Bernice Liu Went Bra-less on Streets

Bernice Liu Bik Yee, Lisa S., and William Chak appeared at a lingerie fashion show. Due to fear of exposing hard nipples underneath her clothing in the winter, Bernice will wear padded bras. However, due to her full figure, she rarely wears push-up bras.

Unlike lingerie models, Bernice said that she can not wear her underwear publicly. “At home I can do that. I will wear only my underwear in my room. While traveling overseas, I will be more open and go bra-less outside.” Bernice is not yet worried about the sagging of her breasts. Her elder sister just had a baby and is breast-feeding. Bernice is borrowing tips from her sister as how to make her breasts firmer.

Lisa S. joked that she needed a bra that would increase her cup by two sizes. “I need to buy ten of them!” Lisa was looking to obtaining fuller breasts when she becomes pregnant. “I will be big-breasted for nine months!”  Husband, Daniel Wu Yiu Cho, never complained about Lisa being flat-chested but will not interfere if she chose to get breast implants. If her breasts sag after pregnancy, Lisa will consider breast augmentation.

Source: Orientaldaily

Jayne: Bernice Liu has two types of news: 1) relationship with Moses Chan 2) her chest. I am tired about reading news about her chest!

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  1. Bernice looks small in that pic with Lisa S. But I agree. Most of Bernice’s news are centered around her rumors with Moses or her figure and breasts. Maybe because she never gets any extraordinary roles or series to perform in. And she rarely has chances in the fight for awards or rumors with other costars. At least she still gets news and media exposure. For an artist, having no news is not a good sign. They need to have some sort of news value. At least her news are nothing bad or scandalous.

  2. She’s famous for being famous? She is famous by association?

    Truth is she is one full bodied actress in HK and since no one else in TVB can be remotely said to have a full figure or have breasts or body beyond that of a 12 year old boy, I would say I am ok with news of her breasts and body although I don’t want to know if she is braless or with bras. You wanna strip, then strip in front of camera. Let’s not talk and tease.

  3. Bernice is small if compared to those who had surgery like those lang mos. However, she’s considered a healthy size naturally. (Even so still bigger than the rest of TVB fadans)

    But yes, less news about her chest would be good.

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