through this scandal, Joel felt very depressed.

Joel has learned to cherish his current relationship with Apple, who works in the makeup industry. He really enjoys this low profile and simple relationship. How does Apple feel about his past? She responded, “I don’t really care! That’s his past!” With her response, Joel feels even more confident that she is the right woman for him, and her attitude has influenced him positively. The couple is currently saving money for their planned marriage next year.

In terms of Joel’s career, he has always been a strong actor. His life experiences only shaped him to be more humble and hardworking in recent years. He impressed viewers in Burning Hands <乘勝狙擊> in which many fans speculated that the director made the role of a dirty gambler to match his real self.  His performance in 2017’s The Unholy Alliance <同盟> helped him win Best Supporting Actor.

Back on his feet again, Joel is grateful for his family’s support and his older brother’s encouragement. Picking up running as his leisure sport, Joel gained back old TVB friends and new ones. It isn’t difficult to see that the 42-year-old actor has changed for the better.

with girlfriend, Apple

Source: Elle HK

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  1. Its not just the cheating on ex-wife, refusal to work, in pursuit of the gold digging that were the issue. He turned 180 on his friends when dating Florinda.

  2. Seems like a douchbag back then. Hopefully he learned his lesson and have a happy time with his gf.

  3. If I recall correctly, there was an a report that not only did he cheat on his ex wife, he finalized the divorce proceeding on Valentine’s Day.
    His girlfriend is very brave.
    Refusing work to go holiday with rich (ex) girlfriend – that is hard to convince others that this wasn’t a gold digger. Maybe he paid his own travel expenses?

  4. What I disliked about it apart from the fact that he cheated on his wife who stayed by his side all these years, he also disrespected his profession as an actor.

    He was cast as Suen Kuen in that series and everyone else had confirmed their schedules so they can get filming going, and he decided he wasn’t going to film that series because his GF wanted to go on a holiday. He not only disrespected his company, himself and also his colleagues.

    Same with Carina who many years ago decided to call a sickie and got caught at the racetracks with Julian Hui by the paparazzi.

    Joel, though talented, seemed that he did not care much for his job. You hear of all the veterans who turn up for work with just a few lines, but stay for hours on set help the other colleagues prepare their emotions. Chun Pui is noted for his professionalism where he would still cry and act even if his face was not supposed to be in the shot, as he feels it can bring out the emotions and drama of the scene from his colleagues.

    You can even see Phillip Ng who has lots of room for improvement in the acting department, stay back behind the scenes and help other colleagues out with action scenes. It is not as if he gets credited or paid extra for doing it.

    And also to cut ties with Christine Ng who was his longtime friend as well. It had seemed to me at the time, Joel had decided that Florinda was more important than his acting, his marriage and his friends. Some argue that he was madly and blindly in love. I don’t find it romantic. I find it stupid. He was not a lovesick teen but a very mature adult.

    I do hope that Joel has changed for the better and that he will treat Apple properly this time. I am not opposed to seeing Joel on screen as he can really act, but I just don’t personally like him or hate him.

    1. @elizabeth Id rather TVB didnt take him back. A cheater and slacker, just a lowlife trying to claw his way back.

      In terms of his relationship with rich heiress, she said herself that he saw love in money, he must have relied on her for all his expenditures

    2. @elizabeth wasn’t the series’ choreography team affiliated with Phillip one way or another?? I rather him put more effort in his actual job, which is acting. He should let the choreograpbt do the job they’re paying to do instead being unneeded gentleman. I’m a bit bitter bc I did look forward to that series but dropped a few eps in bc Phillip was annoying af. That Fala-look-like chic didn’t help either; she added another layer of annoyance, lol.

  5. I wonder how his ex-wife is doing now. I hope she’s doing well. She’s the one who get the shortest end of the stick in this whole affair.

  6. Oh pls, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it IS a duck. He was a gold digger. Period. Don’t spin it around like he’s innocent and a victim of public scrutiny. Someone is paying the media to shine good lights on him. Lucky, b*! Lol. TVB maybe?

    Although I think he can act and he’s a much better actor than their current list of actors, his bsa win was a joke. His character and the series are bland with no depth. As matter of fact, TVB awards are a big joke and fixed. Shouldn’t be something to boast about, lol.

  7. I always wonder what Florinda saw in him. No looks no money no talent. Probably just going for the thrill of wrecking someone’s marriage. Hope Karma finds her one day soon.

    1. @passingby Do you hope karma finds Joel too? He intentionally cheated and wrecked his own marriage.

      I find Joel IRL like that his character in Glittery Days (some title like that with Roger, Charmaine, and Liza) where he’s a sly dog but fools everyone. They all think he’s a hopeless romantic. Maybe that’s how he fooled Florinda *shrugs*

      1. @jjwong in a way Joel already had a taste of it with all the bad publicity and spotlight thrown on him and his career was affected for a while. As for Florinda, she did not suffer any backlash. She stole someone’s husband so she should get a taste of her own medicine.

      2. @passingby How was his career affect? Or rather, how long did he got the burning spotlight? I rmbr seeing one article said he got dumped; and then within less than a year, he got supporting role in big production.

        So I’m not saying Florinda is all innocent or doesn’t deserve karma. It’s annoying that the 3rd party is usually the only direction where public points the finger at.

        Curious, do you hope karma finds that Macau typhoon who cheated with Mandy somelastname too?

      3. @jjwong Honestly, never like this guy b4 or after he got dumped from the rich heiress. Both are s**y but a guy golddigger is rare compares to women golddiggers I guess TVB or rather Asians tend to be more lenient towards the s****y guy as if it happens to be other way around the woman probably will get frozen or whatever however shit TVB handles it. They are joke and that’s y I always find it funny those actors CRY when they they win those awards??? Like it’s a big deal all fixed and freaking not about who can act but who TVB likes at that moment.

      4. @jjwong I don’t follow Joel’s news but from what I had read he had to eat humble pie and go crawling back to tvb. He lost a lot of credibility and face in the aftermath of being dumped and everyone knows he’s a heartless SOB. Of cos he seems to have been forgiven now. To answer your question, yes I hope Karma catches up with all these cheaters, man or woman.

      5. @passingby Do you think Shirley lastnamehere have already paid her dues for her cheating way?

        @wm2017 Those are crocodile tears. I never pay attention to them. TVB awards are rubbish as of recent anyhow; hold no real quality.

  8. I read about him in the past on how he treated his ex wife and that was awful. He is definitely an user abuser and karma hits him in the heart big time. Perhaps, he was heartless to begin with, so what Florinda did to him was awesome. She basically treated him like a lease car, drive for a few years and trade in for a new one. I just hope his new gf would think twice before she makes the biggest mistake of her life and ends up marrying him. Like the saying goes, once a cheater always a cheater. Also,he must be extremely good in ass kissing to the TVB upper management team in order for them to take this loser back.

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