Bosco Wong Uncomfortable That Johnson Li Pressed On Myolie Wu’s Chest

In the ending episode of Wish and Switch <換樂無窮>, Myolie Wu’s (胡杏兒) character lost her life. Faced with his wife’s dead corpse, Johnson Li (李思捷) cried emotionally while dripping saliva and nose mucus, even attempting to give Myolie chest compressions to resurrect her life. Although Johnson’s acting was realistic, his touching of Myolie’s chest resulted in angry fan reactions. One fan said, “You can plainly see that his hands were on Myolie’s chest for a very long time! He even ran his hands up and down her chest! There was nothing separating his hands from her chest!”

As for her chest being felt by Johnson, Myolie said that she made advance preparations for the scene and inserted a layer of hard plastic inside her shirt. To produce a realistic effect, Myolie encouraged Johnson to act without reservations. Myolie said, “He told me that he did not feel comfortable, but I told him [to press down on my chest]. It would be odd if we used camera angle tricks for the scene; it would look fake!” (Did you feel embarrassed?) “No, we were very immersed in acting the scene.” (You lost out to him!) “That’s okay; the script required it!”

Johnson Li also indicated that Myolie had inserted a piece of plastic inside her shirt prior to filming the chest compression scene, thus he did not have any special feelings, “I was focusing on cultivating feelings for the scene and did not pay attention to anything else. I was not embarrassed! Since there is a talking point, we’ll treat it as a bonus!”

Bosco Wong Feeling Uncomfortable

Myolie’s boyfriend, Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), noted that he did not watch the ending episode of Wish and Switch. Asked whether he was jealous that Johnson had pressed down on Myolie’s chest, Bosco replied, “Can you press upon someone’s back if you tried to resuscitate her? However, after hearing your description, my heart feels a bit uncomfortable. I have to ask Johnson Li to press on it!”

Last night’s finale for Wish and Switch had 33 points in average ratings, peaking at 38 points. Regarding complaints that it was unlucky to portray a death onscreen during Lunar New year, Myolie said, “I do not see it that way.  Since I appear again in the ending scene, then it symbolizes rebirth.  Please do not see it so negatively!”

In addition, L’Escargot <缺宅男女> also received complaints from viewers who were dissatisfied with Michael Miu (苗僑偉) rough cursing, “PK” in an episode which was aired last week.


Source: Oriental Daily

Jayne: I doubt a piece of plastic would offer much protection given the chest compression scene. I remember reading in an old interview that Myolie would not mind a nude scene given it was artistic and the scene warranted it. It all depends on the director of course. If the director were Ang Lee, perhaps many actresses would be willing to go beyond their normal limits.

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  1. I want to hear what Myolie feels Kate was slurping and feeling all over Bosco in LOO in those Paris Michael making outs ROFL. Surely she must feel horrible. Some one said before that she start dressing revealing like Kate LOL

    1. Yeah i do agree with you on Myolie feelings terrible when Kate slurps Bosco all over in LOO. I hardly believe she said she doesn’t feel a thing about it since it’s all acting and etc.. I’m sure she feels something about it LOL. Any woman will feel a bit jealous when other woman was licking/slurping/kissing passionately the bf.

  2. hehe.. a nude scene Jayne? While I agree with Myolie’s sentiment in regard the situation for such a scene, I fear that if it were to happen, the Hong Kong “netizens” would probably fall to the ground frothing at the mouth. 😉

    1. TVBFanatic,
      Yes, Myolie did say she is willing to film nude scene in a film if the scene were artistic and nudity warranted in it. I do sense that she does not have too many limitations on her body when it comes to acting. She was willing to put on 40 lbs for “To Grow With Love” I think she is willing to “sacrifice” herself if she felt the final effect is worth it.

      1. I wish to see that happen, I mean Myolie in nudity (don’t get me wrong as I’m not a pervert) but who doesn’t want to see Myolie’s naked? Ppl are born to be curious anyway hehe.

      2. I think Myolie would do a nude scene justice wheras if Kate did a nude scene, many would call her s*****.

    2. Myolie said a few days ago that her next target is HKFA Best actress since she already get TVB best actress. Nude might be nothing to her with her ambitious dreams for awards. ROFL no wonder she don’t want to get marrued yet

      1. There’s nothing wrong about being ambitious. Ambition can drive her to work hard for her goal and who doesn’t want to win award and recognition?

  3. This is terrible reporting. It is implying Johnson Li was molesting her.

    And puh-leaseeee… doing nudity in film is not sacrifice. It is in the job description and she will be well compensated for such exposure. She is at the top where she is in a position to say no if she wants to. What nonsense about sacrifice.

    1. Ya, most likely no news again so they had to make up news.
      If someone has to resuscitate you when you are drowning, will you scream at them for molesting you.

      1. And sue the doctors for removing your clothes and then resuscitate you?

        Can happen! Question is… did he squeeze?

    2. Totally agree with you Funn. Myolie has a choice since she is an established actress now. It’s not like she is a newbie that has to do what she is told and has no choice at all. She calls that a sacrifice?? What about others that have done even more than that??? Sorry but she is starting to sound a bit arrogant…

      1. How did she say its a sacrifice? She said she would do it if it was artistic and necessary. Many actresses, even Jessica Alba who has a humble image, refuses nude scenes. I don’t think its a matter or arrogance, rather someone’s confidence and comfort zone.

      2. I agree with lychii04. What arrogance is there? This just means she’s confident enough to reveal her body for artistic values.

      3. didn’t see it anywhere that Myolie “calls that a sacrifice”. did u misread?

      4. Apparently I wonder too where Funn get the word ‘sacrifice’ 😛

      5. Just scroll up a few posts, Funn was just responding to Jayne’s earlier post:”I think she is willing to “sacrifice” herself if she felt the final effect is worth it.”

        And with comments chipped in here and there and presto – the birth of a phone-tag rumor.

        So yeah, Funn, where did you get the word ‘sacrifice’? — the mob wants to know. 🙂

  4. OMG, *Boscolie fan scream* haha!
    They look so good together here!
    The first pic of them picking up those 2 kids…looks like they’re married with children! 😀

    1. Watch their interview clips. According to Bosco, the little empress up in his arms is Myolie’s “rival”..bwahahaha.

      1. LOL, I just watched an interview clip.
        They’ve never been so open about heir relationship. So happy for them!

  5. I think Bosco needs to be more understanding since he is also an actor himself. IF he was from outside the circle, then it is a bit more understandable. However, since he is from the circle, for Myolie to act intimate with other guys is inevitable just like how he has to act intimate with other actresses. It is all part of their job. I think that is one of the reasons that many actresses retire after they get married.

    1. Aiya, read again.
      This is what he said when reporters ask him if he felt jealous – “Can you press upon someone’s back if you tried to resuscitate her? However, after hearing your description, my heart feels a bit uncomfortable. I have to ask Johnson Li to press on it!”
      He’s making a joke that his heart is uncomfortable so he wants Johnson to resuscitate him.

  6. I believe they are all professional.

    What you expect Bosco to say? He dont mind or care? That wouldnt be right either.I’m pretty sure he understands but need to expressed the ‘right feelings’ as a boy friend, if not fans will also complain that he’s uncaring.

    1. Agree. I thought his answer is quite witty and media savvy.

    2. I can only imagine his reaction if she acts in something like lust/caution. I wonder will Myolie go for such movies?

      1. @Funn ROFL given her ambitious need for awards she might do it.Tang Wei was praised after those scenes internationally although in China she might got banned for a year or two LOL

      2. But Tang Wei was quite a good actress and she does have those classic beauty look of that era. Why China ban her is out of my understanding. Should have banned Tony Leung also, isn’t HK part of China? No?

      3. China ban Tang Wei because is a communist states and Tony was born in HK which is under the rule of 1 country 2 system .

    3. I think some readers here don’t understand Bosco’s joking statement.

  7. I think it nothing wrong since bosco and Myolie are adult and growth up in HK ,come on lah bosco ,as long not in sex scence is ok ,Johnston is gentleman .

    1. Bosco is only joking based on what he said since he did imply about the heart is at the front and not the back. He of all people should understand since he and Kate’s scenes are much more explicit than this.

  8. Wouldn’t it hurt to have someone press so hard on your chest especially with such a hard piece of plastic under your shirt?

    I just watched the scene and it seemed like Johnson was pushing down quite hard

    1. It might hurt and it’s very professional of Myolie to endure it and encourage Johnson to give it all in the push.

  9. Michael Miu’s “PK” was nothing. TVB has had worse before.

    And these fans are absolutely ridiculous.

  10. Then Myolie might be careful of tomorrow news when Bosco does the retaliation. Is he still filming with Linda? Lol, too bad Linda’s asset isn’t too “valuable”

  11. Chest compressions using your hands for CPR is realistic. If Myolie had preplanned the use of some padding to minimize the “feeling” but yet portray realism, what is the problem? If in real life you need to do CPR on a female, do you stop and not do it if because you are worried about people thinking poorly of you? Or look around for a “padding” to cover the busom area? I would not do CPR in China because of the horror stories about someone will accuse you as the perpetrator or assailant who caused the victim to require CPR even if you are innocent and acting as a “Good Samaritan”.

  12. These complaints are so fruitful:

    TVB Rating Reports (23/01/2012 – 29/01/2012)

    Wish and Switch Finale – 換樂無窮大結局 (EP 19-20 SUNDAY) – 33 PTS (Peaking at 37 PTS)

    L’Escargot – 缺宅男女 (EPS 14-18) – 26 PTS (Peaking at 30 PTS)

    Wish and Switch – 換樂無窮 (EPS 14-18) (FINALE WEEK) – 26 PTS

    Til Love Do Us Lie – 结.分@谎情式 (EPS 60-62 SITCOM) – 24 PTS

    Variety Shows
    Cook Away Lady May – May姐有請 (EP 12) – 24 PTS
    New Spring Menu 2012 – 新春自家菜 (EPS 01-03) – 23 PTS
    Top Eats 100 – 香港美食100強 (EP 11) – 19 PTS

    (CSM Media Research: 1 point represents 64,070 viewers)

    – The Broadcasting Authority received 2 complaints on the ‘Wish and Switch’ finale, they were displeased by the scene where ‘Suk Heung’ (Myolie Wu) corpse was covered by a white cloth. The scene is unlucky and should not be shown on Lunar New Years.
    – The Broadcasting Authority received 2 complaints on ‘L’Escargot’, that there was a scene where Michael Miu used foul language (“PK”, or ‘pok kai’).

    Response to Wish & Switch
    – On the discussion forums, Netizens praised that the ending was surprising, especially the scene after Suk Heung’s death and when the MV finished playing, Myolie came back as different character, who also loves the orange candy and got to meet Ka Yan (Johnson Lee) again. The scene was very touching.
    – There were also some Netizens that wanted TVB to make a sequel.
    – During the hospital scene, Johnson was crying really hard that his saliva and snot were coming out, one Netizen envied that he got to lay on Myolie’s chest and when he was doing the CPR, his hands were on her chest area.
    – Producer Lam Chi Wah was blamed for sentencing Myolie to ‘death’, that it was too heartless. He said: “I didn’t know the series would air during the Lunar New Year when we were shooting it. I feel sorry that the series made audience feel uneasy. Myolie appears again after the MV, we can just say she didn’t die. As for Suk Heung’s death, it conveys a positive message that each individual must be responsible for themeselves, there’s no such thing as free lunch in this world.”

  13. Hong Kong has the long well-know history of CatIII and very modern life style. I understand there are certain different things between “air” and “cable” but…this CPR a big deal?

  14. Myolie apparently wants things to be realistic with regards to actoing and therefore allows certain liberties to be taken, like the enaction of the CPR scene. Couples like her and bosco and others have an explicit understanding with each other where such scenes occur, I
    ‘m sure, so that there are no feelings of jealousy. I really would not put it past Myolie to participate in a nude scene if it so warrants and as she herself has said so. However, that is entirely personal and up to the actor herself.

  15. If neither party are fussed then let it be…seriously crazy fans!

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