Bowie Lam Will Consider TVB and HKTV Filming Offers

Many top artists fled TVB after their contracts have expired in hopes of earning more money in Mainland China. Although he was uncertain about his own path when he left TVB, Bowie Lam (林保怡) was eager to break free and follow his heart.

Without a single plan in mind, Bowie decided to not to renew his TVB management contract in 2011. “It was very ambiguous in the beginning; everything I had built up from before were all gone. There was an uneasy feeling of unemployment since I didn’t even find another company to work with yet. Thankfully, I had some friends who knew a lot about the Mainland market.”

Bowie explained that the working environment between Hong Kong and China are completely different. Hong Kong is heavily regulated by license agreements and a few large companies dominate the television market. However, there are too many entertainment companies in Mainland – making it harder for outside entertainers to succeed.

Since leaving TVB, Bowie has been involved in high-profile projects. He filmed 2012’s Chinese-Japanese-Korean collaborative drama, Strangers 6 <六個陌生人> with Toshiaki Karasawa and Oh Ji Ho. Last year, Bowie was recruited by director John Woo (吳宇森) to film disaster epic film, The Crossing <太平輪> with Zhang Ziyi (章子怡), Takeshi Kaneshiro (金城武) and Song Hye Kyo. In The Crossing, Bowie has a relationship storyline with Zhang Ziyi; he even disclosed that there was definite chemistry between him and the actress.

Has Not Given Up on Hong Kong Series

Similar to Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼), who still maintains a friendly relationship with TVB, Bowie has not given up consideration to film with the station again. Stating that compensation is not the key-motivating factor, he stressed the importance of having a good script and challenging role.

Bowie also does not mind working with HKTV’s Ricky Wong (王維基) as long as the script for the project is worthy. Bowie believes that greater competition in the Hong Kong television market allows viewers to have more choices.


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  1. I really like his acting and his singing.
    I hope to see him more on screen (:

    1. Yes, please come back Bowie!!! I miss seeing him in the series….

  2. Oh noooo, Bowie Lam might join HKTV. Who do they think they are? /sarcasm

    1. Bowie believes that greater competition in the Hong Kong television market allows viewers to have more choices”

      He wrote that words indicated that he is just another ignorant. There is no need for extra competition in the television market for cantonese drama in hong kong. Because the resources are scarcer resources. Already have 2 television station at the moment. Dont need any extra. Plus that ricky not intend to make profit instead of own satisfaction and trying to spoil the whole market. That’s the reason why the hong kong government dont approve their license. Just let them to broadcast it online and making loses at the end. Sore loser of HKTV useless. TVB forever!!!!

      1. Actually I agree with Bowie. Monopoly may create consistency but in the end creates complacency. He meant competition as in more productions from various perspectives. He is not ignorant. He is actually right. Your reasoning is why TVB will never ever die.

      2. @funn
        You are wrong!
        What more productions. I adi said this industry has scarce resources. Wont have enough quality production. More companies will just create more chaos into the industry. You think if you are rich then you can get a license and create chaos? Dont dream la you! That’s the reason HK government wont let others to create chaos.
        And you simply want to get a license without producing superb drama before? Talk kok sing song? LOL Go and produce superb high quality drama for years first. Not just one or two. Hong Kong government will not grant license for people like you to create chaos to the industry! If lydia Sum still alive, sure nobody dares bully TVB! TVB forever!!!!

  3. Although it would be great to see him back on our tv screens, I don’t hold much hope. Good script writing is in short supply in HK TV atm

  4. He won’t be joining hktv there’s been so many articles bout bowie joining hktv its just a promotion for hktv being able to recruit good actor and actresses to their station just like Francis articles lately

  5. i hope he would come OUT as denise ho, anthony wong, wyman already did so…then we would be proud of him and support if he does indeed OUT

    1. I thought he already did and does it matter? I wonder why some are so crazy about this whole sexual preference stuff? It does not make him a bad actor or a bad person if he was gay or whatever.

  6. Really miss seeing Bowie and glad that he is successful even after leaving a TVB. Hope he comes back to film some series or film some China series.

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